Running from the Law: A Day in the Life of a Spoiled Rotten Cat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Spoiled Rotten Cat

Now that you know what Mally and Sage have been up to, you may be asking, what about Jigs?
Well, let me tell you... 
That cat is either sleeping or up to no good.

Lately, her favorite thing to do is to take baths.
We have a leaky faucet in the guest room bathtub that drips constantly.
We really need to fix it, but we're both too lazy and forgetful to actually do anything about it.
It's not a huge leak, more of a constant drip...drip...drip...drip...drip.
Lately I've been noticing that Jigs is always wet when I pick her up to pet her.
Her paws are wet and the top of her head is soaking wet.
I finally realized that she had also discovered the leaky faucet and the bathtub had quickly become her favorite place in the house.
So a couple times a day, this is where you can find Jigs.
Laying in the bathtub, splashing in the water, and generally bathing herself.
We think she's trying to impress Ryan with her excellent grooming habits.
Or maybe she's just trying to wash off the dog smell from Sage constantly licking her.
I thought cats weren't supposed to like water?  
Of course, ours would.
She takes after Ryan.

Her next favorite thing to do is plot her escape.
Any time we leave a door open, she's on it.
She stares out longingly...dreaming of freedom.
Probably hoping to run away to a house made entirely of tuna and pillows.
Where the humans don't dress her up in Easter kitty ears.
Where she can bathe in privacy without having a camera shoved in her face.
Where they don't have a giant white dog that chases her around the house and constantly wants to kiss her.  
All that attention can get to be too much for any cat.
But then she realizes that escape also means going outside and it's big and cold out there.
So she's just going to stay put for a little while longer.
And go back to bed, where it's nice and warm.
Because being a well-groomed cat is hard work and we all need our beauty sleep.


  1. Cute blog! Cute cat!

  2. She is so beautiful! Our dogs stalk the bathtub. The second we get out of the shower, they jump in there, and lick it dry. Weirdos.

  3. Hahaha! These are great. And don't you just love making up captions to pet photos. I have the best time doing that!

  4. How did I not realize you had a cat!? And a gorgeous one at that! Those pictures are amazing, just lovely :)

  5. i love how she's just like "so what?" when you took pictures of her in the bathtub. and oh, i can't get enough of her paws all squished together and cozy-like!

  6. No joke - my parents leave their sinks dripping for their cats. Apparently cats prefer running water over still? They also bought a water fountain/bowl for the cats... btu they still prefer the bathroom sink. Spoiled rotten!

  7. Kitten!! Your cat is gorgeous. One of my cats is super-into the bathtub too... and both stare longingly out the windows. I'm so over the guilt trip of providing a warm, loving home!

  8. I wouldn't say she's spoiled at all--just one very loved Kitty and I LOVE that about your posts about your fur babies!!!

  9. That's one very loved kitty! I can't stand the sound of dripping water so I'd have to get it fixed.