Running from the Law: CeCe's Photo Shoot

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CeCe's Photo Shoot

Way back in May, when I was pregnant (on my due date, actually), I got the chance to hang out with my favorite kids Gus and CeCe for the afternoon.  As part of CeCe's birthday present, I gifted her a "photo shoot."  Basically she got to dress up and I followed her around the house, told her how pretty she was and snapped a million pictures of her.  She got strut her diva-self all over the place and try out those toddler super model moves that only she can pull off.  This was the perfect gift for her because she is a total ham for the camera.  I love it.  She loved all the attention and it was so much fun giving her a special day of her own to be the center of attention.  I hope this is something we can do every year.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Getting ready for her big debut.

Hair and make-up.  Check.

Shoes and bows.  Check.

Girlfriend already has more high heels and sunglasses than me. 


Outside for a quick ride around the yard on the bike...

...and back inside for an outfit change.

This awesome little dress was made by our friend Sarah - you can check out her Etsy store here.

Great little model, isn't she?

Then back outside for some swinging.

Big brother Gus had to join in on the action.

Next we moved over to the little red wagon.

I loved seeing them in this because the wagon was a gift from me to Gus for his birthday last year.

Don't you love when kids actually like the gift you give them?

This was right about the time when the tickle monster attacked.

Gus could barely handle it.

CeCe was amused, but maintained her composure.

And of course, remembered to smile for the camera.

She then insisted that her mother and I pull her in the wagon around the neighborhood.
We were less than willing participants in this game.
Her mom had just given birth to twins a few weeks earlier and I could go into labor at any second.
We declined.
Needless to say, she was not pleased with us.  

She proceeded to take all her clothes off and refused to take any more photos.

So we bribed her with ice cream. 

Which worked.

Third and final outfit was one of her own choosing.

Girlfriend has style and attitude.

Call me, maybe?

Or not.

Photo shoot over.


  1. oh my goodness! these are too precious! I love the wagon shots...and the outfit she chose is priceless! i hope they frame some of these and hang them on their wall!

  2. Lol- that little butt cheek is funny!

  3. These photos are too cute!! What a fun photo shoot!

  4. Ack they're all adorable but I died when I got to the underwear shot!

  5. Awww, these pics are awesome! You did a fantastic job, Sarah. One of my favs is in the second to last pic, on the swing with her glasses on! I can see an attitude in that one! Such a keepsake!

  6. OH my goodness, those last few photos are to die for. :) I love the underwear and the tutu shots- what a great shoot to remember her at this age!

  7. what a cute photo shoot! i love the last outfit change the best, with the feather boa and fair wings just too precious. she is a doll!

  8. this is so sweet! and so special. i bet she loved this!!

  9. OMG... cuteness! I love them all! "Call me..maybe" LOVE IT! I think the last outfit is the best!

  10. She's got the prettiest blue eyes!

  11. Such cute pictures. She is gorgeous.

  12. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your photos are soo good! I'm sure it certainly helps to have such an adorable subject!