Running from the Law: Snot, Snow and Plans to See a Show

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snot, Snow and Plans to See a Show

- In the last couple weeks I've met TWO local bloggers in real life.  What!  Yes, and despite my husband's concerns that they'd turn out to be murderers/stalkers/weirdos/freakazoids, they were actual REAL awesome, genuine, amazing, wonderful people.  I kinda understand my husband's paranoia about meeting a person that you "met" on the internet, but does that even hold true anymore?  Everyone's online, not just the crazies.  Yes, perhaps it's taking a chance that you might not hit it off or have much in common or know what to talk about, but I never seem to have that problem (probably because I just talk and talk and never shut up).  First I met up with Liz from Will There Be Cake.  Y'all, she is awesome!  She has a son about the same age as Mac (remember her awesome guest post on New Mommy Confessions HERE) and we talked nonstop for nearly two hours before I realized I had to get back to the office.  I could have talked to her for days about how amazing being a mama is and our crazy families and what our boys are doing at this age.  I hope we can get together soon for a playdate!  And the following week I met Jessica from I Want Adventure.  Her hubby just graduated from the same law school that my hubby and I went to and it was so much fun getting to relive some of those law school memories.  She was awesome and had great stories and the most awesome voice.  Plus, I've never met a Texas girl that I didn't love, so that was a no brainer.  We're hoping to double date soon!  Unfortunately I didn't get photos at either meeting.  Fail.

(the next Duck Commander in training)

- I'm in the process of planning Mac's baptism in April.  It's going to be a small private ceremony, followed by a light lunch at my in-laws, with immediate family only. Easy right?  Well, the party planner is me is DYING to make this much more complicated than it needs to be.  I want thick luxurious letterpress invitations, gourmet crustless finger sandwiches, a beautiful layer cake with fondant and buttercream icing, decorations in whites and pale blue, bouquets of lilies and tulips, an expensive christening gown made of the finest linens and lace, fancy sugar cookies in the shape of crosses for party favors.  I mean, come on.  Not at all necessary.  And yet, I can't help it!  I keep telling myself that I just need to chill the eff out on this one and then I can go all out on his first birthday (which is only a month after the baptism).  I can wait.  Right?  Well, maybe just a fancy cake?  Mmmm...cake.

- Yesterday we had a chili cook-off at work and I decided to enter.  Why on earth I thought it'd be a good idea, I have no freaking idea.  I spent all day Sunday trying to cook two giant pots of chili, while taking care of a sick husband, chasing around a rowdy baby, dealing with two wild dogs and trying to watch for fashion disasters on the red carpet.  Absolute fucking chaos.  However, one of the ingredients I used in the chili was beer, so every time I added a little to the chili, I added a little to my belly.  Perhaps drinking at 11 in the morning was not the greatest idea, but we all lived.  And the chili won!  I don't know how the hell that happened, but I'll take it!

- Last week we actually got the snow that was predicted (congratulations weathermen!).  5 inches or something.  It shut the whole damn city down.  Drivers suck.  I have 4 wheel drive, but I was stuck in a traffic jam for nearly 3 hours trying to get home from work because drivers stopped and couldn't make it up the hills on the highway.  Ridiculous.  However, there are some really good Samaritans out there.  The police were not only directing traffic, but pushing cars and helping stuck vehicles (above).  There was also a group of guys on Lindbergh Blvd. that probably pushed 30 cars up the hill so we could all get home.  They directed traffic and kept everyone updated on how things were going.  It was incredible.  My dumb ass wore a dress and heels to work that day, so I was stuck in my car and couldn't help.  However, I did finish Gone Girl while I was sitting there.  It was soooooo good!

- Our poor animals are being harassed and tormented by the baby.  I kinda feel bad for them, but then again, they are SO spoiled that I think it's good for them to be subject to a little abuse (over-love) now and then.  Mac just loves them SO much.  He loves climbing on them and pulling their tails and poking them in the eyes and picking their noses.  And as much as he likes the dogs, he absolutely can't control himself when he sees  the cat.  She's like this wild elusive creature living in our house that he must touch immediately.  He squeals at the top of his lungs in sheer delight when she appears, which of course freaks her the fuck out and she bolts.  It's hard being so loved.

(Traitor.  She sent this to Miss SP after a particularly rough weekend with the baby.)

- Everyone in my house (including our nanny) is sick again (still), except me.  Knock on wood.  I am SO over this winter.  Can it please just get warm already so we can air out our house and get rid of the germs and infestation.  It's like a never-ending battle of snot, drool, eye goobers and vomit.  Fucking gross.  Enough already!

 - I'm going to see Book of Mormon on Friday night and am ridiculously, incredibly, overly-excited.  I cannot wait!  Not only to see the show, but to see friends that I haven't seen in ages.  To have a girls night out.  Drinks, dinner, show, more drinks.  I've had these plans since August, I think.  Twenty bucks says I get sick and can't make it.

So that's my life.  Hope yours is less snotty and less snowy.


  1. I basically fell over laughing at the duck call video--and you're totally enabling, fyi, haha. Please video Mac and Jigs, because I feel like I need the see that. Or, just have to see it in person oh my gosh I miss you guys.

    Well played on the drinking at 11am, this is why we're friends. Obviously.

    Have so much fun at BOM! Is it at The Fox? Ya know, cause I'm obsessed with that theatre now.

  2. oh girl, I hear you on the sickness! of course I'm not sure the snot & drool are going to go away until Elyse fights here way through all of her teeth! I can't decide if it's sickness or teeth!

    And YAY for a girls' night...sounds like you deserve it!

  3. Landon is obsessed with the dog. OBSESSED. I am counting the days until he becomes mobile then the dog is faaacked!

  4. CHILI WINNER!! SO awesome.
    Love that photo of your dog. Dying. Hilarious.
    Feel better soon. :(

  5. Your comments about the animals and the cat especially made me laugh out loud. So funny! I don't know what it is about the kids and animals! They just love them (sometimes way too much). I wish we lived closer so we could do a meet up! I say start planning the 1st birthday party now, it takes that long to do decorations and planning and just do a fancy cake for the baptism.

  6. Aww thank you for the kind words! Hope to do it again soon when everyone isn't so sick all the damn time!

    Since you WON the chili cookoff, I feel like you need to do us all a favor and post the recipe. Especially since there's beer in it!

    Um, D is also obsessed with our lab retriever. The downside for the baby is that he seems to be allergic to dog saliva so he can pull and tug on his fur all he wants, but if the dog licks him? I have to give him a once over with a wet wipe or he'll break out in red rash wherever they came in contact. Terrible.

  7. It was so much fun meeting you! You are just the sweetest. And as soon hubby gets back from the bar exam, we'll have to set that double date. And get pictures this time!

    I hope everybody in your house feels better! That sickness is no fun. :(

  8. Meeting people on the internet isn't so bad... :) Sorry everyone is sick again, hope you can stay clear of it and that your house is less gross very soon!!!

  9. I think you need to record Mac and the cat!!

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  13. Hi- I couldnt figure out how to comment on a very old post from of yours so figured i would comment here. WHen you redid your master bedroom (it looks amazing) i dont think you posted where the quilt/comforter was from, probably because it was in the room before. Do you remember where you got it? It is EXACTLY what im looking for!