Running from the Law: A Sappy Sentimental Birthday Love Fest

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Sappy Sentimental Birthday Love Fest

Pardon me for a second while I get all sentimental and mushy and attempt to wish my husband the happiest of birthdays in the most public, obnoxious and possibly humiliating way I know...on the internet for the whole wide world to see!  Am I not the best wife ever? 

And while I'm at it, I thought maybe I'd share a couple things about this wonderful man that make him so incredibly special to me. 

1. He owns more hats than any person I've ever known.  He has at least 40 hats in his truck, around 15 in his car and probably another 30 in the basement.  He has a hat for every occasion in every shade of camo, green and brown ever made.  Some with lights on them.  Some chosen based on material, fit, brand/logo or degree of luckiness.  He goes to great lengths to make sure he picks the correct/appropriate/best hat for whatever he's doing.   Guess what I got him for his birthday?  Another hat.  :) 

2. When I cook dinner, then he's on dish duty and he always sings hilarious made-up silly songs to the dogs while he loads the dishwasher.  I sit in the living room and crack up at some of the goofy nonsense that comes out of his mouth.  And then he walks back in the room and blushes because he knows I heard him and that whatever he was singing was absolutely freaking ridiculous.  

3. He loves to hunt and takes pride in what he can kill and eat, yet he will not kill spiders in our house.  Last summer there was a giant spider that made a massive web across our front door and he captured it in a plastic cup and drove it over to the golf course by our house and released her it into a tree on the side of the road.  Anytime I find a spider in our house I have to call my husband (a/k/a St. Louis Spider Relocation Services) (or just kill it myself and don't tell him).  

4. He's my biggest fan.  Despite what having a baby has done to my body, he thinks I'm hot and still pinches my butt.  He tells me I'm the best cook he knows.  He tells his friends that I'm a good mom.  He says I look beautiful in every photo.  He laughs at my awful jokes.  He loves me even when I'm a total bitch nutcase.  

5. He is a wonderful father.  I had no doubt when I married this guy that I hit the jackpot when it came to finding a man that would be an amazing dad.  He was born to do this.  He is so good with the baby.  You should see Mac's face light up when Ryan walks in a room.  Mine does too.  We're both pretty crazy about this guy.  The way he plays with Mac and talks to him and takes care of him makes me want to have a million babies with him.  Best dada around. 

Happy birthday, love.


  1. awww, so sweet! Happy birthday!

  2. Very sweet! Happy Birthday Ryan!!

  3. Soo sweet. Happy Birthday to you your husband.

  4. Aww, what a sweet wife you are!

    But he's a hunter that won't kill spiders?!

  5. Sounds like you have a great guy :)
    Happy birthday to him!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your man!

    KB also has lots of hats, but only wears a really old youth size Braves hat that he's had since he was 10.

  7. Cute post. And how hilarious about the spiders!

  8. ahh what a sweet post!! hope your husband has a wonderful birthday and enjoys the new hat you gave him. we are the same in our household the person who didn't make dinner washes dishes

  9. Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday Ryan!