Running from the Law: Baby Mac - 38 Weeks

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Mac - 38 Weeks

Yep, I'm still pregnant!  We're getting down to the final days, but Mac's holding in there and getting nice and chubby for me (he knows I have a thing for fat babies).  So many of my friends that are due before and even after me have already had their babies and I'm starting to get anxious about when our little guy will decide to make his appearance.  The not knowing is definitely one of the hardest things to deal with.  I'm slightly jealous of my friends that did scheduled c-sections - at least they knew when it was coming.  I'm definitely GIANT, but honestly, I'm not horribly uncomfortable or miserable (knock on wood) yet.  I'm excited about the next phase and meeting him, but I'm ok with being pregnant a little while longer.  I'm really trying not to force the issue by doing all the things that "allegedly" bring on labor like walking for miles, eating spicy foods, drinking castor oil, etc.  I want this kid to come on his own time, if possible.  I'm trying to be patient and do what's best for him.  My doctor says he's not budging just yet, so we may have a little while longer to wait.

But I know he's coming...eventually.  Sometimes I'm convinced that he's trying to get out through my ribcage and I'm constantly reminding him that's NOT the exit!  Last weekend, he "dropped" - so I can finally breathe again and feel much better.  We had our final ultrasound and we know that at 36 weeks he was around 6.5 lbs and head-down.  This past week I've started to have Braxton-Hicks contractions and am just waiting for the real ones to begin.  And I'm not going to we get closer and closer, I'm starting to get pretty nervous about the birth.  I mean, I know we'll make it through it (what other choice do we have?), but I worry that I won't be strong enough or tough enough to handle it.  Yes, I'm getting an epidural and I know I don't need to be Superwoman, but I would like to reasonably "keep it together" and not be a complete heinous bitch to everyone in the hospital or attempt to murder my husband.  I want it be a positive experience, but I'm so scared of being weak.  I've been praying for strength and grace to help me make it through this next step.  I just have to keep telling myself that women do this every day and so can I.  Of course, that doesn't really help, but I'll keep trying.

In the meantime, we're enjoying these last few weeks of being kid-free.  We've been to a couple birthday parties and a baptism, out to eat with friends, we've watched a few movies and even went to a Stanley Cup playoff hockey game (go Blues!).  Ryan started a new job this week (it's a long story), so he's been busy settling in and meeting all his new co-workers.  I've been working from home a couple days a week, which has been really nice and has allowed me to get off my feet a bit during the week.  It's also been nice to get to spend so much time with the dogs.  I worry about them and how they'll handle having a new baby in the house, but I know we'll all get it figured out and adjust.  I just hope they know how much we still love them too.

As for Mac, he's still very active and getting really strong.  He's been craving chocolate milk and ice cream these days and I'm happy to oblige him with gallons of Oberweis chocolate milk, boxes of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and pints of Ben & Jerry's Fro Yo Cherry Garcia.  We can do some serious damage to the ice cream aisle at the grocery store these days.  Yay calcium!  My doctor's put a ban on tacos, pizza and Chinese food because the sodium makes me swell up so much, but we're getting by without them just fine.  We've been doing a lot of grilling because the weather's so nice out and we can wear the dogs out a little by throwing the ball for Sage a couple thousand times while we cook.  Sleep is getting harder and harder to come by, but that's to be expected.  I've been doing a lot of late night reading and catching up on all the episodes of Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy on my DVR.  Sage has been enjoying all the late night belly scratch sessions and Jigs has been loving attacking me on my way to the bathroom a dozen times a night.  And that's about it.  We're just waiting...

Just wanted to send a shout-out to all my girlfriends that have had babies in the last few weeks.  Mac is going to have a LOT of playdates coming up!

Claire - George Clayton & Charlie Elizabeth
Katie - Avery Marie
Jenn - Johnathan Alan
Jaime - Harper Elizabeth
Emily - Abel Christopher
Maura - Ryan James
Erika - Anthony Edward
Hannah - Henry Theodore
Jessica - Lana Claribel
Ashley - Jonas Michael
Lacey - Sadie Faye

So many babies!!!


  1. I've been thinking about you! I admire your patience and will need to be reminded of it in the next couple weeks :) You are right, he WILL eventually come's just so hard not knowing when!!!

    And give yourself some credit, you are going to ROCK at giving birth, I just know it! :)

  2. Holy cow that is a lot of babies!!! You'll do fine, but I can only imagine the nerves you must be feeling!
    When we were in FL, at Busch Gardens, I overheard a convo between two moms - one of whom was very much pregnant. The other mom asked her when she was due,and she said "It was supposed to be Wednesday" (it was Friday), and she was hoping that walking around the park would induce labor. Call me crazy, but a crazy-crowded theme park would definitely not be my first choice of places to go into labor!!! Nor do I think the theme park workers would be too thrilled about it either!
    Best of luck to you! I'll be thinking of you!

  3. I can't believe that that many friends of yours have babies! It's raining babies in St Louis! I hope you both get ample rest and that Ryan settles into the new gig well. Cherish these days Sara, these new few weeks will be more magical than you can imagine.

  4. Yikes, you have as many pregnant friends/new moms as I do! You are going to do GREAT when the time comes for little Mac to arrive. We all can't wait to "meet" him and will be cheering you on from the sidelines. :-)

  5. I was wondering how you were doing, too. So glad to see an update. I had 4 and ALWAYS panicked at the end and wished I could skip the delivery part. Lamaze breathing helps. Epidurals are amazing. But what really gets you through it is adrenaline. Kind of like a runner's high. Keep your eye on the goal! You will do great! (And even if you didn't, know one will care! The result of your labor is too fantastic and will overshadow it all.) So happy for you. You look great. And you are almost done! Good luck and congratulations. Can't wait to meet the little guy. Get plenty of rest now.

  6. Oh how I look forward to seeing a post from you!! I know one of these days baby Mac's pic will be on here! :) :) We are waiting patiently just as you are.
    I wish you all the luck and strength and prayers are being said for you!!! It's just such an amazing experience, one that you'll look upon forever!
    I just know your fur babies are going to love Mac. :)

  7. OH yeah, that's the most creative pic I've ever seen! I love it!!!

  8. If you want to get things going next week- I would recommend membrane stripping. I got it at my 39 week appt and went into labor 5 hours later! I think it only works about 30-40% of the time though.

    You'll do fine in labor. Take deep breaths, bring some relaxing music on your ipod, and most importantly, take lots of pictures even if you feel like you look terrible. Your body was made for this, and the doctors are there to help you! And the epidural is :)

  9. Just started reading your blog, your picture is hilarious!!! I so know how you are feeling, I'm due May 15th and can hardly wait to meet our baby girl! Good luck, I sure hope your lil man comes soon for you!

  10. My husband and I are planning to start trying soon (for our first) and I have so many of the same fears you do. I'm not even pregnant (yet, God willing) but I worry I won't be strong enough to handle it with grace. It's nice to know other people have the same fears. Several of my friends have had babies recently and acted like it's no big deal, but I for one, think it's a very big deal!

    I know I don't know you, but I'll be praying for you, your husband, and baby Mac :)

  11. You look wonderful, and I am sure Mac will come when he's ready and healthy and chubby!

    Hoping your hubby gets to settle into the new job before Mac comes. Enjoy the last few days of being pregnant!

  12. Hang in there! I wasn't about do any of the methods to try and induce labor either - but she just decided to come early on her own! Mac will be here before you know it - enjoy your last days! We'll have a baby-hotline soon enough when your little one is here!

  13. I've been craving chocolate milk and ice cream too! Right before my doc appt on Tuesday, I ran into the gas station and grabbed a chocolate milk. Not sure why I felt the urge, but I did. And it sounds like our babies are measuring about the same size. At 36 weeks, my OB was guessing high 6's. We didn't do measurements via ultrasound, but I guess we'll see how close she was in a few more weeks!

  14. What is in the water down there? SO MANY BABIES! I can't believe that list!!

    I'll be praying for you, Ryan and Baby Mac! Woohoo! So close! And YAY for the calcium kick :) Love the pic too! You are just too cute.

  15. thanks for the update! mac will have a fine appreciation for ice cream--hooray! and wow you know a lot of people who have babies, my goodness!

  16. Aw, you have such a great attitude about waiting for the baby to finally arrive!!

  17. Hopefully you won't go as long as Jessica Simpson - it seemed like she was pregnant forever!

  18. WOw, that IS a ton of babies!! Super exciting ... and I am SO excited for yours! You are in amazing spirits and I hope I'll be that gracious and calm when it's my turn someday. :)

    I can't wait to 'meet' Mac!!!!!!!!

  19. Wow, that is a lot of friends with new babies. What a fun time for everyone!

    I hope your last few days/weeks before baby are nice and relaxing!


    You know what's funny, last time I was in London, you had just gotten pregnant, and now I was there and you're about to be a mommy. I can't even believe it.

    Gahhh. I'm so excited for you and so happy and so thrilled to get to meet my baby nephew so soon.

    I know you'll handle childbirth like the freaking champ you are!

  21. Can't wait until I see the next post when Baby Mac has arrived! So glad that you're still reasonably comfortable. I made it to 39 weeks, 4 days and I never really got to the UBER-uncomfy stage. So thankful for that!

    You'll make it through, to be honest my labor experience wasn't a bed of roses and if you had told me that I would survive anyway I would have laughed at you...but here I am, a mom to a beautiful baby girl & my delivery seems like it happened eons ago!

  22. I keep waiting for your "I had the baby" post!! Not too much longer and he'll come out when he's good and ready! Hopefully he'll come out soon because he's got a big social calendar to start working on!

  23. I love fat babies and my kids continue to be the skinniest things ever! :) I hope you get a roly-poly one. I think those are adorable! And you're going to do great through delivery. Don't worry about keeping it together, scream if you need to, girlfriend. :)

  24. Oh yes, enjoy the last few days/ weeks of being kid-free as much as you can! And don't worry about the labor, I know you'll be in good hands. The end result, holding your baby in your arms? There's nothing like it.

    Hang on in there! (just like I am, at 39 weeks 3 days right now)

  25. Oh my gosh, SO many babies right now! That is a long list! Praying for you to have a smooth and easy delivery!!

  26. Ahh, the waiting at the end was definitely hard-just like you said, not knowing when it could happen was the worst part. I ate ice cream every day too! Well, I'll definitely be stalking your blog to find out when Mac arrives. Good luck! Your instincts will kick in at the hospital and you will get through it. At least you get something perfect and wonderful when it's all over:)

  27. Ban on tacos!?!?! oh my! Bet that makes the waiting seem soooooo much longer ;)