Running from the Law: Just a Sprinkle

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just a Sprinkle

A few weeks ago, I helped host a "sprinkle" baby shower for my best friend, Claire.  She's expecting twins - a boy (George) and a girl (Charlie) - and is due just a couple weeks before me.  I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it's been having Claire as a source of information throughout this pregnancy.  I love that we are getting to go through this together and that our little ones will be so close in age and such good friends.  Plus,  Mac will automatically get two of the most adorable older siblings in Gus and CeCe (who you've already seen a million pictures of on this blog).  I'm SO excited to meet the newest additions to the family and to be able to raise our kids together.  

The shower was at Claire's friend Sarah's beautiful home and I freely admit that she did most of the work and did an INCREDIBLE job.  I did what I could, but I must give her credit for basically everything!  She is a party planning goddess and made this so easy on me.  I want to plan every party I have with her for the rest of my life!  I think we made a pretty outstanding team -- it was such a great shower!  

We decided on an "owl theme" shower, with some rustic elements.  I ordered the invitations from Fancy Schmancy Notes on Etsy and I love the way they turned out.  

As for decor, Sarah went all out.  She set up the most beautiful table arrangements, complete with spring bouquets of hydrangeas and little owl napkin rings.

I had the easy task of creating some owls from paper lanterns.  
I think these guys turned out pretty darn adorable.

A few other owls made their way to the party as well.
But the highlight of the decor, were the banners!

These are the name banners that Sarah made for the twins.  Aren't they AMAZING!  We all went to the fabric store together and picked out the fabrics for the banners.  (Yes, I made one for Mac too, but I'm keeping that a secret for now.)  Claire's doing the nursery in an assortment of colors with grey, mustard, red as some of the main colors.  She picked out a variety of fabrics, which look incredible together.  These turned out so beautifully!  Claire now has them hanging on the wall of the twins nursery (and Mac's in hanging in his nursery).  I'll post a tutorial on how I made Mac's banner, but if you don't want to attempt it yourself, Sarah is also now selling these in her etsy shop!  Click HERE for the listing.  

The banners looked amazing, but so did the desserts!
Sarah also set up a mimosa bar, with all different kinds of juices, which was a big hit.
And a water bar, for those of us that couldn't drink the champagne.
Much appreciated.
And then the guests started arriving! 
This is our sprinkle honoree with her mom.
Does she not look INCREDIBLE for having twins (or even just one baby)?  
Seriously, she's glowing.    
And the twins are SO active!  
Everyone had to take turns touching the bump.  
Here she is with the two hostesses, the dynamic Sarah-Sara duo.

These are our girlfriends from law school.  
By June, we'll have 9 babies between us.  Crazy!  

Sarah had an incredible spread for lunch.  The menu consisted of a variety of mini quiches, crostinis with toppings like bacon jam, with roasted vegetable orzo, chicken satay with peanut sauce and fruit kebabs.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the food - I think I was just too busy eating it all!  

After lunch, we moved on to presents!  
Claire mainly wanted clothing for the twins, so that's what she got.  
Such adorable stuff.

And then the shower was over!  It went so fast!

Claire, I hope you had a wonderful time.  
I had so much fun helping out and I'm so excited to meet the twins.  


  1. You guys look so cute! Not sure if you meant to coordinate or not, but I love it!

    And those owl napkin rings and lanterns are adorable! So creative.

    Can't wait to see how baby Mac's nursery is coming along! wink wink.

  2. Oh so adorable!!! And holy cow - Claire does look amazing!

    Also, love that mimosa bar. ;)

  3. What a cute theme. I have to say the invitations and the laterns are my favorite. They both turned out so well!

  4. such a cute shower theme! you guys are so cute!

  5. Love you, girl! I can't wait for yours!!!!

  6. Oh how I LOVE Owls!!!!! This "sprinkle" looks amazing!! Y'all did such an awesome job.
    You both look so beautiful and glowing like only a pregnant mother could.
    I can't wait to see your Baby Mac's banner!!!

  7. Why are you so cute and skinny? Remember when you got pregnant and you were all "I'm gonna eat whatever I want get fat"? LIES. LIES. LIES.


  8. So cute! You guys did a great job with it! Also, you look adorable!

  9. What a fun shower! You guys did a great job. :)

  10. The shower looks beautiful! You two thought of EVERYTHING!

  11. I love the owl theme - so good for a mixed gender party.

  12. So sad I wasn't there. What a great party. I was totally thinking, man that redhead has amazing hair, then realized it's Mandy!!! Of course she has amazing hair. Thanks for sharing pics.