Running from the Law: The Many Faces of Mac

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Many Faces of Mac

This kid has so much personality and expression in his face.  As a card-carrying member of the mamarazzi, I love that my little man is already so expressive at such a young age.  He's still trying to figure out the camera and hasn't yet learned to smile (or fake smile) on command, but I usually end up getting a pretty wide range of expressions in any given five minute period.  Here's how a typical quickie photo shoot usually goes...

Hi mom.
What's that thing?
A camera?
I don't like it.

No, I will not smile at you.
Not gonna happen.

You can't make me.

Wait, what are you doing now?
Making funny faces at me...that's not fair.
You know I can't resist a funny face.

I'm trying not to smile...trying not to smile...trying not to smile.
Don't do it!

So hard!

Just a little one.
Hey, make that face again.

Don't you stick your tongue out at me, woman!
Two can play at that game.

Ahhhh!  Look at my tongue!
Are you happy now?

Wait a I get paid for this?
I'm not smiling any more.
You can't make me.


  1. ha! i love this! Elyse doesn't stick her tongue out yet...maybe she's just too lady-like for that!

  2. Oh my goodness, each picture is cuter than the last. I cannot take it! So much sweetness. Mac, you sure are a handsome fella!

  3. Oh so cute! And I just love Mac's monkey jammies!

  4. Hahaha...that's too funny, I love your commentary.

  5. He is a little charmer - so full of expression.

  6. Oh man! How can you handle that "serious" face??? It kills me just looking at it in pix! I would pretty much just be his personal assistant if I had to work with those looks all day. :)

  7. Too cute. Caroline is a little butthead too. It is so hard to catch her smiles on camera. How do they know??

  8. Sullivan will either say "Cheeeeeeese" and smile like an angel or he yells "no mama, no more no more no more". He caught on way too fast.