Running from the Law: New Mommy Confessions - Part 14

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Mommy Confessions - Part 14

Another installment of New Mommy Confessions here!  Today we've got the lovely Lacey from The Perks of Being a JAP - a New Yorker with a love of beer and the prettiest little daughter, Sadie.  And Sarah from a Buckeye in Badgerland - mama to absolutely adorable baby boy Paxton.  Hope you ladies didn't think I forgot about you!  Nope, just insanely busy and up to my eyeballs in snot.  I'm still loving this "Confessions" series, so if anyone else wants to contribute (or any previous contributors want to add new confessions), I'm all ears!  Send me an email!  

*  I will often let Sadie play with things that aren't meant for babies (clean laundry, magazines, my cell phone...electronic cords) just so she is entertained for a few moments.

*  She's terrified of our Roomba, and refuses to be on the floor when it is running. This doesn't stop my husband and I from trying to put her down while it's going for our own amusement to see her try and frantically climb up on us.

*  The first three months of her life were HARD. My sister-in-law told me flat out "the first three months suck - and NO ONE tells you that." They sucked. I was sleep deprived, hormonal, and Sadie's witching hour was killer. 7-9pm. Every night. Like clockwork.

*  That being said... I have to admit that I wasn't "in love" with my daughter right away. I certainly loved her, and would kill for her, but I didn't really fall in love with my daughter until a couple months in.
*  Bath time happens... not every day. What? She doesn't (really) sweat! And she hates it, so why bother as long as she smells good? Horrible, I know.

*  There's no way I could be a stay at home mother. I get the crazy stare when I say this, but honestly, being a working mother makes ME a better mom. This isn't true for everyone, but it is for me.

*  Paxton gets a bath on average 1.5 times a week. We're hanging on to that "newborns don't need to be bathed often" thing we were told at the hospital. He's 3 1/2 months now. Bath time occurs when I look up at my husband and say "He sort of stinks. Bath tonight?"

*  I don't strap him onto his changing table and I walk around the room while he lays there. He's now at rolling age so I know this needs to stop. Let's be honest, though, it won't.

*  Paxton smiles way more for me than for my husband. Secretly, I like this. I know it's probably because I'm the one home with him all day and his food source and not because he likes me more, but I still enjoy it. Sorry I'm not sorry.

*  My husband and I were slightly happy about Paxton having a fever after his 2 month vaccinations. He slept more than normal and we had a nice, quiet evening.

*  All parents think their baby is the cutest, but we all know there are ugly babies out there. I have a fear of having one of those babies and not knowing it. Seriously, no one ever tells those people the truth.

*  No song is safe from having its lyrics changed to be about Paxton. Cee Lo, Usher, and Chamillionaire (among others) would cringe hearing what my husband and I have done to their melodies.

*  So many moms say they don't want their babies to grow up. Paxton's adorable at this age, but I'm so ready for him to tell me what he wants and play independently. At the same time, I'm terrified of having an older child because he'll realize I'm not cool.

*  I eat while nursing and if it's something like toast, Paxton is covered in crumbs when I'm done. Remembering what I said about baths, you best believe I just wipe him off and continue with our day.

*  I second almost every other confession I've read in this series. Don't sweat the small stuff, moms-- Our children are happy and healthy (germs build up the immune system!) so we're doing okay :)

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  1. I loved these posts!!! I can totally relate! I'm like Lacey in that I NEED to work. I'm a better mom and wife when I work. And, like Sarah, I never strap my baby in on the changing table and I take steps away from time to time. It won't stop either. And, like both of these poor boy does NOT get a bath every night!!

  2. Haha "he'll realize I'm not cool" is a legitimate fear. ;)

  3. So, um, I'm not a mom but dang you girls kill me! And give me much needed comfort for when I eventually become a mother because I am pretty sure that's exactly how I will be--love it!

  4. I sooo agree with Lacey about the gradual process of falling in love and the first 3months being so hard. Now that my son is 4months its like a whole other world.

    Sarah is funny! I also drop food on my son and just wipe it off LOL. And I use to be terrified of having an ugly baby. When people would say things like "such nice eyes" I would interpret that to me that only his eyes are nice and that he is ugly... I'm finally over it.

    love reading this again!

  5. Ok I just keep book marking these so I can read them later and not feel bad about myself!

  6. Ok, just discovered your blog. Freaking HILARIOUS! Also, we're going to start trying soon and all these New Mommy Confessions help me feel so much better about how terrified I am about not being the "perfect" mom. Thank you!

  7. I just found this from some exploring in the linkup, and it's AWESOME!! The crumbs on the baby?! Hilarious. And I actually wrote about not being "in love" with my baby at first like Lacey was talking about. I'll post it below. It was amazing and he was my son, but it wasn't until I really got to know him for him that the love blew me away!

    What a great idea for a series by the way!! Love this.