Running from the Law: Mac's Rustic Baby Shower

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mac's Rustic Baby Shower

Are you ready for baby shower pictures?!  


I am so excited to be able to share Baby Mac's first shower with you.  This shower was hosted by a group of my girlfriends at one of my favorite restaurants, Sqwires in Lafayette Square.  They really went above and beyond to spoil me with this shower.  They did a "rustic" theme that echoed the feeling of our wedding and even used some of the crafts and projects leftover from the wedding, which made this so incredibly special.  The colors were green and orange, to match the colors of Mac's nursery.  And no detail was forgotten.  

The invitations used a modified version of the heart we had designed on our wedding invitations.
I loved this heart so much.  
It incorporated all the animals native to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where we got married.

The daisy pomanders I made for aisle decoration at the wedding were placed on the doors to welcome the guests.  They fit right in.
The other (non-wedding) decorations were beyond adorable.  
Paper pinwheels hung from clotheslines.
Tiny baby boy clothes in colors matching the shower theme.

Pictures of Ryan and I as babies, hung from twine.

The absolute cutest diaper cake I've ever seen!  
My "soon to be" sister-in-law made this amazing diaper cake that matches Mac's nursery.  She had my brother roll all the diapers, which makes him officially the best uncle in the world.  I love this so much I don't know if I'll be able to take it apart to use the diapers!
The cupcakes were decorated with lion cake toppers 
(and even more delicious than they were cute, if that's possible).

They set the cupcakes out on the wooden trays I made for the wedding.

One of my favorite things was the "advice and well wishes" cards that the girls made for each guest to fill out and pin to a homemade pinboard.   I loved going through all the great advice, wishes and words of wisdom that my friends left for me after the shower.  What a wonderful keepsake for me and Mac.

The room at Sqwires was absolutely perfect for the shower, with brick walls, 
big bright windows, lots of wooden furniture, a fireplace, and rustic decor.

 Alice, you picked such a great space! 

The tables were decorated with white linens and bouquets of white hydrangeas and orange gerber daisies in Mason jars and glass milk jugs.
And everyone got a S'mores favor treat to take home. 
I have a serious S'mores obsession.
And here are the beautiful shower hostesses!  
The best friends a girl could ask for.

After ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing over the decor and professing my undying adoration for my friends (and nearly crying a couple times because I am so lucky and so blessed), the guests started arriving.  

"You're huge!" was the first thing out of nearly everyone's mouth!
Which, of course, I loved and completely agreed with!
We're definitely having a large kid!
It was so great to see everyone and catch up.

I love this picture of me and Claire because, including babies, there are 5 people in this conversation!

I don't know if you can tell, but I was having a REALLY good time.
Now that's what I call a belly laugh!

Not only was the room at Sqwires perfect for the shower, but the food was outstanding!
Pastries, fruit, potatoes, quiche, salad, muffins, etc.  
I, of course, had to have seconds and would have eaten even more 
if I wasn't trying to save room for cupcakes.

And before I knew it, it was already time for presents.

I couldn't get over all the amazing gifts Mac received.
This is going to be one totally spoiled child.
But I think we all knew that was coming.

We got a snap and go for the carseat.
Baskets full of goodies.

A Bumbo seat.

A Boppy.

And the clothes!
Whoever said that little boy clothes were not as cute as little girl clothes was sorely mistaken.

These adorable onesies and blankets were made by my friend, Sarah.
Check out her Etsy shop (LouKraft) for all kinds of adorable goodies.

All this stuff is going to match the baby's room perfectly!

Mac got some really fabulous outfits.
Totally loving this sweater vest and blue button-up (with puppies on it).
This kid is going to be styling!
A knit cowboy hat.
Some excellent green onesies in honor of his Irish heritage.

A super tiny little hat that says "Baby Mac."
I can't wait to take his picture in this.

And the most appropriate onesie ever...
This one made me cry.

Mac also got lots of toys!

Wrist rattles.
Wooden alphabet blocks.

The Lamaze moose.
The famous Sophie the giraffe.
A homemade Raggedy Andy full camo, no less.
A dino ball popper.
I think the baby is going to have to fight Sage for this one.

A mobile.
A play mat.
A bathtub with lots of bath goodies!
This one got me so excited thinking about giving Mac his first bath.
I know he's going to be a water baby, like his dad.

And then there were the "motherly" gifts, like...
...nipple cream...
...a co-sleeper basinette...
...and the "My Brest Friend" pillow.
Which, of course, I had to try on.

And before I knew it, the shower was over and everyone was heading home.
I can't believe it went so quickly!
But before everyone could leave we had to do a bump picture of all the expecting mommies.  
The babies in these bellies are sure to be some of Mac's future best friends.
And I tried to get a picture with everyone who attended as they left.

Such a wonderful shower...I am truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you to all the amazing hostesses (Lindsey, Alice, Claire, Kasey, Heather and Kirsten) for making me feel so incredibly special and loved.  Mac is one lucky guy to have aunties like you in his life.  And thanks to all my friends that made it out to the shower.  Your love and generosity is beyond belief.

All photos by the talented and adorable Amanda of Amkar Photography.


  1. So many pregnant mommies! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff, such a cute shower. :D

  2. So stinkin' cute! And no one deserves it more! So glad you were loved, celebrated and showered. Everything was precious, so perfect for you, and such a great reflection of love from your friends. XO

  3. Great pictures! What a lovely group of friends! It sure looks like Mac will be welcomed into this world by many people who already so dearly love him. So blessed!

  4. Wow, your group is having a baby boom! You got some wonderful stuff and you look absolutely glowing!


  6. hi sara!

    this is most amazing boy baby shower i have ever seen! what a fun time!!

  7. Love all the pictures! We bought that dino-popper for Elyse for her first Easter...Hubby thought she needed a fun toy! And I told him that he could be the one to chase the balls out from under the furniture! ha!

    we also have that whale bathtub and it still makes me smile every time Hubby gives Elyse a bath!

    Love all the precious baby boy clothes! too cute!

  8. You had a beautiful baby shower!! You received so many cute things...I love the blue button down shirt with doggie's on it! Precious.
    It's an absolute blessing to have family & friends that care so much. :)
    I'm dying to see newborn pics of baby Mac! Your blog will continue to're going to have so much to write about. :)
    Good luck during delivery!

  9. Beautiful shower - you have some very loving and creative friends!!

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    I just love you so much and you look so incredibly happy and that makes me so happy and I wish I could have been there--I'm so sorry I missed it. You are just the perfect mama to be and I cannot wait till Mac is here and I'll have a sweet little nephew to spoil.

    Also, you're loaning me that necklace for me to take to Spain, yes??

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