Running from the Law: Mac's First Haircut

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mac's First Haircut

Last month we figured it was finally time to get Mac's hair cut.  I resisted for so long (because, oh, those baby curls!), but it was definitely the right call.  As much as I'd like to keep him a baby forever, having a toddler with wild unruly pancake-syrup-caked hair was not the way to do it.  Perhaps I'll just keep pushing  down on his head hoping he'll stay small forever?  Not sure that's a better solution.  

Anyway, after weeks of Ryan telling me it was time, I finally made an appointment for Mac at The Hairy Elephant and tried to keep myself composed.  Mac was pretty indifferent and not at all nervous about hitting such a gigantic milestone as a first haircut.  "He always looks so cool" (name that book).  However, once we got there, it was a different story.  He wasn't having any of it.  Perhaps it was the fun train table in the front of the store that he wanted to play with or the stranger with scissors, but he did not want in that chair. And it was even shaped like a car, so that was pretty surprising.  However, candy to the rescue and he was won over by a lollipop.  He also had to hold my keys and refused to wear the cape, but it was progress.  
He was pretty apprehensive about the lady with the comb and the spray bottle.
I got a lot of those "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!!" looks. was time.  Baby mullet.
At one point he acted like the loss of his hair physically hurt him.
Poor poor baby.
Little did he know that it did hurt me, as I wiped away tears and imagined him leaving me to go to college.  WHY?!!!
My heart broke a little bit with every snip.

How is he this big?!
When did this happen?
Wasn't he just in diapers yesterday?!  
(Yes, actually that was yesterday and today and tomorrow.)
And then all of a sudden my little baby was a toddler...a kid...a fully-grown child. 
He aged 3 years in 15 minutes.
Tomorrow he'll be going on dates and stealing my booze.
I'm not ready! 
Of course he's still absolutely adorable (maybe even more so now).
I mean, what a handsome devil. 
He knows it too.
Stud muffin.
(Please excuse my wet hair - I'm too lazy to blow dry these days.)
Of course everyone had to come over and tell him how handsome he was.
It's too bad this kid doesn't like attention...
And then I got to the car and bawled all the way to work.  

Have you done "baby's first haircut" yet?  
Was it traumatic for you?


  1. Ahhh. This was traumatic for me just watching the pictures!!! How is he SO big??

    I had to snip Abbie's bangs a little bit a few weeks ago because they were in her face ALL the time, and I almost lost it. I need to teach that girl to leave headbands and clips in her hair because I am SO not ready for any haircuts.

  2. Oh my LORD the handsomness in the after shots. J.Crew kid model right there. He's got the sucker, eyes and pose down too! :)

  3. he looks so darling! those wispy baby curls do me in, but i love his big boy haircut... and don't worry, mama - you've got so many more years before the college and the booze stealing :) xo

  4. He is so handsome!! Big moments - and I love the pictures you have to capture it. I love the tears! Our little man still crys everytime he gets his haircut (4 times now!). So precious - great memories.

  5. GAH! So adorable! He does look so much older with his hair cut. What a cutie pie.

  6. Oh my goodness! He DOES look like a big boy! My husband is on me about Carter's hair, but I'm just not ready yet. Those curls are too precious to me. One day, he is probably just going to do it himself without me knowing, so maybe I should just go on and take him so I can at least get some cute pics like you! :)

  7. Love this! He looks like such a big boy, but so dang cute:) As a hair stylist I know how scary a first hair cut can be! I'm pretty sure I've never done a first hair cut and they don't cry! Usually as time goes on they realize we give candy so they will tolerate it, but just as soon as I get them to stop crying... it's are you done yet a hundred times;) I haven't cut Estella's hair yet but I need to clean up the back soon and it will be a sad day for me too!!!

  8. We have not yet had our first haircut, that would require L actually growing some hair HA! I love all of the pics and he does look so handsome with his new haircut. I wish they didn't grow so quickly!!!

  9. Such a cutie... and they do grow so fast. Breaks my heart, want them this small (and loving) forever!

  10. Oh my gosh I could just eat him he's so handsome!! We haven't cut Ethan's hair yet and unfortunately, we don't have a cool kid's shop with cars, BUT Ethan's great-aunt is a hair stylist so I know he'll be in good hands when the day finally comes. Hoping we can hold out a couple more months. Though seeing these pics of Mac is definitely reassuring!! ;)

  11. You are so right - they look 8 years older after a hair cut!!! :( He's totally rocking his big boy hair cut though! Believe it or not, we cut Jackson's when he was just 2 days old. He had a serious mullet (which had been pointed out to us at a 3d sonogram, but I thought they were kidding!). We had to trim his hair every 2 or 3 months from then on and now he HAS to get it cut every two weeks or he starts looking like no one loves him. Haha!!!

    Ps - don't you wish that you got treats, movies and fun cars to sit in when you get your hair cut?????? Jackson loves going to get his hair cut because of the suckers, cookies and movie! Not a bad life!

  12. I love it when little boys get their first haircuts - they look little men! And I understand you not wanting to lose his baby curls but I'm glad you did it now. My nephew only had his "bangs" cut until he was over 2 1/2. It did NOT look ok, and it was all because my sister-in-law didn't want to lose his curls. Except he barely had any left because of all the weight from the hair!!

    Sadie didn't care about her first haircut, but she's just like that. It was also at my (other) sister-in-law's house, her BFF is a hairdresser. So Sadie was pretty relaxed!

  13. Sara, he is adorable! He looks like a little man - so sweet! I haven't even contemplated M's haircut yet because the change is just too much for me to bear at this point. I'll deal with it one day says my denial. He is handsome!!

  14. He is so flipping cute! And, he did really well for his first hair cut!
    We've resorted to doing it "in-home" (aka - I pin M down and quickly snip and pray) as we have one little boy who seems to think we're cutting limbs and not hair when he gets a trim.

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  17. Awww! So sweet. He looks so, so big.

  18. Oh my heavens. I didn't think he could possibly get any cuter, Sara, but HE DID!! Love the photos, he's looking pretty relaxed in the after pictures...'yeah, I just got my first haircut, no big deal...come look, though!'

    At the rate Colton's hair is growing, he might need his first cut right before he leaves for college. Maybe.

  19. oh my he looks so much older - like years!!! crazy! so handsome! I haven't even considered a first hair cut as I'm watching her curls come in! could also be a girl mom thing? he's just such a little man in those post hair cut photos!!

  20. He looks so handsome!!! A big boy, yes, but still just as cute!

  21. He's looking SO grown up with that hair cut. I don't think the first haircut is as dramatic for girls, so it wasn't all that sad for me, but I can see why you would get emotional- he went from baby to little boy!

  22. poor little man! he looks adorable though. definitely a big boy!

  23. Love. Just did my first haircut post for CC and it's such a hard/fun milestone, man. That Mac. He is something else!!