Running from the Law: My Little Sweet Potato

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Little Sweet Potato

I made roasted sweet potatoes for dinner the other night, so I figured I'd give Mac a little taste to see how he liked them.  I took a little piece with no salt on it, mashed it up with a little breast milk, and voila!  Baby food.    
I stuck him in the Bumbo with the tray (since we didn't have a high chair yet), slapped a bib on him and grabbed the camera*.

I thought he looked pretty excited about it!
I know I was excited.

His first taste of food...I just knew he was going to LOVE it.

However, I've been wrong before (but only twice).

Even if he wasn't excited about the food, I know he loved wearing his awesome camo bib. 

 Thanks Aunt Michelle and Uncle Billy!

And then it was the moment of truth.
Time for the first bite. 

A little confusion.

Followed by absolute disgust.

I can just imagine what's going though his mind...

Gross...what is this crap?

This is so freaking nasty, you guys.

You thought I'd like this?

Are you out of your mind?

Why are you doing this to me?

I thought you liked me.

Please don't make me eat any more.

I'm so going to have nightmares about this.'s still in my mouth.

I can still taste it.

Get it out.

Are we done yet?



Don't do it...please don't do it.

Oh, gross.

I am not eating this.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Worst parents ever.

The end.

(I mean, really.  Does that face just say it all or what?)

*I made Ryan feed him so I could take photos.
I thought if he really hated the food, he'd be mad at Ryan for giving it to him.
I failed to consider that I would be positioned directly in front of him, laughing hysterically and documenting the whole traumatic experience.
So make that three times.
I better start saving for his therapy now.


  1. Oh my gosh what a cutie and this pictures are too funny! xx

  2. Good taste - I love sweet potatoes!

  3. If it doesn't come from a boob, your kid doesn't want it--all I'm saying.

    Also, I can't wait until his future bride asks for photos to use at a wedding slide show. Cause you KNOW I'm providing those photos.

  4. i LOVE this! Elyse wasn't so sure the first time either and had a lot of similar faces...however, she LOVES sweet potatoes now! I have started roasting them in chunks so she can feed herself!

  5. These pictures are hilarious! Estella's first time eating rice cereal went a lot like that, perfect time for a photo shoot! I hope Mac is liking his food better now;)

  6. Those are awesome pics. His face is so expressive! I'm sure he won't remember this traumatic experience. ;)

  7. Those faces!!! HA!! He honestly looks terrified. Eli would like to eat sweet potatoes by the truckload. Hopefully Mac will come around.

  8. Ha ha!!! He is too funny! I cannot believe he is old enough to eat solids yet!!!

  9. Lol @ "Ugh, it's still in my mouth... I can still taste it." His little face is seriously Gerber baby perfect.

  10. OH NO!! Hahaha, these pics are hilarious though. ;)

  11. Hahahaha! Oh, Mac - you are too stinkin' cute! I'm sorry mommy fed you icky sweet potatoes.

  12. this is amazing! I laughed so hard! This makes me excited and nervous to try solids with P soon! :)

  13. HAH! These pictures are so freakin' awesome!! The one about "I thought you liked me" made me laugh out loud at my desk. Too funny. Here's to success in the future! You'll be wishing he STOPS eating when he's in his teens.

  14. How cute!! I just found your blog and am excited to have found a fellow St. Louis blogger. I'm your newest follower :)

  15. Awww he is adorable! And loved his story of first meal try outs.....glad I came across your blog!

  16. THis is too funny! We just had the same experience with our 4 month old... he wasn't havin' it. I'm about to post on his first time with rice cereal soon! ha!

  17. How cute! And so normal, they usually have to try something a few times before they decide they like it. It's tough stuff having your senses bombarded ; )

  18. LOL i think he is a little confused about the food!! I love the sticking the toung out matthew has started doing that, i think he just now realized he has a tounge!! lol

  19. Awesome - you'll love sharing this with his girlfriends some day.

  20. LOL, this is seriously hilarious! Love it! And not to mention but he is absolutely adorable.

  21. Thanks for stopping by to comment! Your little one is way too cute -- love the photo story here! Simply adorable!

  22. Bahahaha!!! So good...especially the expressions mixed with the captions!! I love it!

  23. Oh my gosh, I am dying laughing. Hahaha

  24. These pictures are the best to look at a year from now. We added cinnamon to almost everything and Sullivan INHALED it. He freaking loved it. Just keep at it, he'll get it. Then he'll learn how fun it is to throw it. :)

  25. Ohhhh my goodness, these pictures are great!!! Love the tongue pictures and the very last. He is so adorable.