Running from the Law: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is less than a month away!  I have been looking forward to my very first Mother's Day for a long time.  Last year I missed it by ONE WEEK.  I'm glad Mac was fully cooked when he decided to arrive, but I was really looking forward to maybe possibly becoming a mom on (or by) Mother's Day.  Oh well.  However, this year I cannot wait to celebrate being a mom with the little dude that made me one.  

And not that I need anything more than Mac kisses and snuggles on Mother's Day (or a full night's sleep), but just in case Ryan somebody (ahem ahem) was thinking about maybe (ahem) getting me a little something-something special (ahem) as a token of love and appreciation (ahem) on this glorious celebratory day of all mothers, I just thought I'd help him that person out.  Any of these items would be greatly appreciated and find a nice home with this mama.  

Feel free to send your husband's to this post for their shopping (or hell, just buy this stuff for yourself and write your kid's name on the card - you deserve it!).  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2013

Home is Where Mom Is - poster by  AmandaCatherineDes on Etsy ($15.00)

Coral Infinity Scarf - Modcloth ($12.99)

Vinyasa To Vino BagLululemon $138)

Mama Mini Photo Session with mom and kiddo(s) - contact a local photographer (prices vary) (if you're in St. Louis, 
Fresh Art Photography is having mini sessions on May 25th) 

Camera Lens - preferably a nice prime lens with a big wide aperture for capturing your littles (prices vary)

Bottle of nice wine or champagne - I've heard Dom Perignon 2003 is nice (prices vary)

Pajama set - J. Crew ($85)

Personalized Photo iPhone Case - ($40)

Cashmere booties - Mark & Graham ($99)

Custom Baby Footprint Art - PitterPatterPrint on Etsy ($30)

I Heart Mom long-sleeve tee - Smalltreads on Etsy ($45)

Bouquet of Peonies - call your local florist (prices vary)

Accordion Photo Brag Book - Pinhole Press ($25)

DIY footprint footstool - (prices vary)

Silver Rectangle Locket Necklace - Pottery Barn Kids ($129)

Flicker Fabric Bee wristlet - Kate Spade ($78)

Personalized Stacking Rings - SevenElementsStudio on Etsy ($50)

Personalized Chef's Medallions - Felix Doolittle ($25)

What's on your Mother's Day wishlist?


  1. This year my birthday is on Mother's Day. Bwahhahaha.

  2. What a fabulous wish list! I am looking for presents for both my mom and MIL and it's always hard to come up with ideas. I wish they had posted something like this!

  3. I could definitely use a pair of those Miller flats! I hope you have a very happy first mother's day!

  4. My oldest boy was due on mother's day, but came late! I like all your ideas for this year!

  5. Love these ideas Sara! I might have to put together a 'suggestion' email for Derek as he always has no clue what to get (see my post on romanticism from last week!) Have a great day!

  6. now these are some fun goodies my dear!!! love love love

    i cannot wait for you to celebrate your first real mother's day and i know your boys will spoil you properly!!

  7. i think these all sound like wonderful ideas! and I honestly have no doubt that you woill be spoiled rotten!

  8. Rob and I both just barely missed our first mother's and father's days last year! Excited for both days this year!

  9. So many great ideas! Love this and can't wait to celebrate my first Mother's Day either!

  10. Too funny! I did a post very similar hoping a certain someone might read it. ;) Hope you enjoy your first official Mother's Day!

  11. I think you deserve one of each for your first mother's day!