Running from the Law: Tarpon Fishing - Location X 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tarpon Fishing - Location X 2011

So the whole reason for our beach vacation was for the fishing.  Tarpon fishing at a destination known only as "Location X."  Ohhhhh...sounds exotic and mysterious huh?  Yeah, well, you know - that's how we roll.  You can read all about how we discovered this magical undisclosed location HERE.  It's become a yearly trip for us and our own special place.  Ryan has the same 2 days booked with the same guide every year from now until...the end of time, maybe?  We take an entire week, rent a house on the beach, take the pups and fish, relax and eat.  And we plan on going every year until...the end of time, of course.  

Our tradition is that Ryan fishes with the guide his first day, to get "warmed up" and get over the nerves (it's pretty exciting and built-up by the time you wait 363 days until the next time you can do this).  And the second day, I join them and try to document the day with as many pictures as possible.  This year I think I took around 1200 pictures on that one day.  That's insane!  I really really need to be a little more selective.  But it's so exciting!  When a fish jumps, it's really hard not to take a couple hundred rapid-fire photos because you just don't know what will turn out.  It all happens so fast!  

Anyway, back to the story.  Our day began at dawn.  I always love watching the sun rise over the water and watching everything light up and come alive.  Dawn is an exciting time out on the water and you can see some really cool things, like dolphins playing, turtles swimming around, sharks on the prowl and tarpon rolling.  It almost makes getting up at 4:00 a.m. worth it.  I said almost.

Tarpon fishing is very visual.  You can't fly fish for a tarpon unless you see him first.  And then you cast to him and him alone.  It's a one-on-one battle between fish and fisherman.  It's not luck, it takes skill.  It's spotting the fish, waiting for the fish, casting to the exact right spot at exactly the right time, hooking the fish, fighting the fish and ultimately getting him to the boat.  It's a dance.  And it's thrilling.  

Once the sun is high enough, it lights up the water and we can start to see the lay of the land and the tarpon.  Ryan readies himself at the helm in position and on the lookout.

Our guide (who is quite possibly the best tarpon guide in the world) is on the fish.  He helps Ryan spot the tarpon and coaches him on exactly where to cast.

And Ryan hooks him!
The most amazing thing about tarpon is their jumping skills.  
These fish perform the most incredible acrobatics, jumps and flips to try to throw the hook.  A lot of times it works and the fish gets away, but if the fisherman knows what he's doing, he can anticipate the jumps and keep the hook in through all kinds of somersaults.

The jumping is by far my favorite part of tarpon fishing.  
That's why I go.  
That's why I've spent a fortune on high speed telephoto lenses.
I love taking photos of the jumps!
Ryan works on wearing the fish out and getting him to the boat so he can remove the hook.
Those tarpon (even the tiny ones) put up a tough fight.

As the fish get closer, you can start to see just how beautiful they are.

Silver and green and purple.

This is a pretty small tarpon (if you consider 60 lbs. small).
But even the little ones do not come in easily.
Our guide fights him for a while right next to the boat.

It's pretty amazing to watch.

Lots of splashing and thrashing.

Eventually he gets a good grip on the bucket-like mouth of the fish.
And the fish calms down.
So now that he's officially "landed," it's photo opportunity time!

Did I mention how beautiful these fish are?

Absolutely gorgeous creatures.

The scales are a beautiful rainbow of greens, browns, blues and purples.

And those big golden eyes have seen more than we'll ever know.
Needless to say, Ryan's pretty happy with his catch.
On to the next one!
Ryan ended up jumping and landing quite a few more throughout the day.  
And it was so fun to be there alongside him taking photos.
Not a bad way to spend the day.
Some were "small."
And then there were some giants.
Check out this guy.
This one was not so small.

This guy made my day.  
He jumped for us SO close to the boat!
Unfortunately he broke the hook before Ryan could get him to the boat.

A few more fish made it in for a couple (hundred) more photos.

And the final fish of the day ended up breaking Ryan's rod in the fight. 
 You can see part of the rod tip down by the fish's mouth.
This might be my favorite photo of the day.

And that was it.
The end of a good day.
(By the way, this reel was my wedding gift to Ryan.  Am I not the best wife ever?)
And one photo of me, just to prove I was really there.

Until next year!

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  1. Those pictures are absolutely incredible! What a fun day...don't you just love going along with your man when he's doing something he loves so much?!?

  2. So cool!!! So wait, did the whole rod break? As in, his wedding present is broken? Sad. Also, you're awesome for waking up at 4am. If I'm up that early, I better be getting on a damn plane! :)

  3. I will never get tired of your beautiful photography - you have a serious gift girly! (And that is one serious looking lens I might add!) :) Hope you are well and enjoying the summer Sara! (Loved the pics of the puppies on the beach - Sage really loved it looks like!!) xoxoxoox

  4. Love those pics!! Amazing!

  5. Gorgeous photos- I've never seen a Tarpon before and some of those closeups are so beautiful, they look simply like watercolor paintings! Your post was my something-new learned today!

  6. Gorgeous! You got some stunning photos! I am so glad you and Ryan have this awesome vacation each year. He can enjoy doing what he loves and you can enjoy being a part of it with him and doing what you love...taking photos! They are wonderful!

  7. Awesome photos!!! And an awesome vacation. :) Love seeing all these pics!

    But I'm sorry to correct you on this - no fish is gorgeous or beautiful. It's just not possible. Gross ugly things that evolution forgot. Blech.

  8. Holy big face on those guys! Your photos look great. Seems like a fun time.

  9. OMG, you got some amazing pictures!!!

  10. I didn't know tarpon were that big! These are some great pics and it looks like you had a ton of fun.

  11. What kind of a lens is on your camera? it's Huge!!!! :)

  12. these photos are amazing - fishing is so much fun! i go with my dad sometimes but i always make him handle the fish... live fish secretly make me jumpy.

  13. oh - and ps. i'm totally emailing you now because i just realized something really cool!

  14. Those high speed lenses are worth the money! Great photos as always, my dear! What an exciting day!

  15. Soooo, my husband has the same shirt that Ryan's wearing.

  16. My husband will be soooo jealous when he sees these fishing pics! We don't have the litter of puppies. We only have Harley and I'm trying to find her a great home. The breeder has the others. Thanks for visiting our site!

  17. Those are insane. What amazing pictures you took.

  18. I'm not a fisher - but wow your photos are absolutely amazing (and the rest of the vacation sounds pretty amazing as well.)

  19. New Follower!!!!

    What a fabulous trip!
    Your photos are beautiful!!!!

  20. Those photos are amazing! I'm not at all a fisher (I've never been once, though A.P. is saying he wants to go one day soon...), but that looks like it would be so hard! Those fish look gigantic and strong! Geezalou! That also sounds like an awesome annual trip and something super special to look forward to. What a great idea!

  21. These are such cool pictures! Sounds like such a fun trip, and I bet your hubby was just in heaven!