Running from the Law: CeCe's Third Birthday

Monday, March 19, 2012

CeCe's Third Birthday

A few weekends ago, I got to celebrate Miss Cecelia's third birthday!  I have to tell you, it's been pretty amazing watching this kid grow up.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this family -  I was there for her first birthday party...and her second birthday party.  She has gone from a chubby happy baby to a beautiful and fiercely intelligent little girl.  She's got more attitude in her little finger than most people have in their whole body, but she's also a complete sweetheart and lovebug.  She's a ham for the camera (which is my favorite type of kid), so I got a lot of great shots.  It's really amazing to look back at last year's post to see how much has changed.  But then again, some things never change...

Claire completely outdid herself with treats and fun decorations.

There were three brand new babies in attendance.
Baby Gwen.
Baby Isaac.
And baby Rhett.
And Milly (who was the baby at last year's party, just turned one!
And of course, you can't forget big brother Gus...
And cousin Nora, who's now a big sister.
And little Addie.
Who loved the cookies.
I think there were a few more boys running around somewhere, but they never slowed down long enough for me to get my camera on them.

Opening presents was definitely the highlight of the day.  
She opened each one very carefully.
Some presents (like this pink frog) were very well received.
Others, like this boring piece of paper...not so much.
CeCe loaded up on girlie goodies like nail polish and make-up...
Fairy princess costumes...
Hello Kitty couture...
Pink dresses...
And princess puzzles.
But even better than opening the gifts, was the gratefulness for receiving the gifts.
After opening each gift, CeCe made sure to give the gift-giver a giant thank you hug.
Melt my heart.

Isn't she the sweetest?
And then again...oops!
Which Milly liked!
Milly also liked the ribbons and bows and plastic packaging of the gifts. 
She made sure to taste everything CeCe got, just to be sure it was all good.
Ok, that one's not so good...
And then it was finally time for cake!
CeCe requested a cake with a picture of her and her daddy ONLY on it.
And what CeCe demands, CeCe gets.
Last year she hid under the table when we sang to her.
This year she sang and clapped along.

Milly loved the singing too.

But she was really impressed with the cookies.
The rest of us enjoyed cake.
Addie had chocolate milk.
And Isaac had a bottle and snuggled with his parents on the couch.
The rest of the party was fun and games.
CeCe shared her toys with Milly (she's going to be a great big sister).
Uncle Mike and the girls had a tea party.
The grandpas wrestled with the boys...
And danced with the girls...
And made tiaras...
Milly did some dancing too.
Girlfriend already knows how to shake her booty.
And we all got a chance to snuggle with a baby or two.
It was a fabulous day.

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Cecelia!
I'm looking forward to number 4!


  1. All of the children are super adorable!

  2. I stopped by the blog today hoping to see baby shower photos, and was pleasantly surprised with photos of my beautiful niece! These are all adorable, especially the ones of Cece hugging everyone. So sweet.

  3. I love little kid birthdays - they are always so genuinely happy and surprised.

  4. What cuties--I love the name CeCe, adorable! Just think for CeCe's 4th, your little one will be joining in on the fun!

  5. Thanks for the beautiful post, Sara. We can't wait for Baby Mac to join the party next year.