Running from the Law: A Post by Numbers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Post by Numbers

9 - Number of days until my due date

3 - Number of times I've made my husband eat burgers for dinner (and it's only Wednesday)

2.5 - Number of books I've read in the wee hours of the morning, trying to put myself back to sleep

7 - Number of times I get up to pee in each night

75 - Number of frozen mini Kit Kats I've eaten

11 - Number of people that have called to ask me where the hell the baby is

3 - Number of gallons of chocolate milk I've consumed

25 - Number of times a day I go into Mac's room and just look around and smile

15 - Number of times a day I get down on the floor and hug and kiss my dogs and tell them how much I love them

15 - Number of times a day I have to have Ryan pull me off the floor because I'm stuck and being attacked by said dogs

5 - Number of times a day I stare at my belly and will him to come out

2 - Number of baby items still in boxes to be put together before he gets here

4 - Number of secretaries at work that have asked to take a picture of my belly because they just can't believe it's so large

1 - Number of times a day the baby gets hiccups

6 - Number of times I've cried for basically no reason at all (i.e. my (decaf) coffee's too hot, I'm out of staples in my stapler, there's a baby on TV, etc.)

14 - Number of thank you cards still left to write for baby gifts

3 - Number of pairs of shoes that still fit my poor swollen feet (this includes a pair of Mizzou Crocs that I hate to admit I wore in public the other day.  Oh, the horror.  I've officially hit a low point in my wardrobe choices.)

8 - Number of times I've looked up flights to Dallas to visit this girl because I miss her and can't stop thinking about her

25 - Number of meals I hoped to have made and frozen before baby arrives

2 - Number of meals actually made and frozen as of today

1,000,000 - Number of times a day I thank God for this little miracle 


  1. Lol! Love this! Enjoy this part - even the shoes you have to wear, I had to wear clogs my last three weeks - nothing fit!

  2. Ahhhhh.... so close now! I'm so excited for you... soak it all in!

  3. Haha that's great! I'm sure you'll look back on that list in a couple of months and smile about it.

  4. awwww i love this post!! And obviously can relate to SO much of it.

  5. I'm so incredibly happy for you. He will be here so soon! Now go kiss Mally and Sage again before he comes because they have no idea how their world is about to be ROCKED! XOXO

  6. Getting close!!! You have quite the count down!!! I love the last one ;)

  7. Woowoo!! You are so close! Go out and do exactly as you please this next week. I suggest a fun date night with you and the hubs (and the dogs! Why not?). Mmm chocolate milk!

  8. I love this post!! I am so excited that you're so close to meeting the little Mac. I love you and I miss you and I can't wait until you and Mac can come see me!! I miss you. Again. Love you!!

  9. Fun finding your blog!

    Cute list too! I agree with KatiePerk. Do exactly what you want this next week! Enjoy every minute just the 2 of you---and the dogs. It will never be the same. But you will wonder what in the world you ever did once Mac comes along! Greatest love ever! And yes...kiss those dogs a lot...because whether you think so or not, they will take the back seat for a little while. But they adjust. Ours did. And we love her just the same!

  10. love this post! he's going to be here so soon...I hope he's here for your first Mother's Day! That's my prayer for you!

  11. Love this post! Praying for you and MAC! Come on buddy! :)

  12. I LOVE THIS POST. Mainly because I'm sitting at my desk drinking a half gallon of chocolate milk from the carton.

  13. What a sweet post! I can't wait to see your first pictres of baby Mac!

  14. Hahaha love this post!! So excited and happy for you, I'll keep my fingers crossed that Baby Mac makes his debut sooner rather than later because selfishly I'm excited to meet him too :)

  15. Aww such a cute post!! He'll be here before you know it!! SO so exciting!!

  16. awwee, i love your last #. so sooo sweet :) i'm 35 weeks, right behind ya mama, finish line is right around the corner!

  17. very cute post! soon a number will be.. 1 million...times you kiss precious baby cheeks!

  18. Chocolate milk - there is nothing bad about it!! I'm right there with you on guzzling it down :-)
    If you need justification on drinking it, athletes use it all the time to refuel!

  19. I love that you had 75 frozen kit kats! That made me laugh out loud. I'm pretty sure I've almost hit that record before...and I'm not pregnant, nor was I at the time. : ) Savor these last few moments...they'll be gone before you know it and life won't ever be the same. In a good way. : )