Running from the Law: Mac's First Trip to the Zoo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mac's First Trip to the Zoo

Last weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS here in St. Louis (for once), so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed for the Zoo!  

Apparently everyone in the entire state also had the same idea, so it was a crowded chaotic mess.  A complete zoo, if you will.  Hahaha.  However, with a 16 week old baby, we didn't figure we'd be there long. The great part about the St. Louis Zoo is that it's FREE!  So we could go for just a few minutes or a couple hours, as long as Mac was happy and willing.  

And happy he was.  But he wanted nothing to do with the shaded comfort of his stroller, so I had the pleasure of carrying him around in the Baby Bjorn.  This kids loves being worn.  He does not take well to being pushed around like a baby, he wants to be eye level and among the people.  Now if only I could have sat in the stroller and been pushed around.  This kid doesn't know what he's missing.  At least the stroller was good for something...the cup holders held our beers!

Mac loved the zoo.  He was absolutely fascinated by all the people and the sounds.  He babbled and talked and cooed to everyone we passed.  He had no idea there were any animals there, but he loved all the excitement and people and being outside.  

I forgot his sun hat in the car, so of course he had to get a "My first trip to the Zoo" hat.
Is this not the cutest kid you've ever seen?
(I'm not biased or anything)

We didn't want those long legs to get sunburned, so swaddling blanket to the rescue.

We spent the longest time in the River's Edge section of the Zoo.  It was nice and cool and shaded with lots of waterfalls and streams and vegetation.  And it's also home to one of my favorite exhibits - the HIPPOS!

If you remember, I used to love hippos.  I even wanted one for Christmas.  However, the Discovery Channel ruined it all for me.  Remember that?  I'm still a little bitter and angry about the whole situation.  I tried explaining this to Mac, but he didn't really get it.  I got that look like, "Whatever mom, you're crazy and hormonal."  He's so his father's child.  

And then there were the elephants...which he showed no interest in.

We walked over to Big Cat Country, but I didn't take any photos.

We've got our own wild cat at home, so I don't think Mac was all that impressed with these lazy kitties.

Then Ryan had to show Mac all the ducks and geese.  
He's got to know what he's going to be shooting one of these days.

Future duck slayer.

And then we left.

It was nap time after all.

Quick but successful first adventure at the Zoo.

I can't wait until we can do it again.  Next time we're riding the train.  And seeing the penguins.  And the sea lions.  And the stingrays.  And getting Dippin' Dots.  And a pretzel.


  1. Looks like a great outing! Mac is getting so big, I can't wait to meet him!

  2. Oh my goodness, he's so precious in his "first trip to the zoo" hat! I love it. :) Our zoo is such a fun outing. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. Hey we have that same onesie! Baby elbow patches!

    We may have to take D to the zoo soon just so I can get him one of those hats. Love it!

  4. So cute - what a fun family outing.

  5. So much fun!! And I love his hat :) Cute photos to document the big event. XO

  6. I love Mac's new hat! He definitely needed that keepsake. :-)

  7. Mac is such a cutie! Glad you guys had a great first trip to the Zoo. We took Jackson for the first time back in March on a nice Spring day and it was super crowded then too. We really need to take him back. I really want to go to the new Sea Lion Exhibit. Thats always been my favorite.

  8. So cute! That hat is pretty stinking adorable. We need to coordinate (hahahaha) a zoo outing with everyone sometime!

  9. Your little one is too sweet! I loved the zoo growing up--the giraffes were always my favorite!

    The Glossy Life

  10. I love him. Can we have internet playdates after my baby boy is born in November? Ha!

  11. So fun! He's a little cutey patootie :D

  12. This is one of the things I am SO excited to do with our little guy! We both love the Zoo, hopefully he does too :)

    I'm glad Mac enjoyed it, and looked cute(obviously) while there!

  13. The St. Louis zoo is my favorite!! So glad y'all enjoyed it!

  14. So fun! We never made it to the zoo this summer, I'm not quite sure why! You look amazing and like such a happy, fun mama! ;)

  15. i absolutely LOVE these pictures! We have yet to take Elyse to the zoo for the first time, and I'm hoping to do so this fall! We don't have a zoo as good as STL, but it's decent and like you said, she won't recognize that there are animals there or not! ha!

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  17. Looks like FUN! This makes me want to go to the zoo and that hat is too cute on Mr. Mac:)

  18. So cute!! Can't wait for Ethan's first trip to the zoo! And we have that onesie cute!! ;)

  19. I still haven't taken G to the zoo, I have GOT to get on that. Maybe Columbus Day...I hope the zoo is even still open then! He is so cute!!