Running from the Law: Sage's First Snow Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sage's First Snow Day

A few weeks ago we had a snow day in St. Louis.  In one day, we got less than 2 whole inches of snow (!!), and basically the entire city shut down.  The highways were like ice rinks, there were hundreds of wrecks, schools were closed, weather alerts were issued and everything was cancelled.  I don't know if St. Louis was unprepared for the snow or if they were just lazy (or cheap) and didn't want to get out and deal with the ice, but things were a mess.  Luckily, this all happened on a day I was working from home, waiting for some of our nursery furniture to be delivered.  As I sat at my computer, in my pajamas, sipping my hot cup of decaf, I got about six million emails from our secretaries freaking out about the ice.  Does that happen at your work too?  Not a single email from a lawyer (who were all probably already at the office working when the snow started).  Maybe that's the difference?  Either way, it's weird.

And has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post, which is about Sage's first snow day!  Yep, this was the very first time our little white polar dog had seen snow.   Of course, we knew she'd love it.  Anything wet, dirty, muddy or cold is right up her alley.  When it rains, she goes out and sleeps in the mud.  She gets about 8 baths a week.  

Ryan was the first one to take her out that morning.  He said she took about two steps outside before she realized what was going on and then tried to back up into the house to get away from it, whimpering.  It took some coaxing from him to get her out the door. 

But then it only took her a few minutes to discover that she could eat the snow!
And from that minute forward, she was officially a snow dog.
(Ice cubes are her favorite treat, so this was like a giant freezer box full of cubes.)
Talk about excited...
She then proceeded to run in circles around the yard at 200 mph for a good 10 minutes.  
I took around 80 photos that all turned out something like this...
The White Blur.
And then she was down.  
30 second recharge.
In the meantime, it was Mally's turn to show Sage how she does snow.
She ran around the yard, barking at the snow.
Barked at the snow over here.
Barked at the snow out there.
And barked at me, in case I didn't hear her the first 900 barks.
But her favorite thing to do in the snow is sniff it, get it to go up her nose and then sneeze.  

She does this over and over again, like it's the most hilarious thing in the world.
This dog LOVES sneezing.
Sage just looked at her like she was crazy.
So not amused.
But she figured she'd give it a try.
Only, she just couldn't stop eating it.
And when she'd had her fill of fallen snow...
She caught snowflakes on her tongue.
And as soon as I turned my back, she was in the fountain.  
Covered in frozen mud, dirt and leaves.  
And happy as a clam.
She can't wait for it to snow again.


  1. Oh this is the cutest post ever!!! Sage & Mally are both adorable.
    Mally really did show Sage how it's done! :)

  2. Look how big Sage is! They look like they love the snow :)

  3. your dogs are adorable! love the pictures [white blur included] of them in the snow... new follower, love your blog! :)

  4. She's getting so big. I love when they stick their nose in the snow and their little black nuzzles are full of white. Finley sticks his head in to eat it - and look for sticks!

  5. I LOVE your pups! these photos are fabulous, and I too have plenty of big white blur photos!

  6. That is adorable! Beckett loves to roll in the snow and come back to me like the abominable snow-dog. :-) Meadow just hops from paw to paw until I give in and let her come in!

  7. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how big she's gotten! Our dogs love the snow so long as it's not actively snowing - then they turn tail and try to get back inside. Gus likes to snort the snow - sniffing every single inch of it, and the other two like to eat it, and walk through the deepest piles. Then whine and hold up their paws because they are too frozen to go on.
    Is it always like that with the snow? I can't believe how close you are to us, but yet they handle snow like the south, where here they don't even bother plowing the streets because they know people will manage well enough, and they don't have to bother. The only time in 28 years we've ever had a snow day was last Feb, and that was only because we got like 2-3 feet overnight. Otherwise, it's life as usual.

  8. Oh my gosh she is the cutest!!

  9. They are the most adorable pups. They make me want one of my own so bad!

    BTW, I was one of those hundred wrecks I think.

  10. So fun! Our dogs hate the snow, but I love to see pictures of dogs really enjoying it. It looks like so much fun.

  11. I adopted my dog from a family in Arizona - so I was very worried about her first snow day - turns out she LOVES the stuff.

  12. I miss those girls so much! I kinda miss you too. ;)