Running from the Law: Mally's Golden Birthday

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mally's Golden Birthday

I can't believe my baby turns 11 years old today.  
It feels like yesterday when I brought her home and she barked nonstop for days, to the point of me deciding to give her back because I hated her and couldn't take it any more.
I'm so glad I didn't.  
I couldn't imagine my life without her.
She's been there with me through it all, since the day I left college.
 You couldn't find a sweeter, smarter, more sensitive dog.
She's a walking talking bark machine, but I love her more than I ever thought possible. 
She's about ready to become a big sister again, this time to a real life human baby. 
And I know she'll be just as faithful and protective of him as she is of me.
I couldn't ask for a better sidekick.
My Mal-Dog, MD, Shep, Feather-duster, Docious, Doowog. 

Happy Golden birthday, Mally!  


  1. What a gorgeous girl! Happy birthday, Mally!

  2. Awwwww, Happy Happy Birthday Mally!!!! Love the pic of you sitting by the water with your side kick. Precious. :)

  3. She looks so good! I wouldn't have guessed she was a day over 2, er, 14 :)

  4. Happy Birthday to my Mally!! You can always come live with Aunt Ally--no Sage to deal with and we all know I love you the most.

  5. I love this! She has the sweetest face! Happy Birthday to Mally!

  6. happy birthday! what a sweetheart. here's to lots more adventures for mally!

  7. So adorable! What a beautiful girl!

    Happy Birthday, Mally! :)

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  9. What gorgeous photos!! Happy birthday to Mally!!