Running from the Law: Mac Says

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mac Says

He's really been on a daddy kick lately...
Me: What do you want to name your new fish?
Mac: Daddy
Me: What do you want to name the other fish?
Mac: More Daddy

Nanny: Who's your favorite nanny?
Mac: Miss B
Nanny: Who's my favorite two year old?
Mac: Mac
Nanny: Who's your favorite sister?
Mac: Sagey
Nanny: Who's your favorite mommy?
Mac: Daddy

Me: Do you remember what the bunny's name was?
Mac: Daddy
Me: No, the bunny at the birdhouse...what was her name?
Mac: Mommy?
He gets two vitamins every night with dinner and is obsessed with them...
Nanny: What's your favorite food?
Mac: Cheeseburger, pasta and two vitamins.

Me: Who lives at your house?
Mac: Daddy.
Me: Who else?
Mac: Sagey.
Me: Anyone else?
Mac: Two vitamins.

Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Mac: Two vitamins.
Me: No, we have two vitamins with dinner. What do you want for breakfast?
Mac: Three vitamins.
He's really into telling us that he "likes" things...
While looking at the fish:
I like that fish.  I like that fish.  I like that fish.  I love that fish.  I like that one.  I like fish.

After farting twice (one big one and one little one):
I like the little toot.

While walking around the nature center:
I like nakes (snakes).  I like turtles.  I like owls.  I like dillos (armidillos).  I like bats.  I like birds.  I like big nakes.  I like nakes...a lot.
Instead of "I love you" he says "I missed you"...
Me: I love you, Mac.
Mac: I missed you, mama.

Every time he sees Sage he give her a hug:
I missed you, Sagey.

After finding a cricket outside he holds it in his hands, puts his hands to his cheek, closes his eyes:
I missed you, cricket.

Whenever he sees Mim in the bouncy seat:
I missed you, sista.

Other random adorableness...
Me: Mac, did you have fun at the Rams game?
Mac: Uh huh.
Me: Did they win?
Mac: Nope.
Me: Why not?
Mac: Bad defense.

Mac: I need a bone.
Nanny: Why do you need a bone?
Mac: To chew.
Nanny: Boys don't chew on bones, dogs do.
Mac: But they taste like cheese.

While reading a book and pointing to all the babies:
He's sad.  He's mad.  He's happy.  He's cold.  He's frustrated.
While showing me his (very obviously dead) cricket
Me: Is that your cricket?
Mac: I caught him!
Me: Is he dead?
Mac: Nope, he's ok.
Me: Is he sleeping?
Mac: No, he's fine.
Me: Are you sure?
Mac: I like crickets.
Me: If he's dead we need to get rid of him.
Mac: Flush him down the toilet.
Me: Yeah, we could do that.
Mac: He'll find Nemo!

Trying to get my attention:
Mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, mommy.  SARA!!!

Talking to himself while casting his fishing pole:
Cast cast cast.  Really far.  Good cast!  See the bobber.  Fish on.  Reel reel reel.  Reel reel reel. Got one! Bluegill.  Big bluegill.  Little bluegill.  I like bluegills. Take him off.  Throw him back.  Good job!  Way to go!

gwirrwell = squirrel
gungreen = sunscreen
dick = stick
geezer weezier - Geez Louise
gared = scared
home base run fireworks = home run


  1. Mac is so funny!! mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, SARA!!!!!! HAAAAAA!!!!! You have yourself a cute little character!! I bet you laugh all the time!!

  2. Love! I'm working on Eloise's monthly post and it sounds alot like this because she is so chatty.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest!!! He looks JUST like you in the picture with the pots and pans!! Cam gets a vitamin at dinner, too, and they are Monster themed, so we call them Monster candy. That's what he wants to breakfast, too. :) SO CUTE! I love that you are documenting these!!

  4. YES! I love me some toddler talk! They're so funny!

  5. Stop it!! He is too funny. I can't wait for this stage!

  6. love this! I've completely failed at writing down some of this stuff for Elyse and I'm totally going to regret it.

  7. Mac is the best!! hahaha!! But seriously, what are toddler's fascination with vitamins? Chickie loves them!

  8. Love this, and another vitamin lover here. Although she only requests the purple ones. Love the missed you, so cute

  9. LOL! So precious and funny! Good for you for writing it down. I wish I did this more.

  10. Love all of this!! So glad you documented it all. Won't it be fun to look back on this when he is 17 and driving you crazy?! :)

  11. This entire post had me cracking up! I'm sure you liked the little toot better too! Reed also says "dick" for stick. He is often found running around outside looking for "big dicks". There's a big dick! There's another big dick! I find it absolutely hysterical every time!

  12. He says the cutest things! What a love :) I love the one: "who's your favorite mommy?" "Daddy!" lol

  13. The things that come out of these boys mouths - KILLS me!
    "I like the little toot." Dying over here.
    I'm referred to more often as Desiree than mommy. WTH little dude?!
    Gunscreen is "sunscreen" in our home. Love it!

  14. This is so adorable!!! I love the toot comment (I literally laughed out loud!) and I love the vitamins. Classic. So awesome you write these things down because one day you won't be able to remember and it will be so nice to reflect back on.

  15. I LOVE all the "daddy" in this! OH and the getting your attention with your name?! Hilarious! Callie hasn't done that to me but she's done it to Jake! :) Toddlers are the best comedians!

  16. Daddy stage! It's such a sweet stage to see them in and how much they look up to and love their daddy!

  17. Too funny! You never know what toddlers will say, and this is hilarious. I love that he said bones taste like cheese...haha!

  18. Oh my gosh, so stinkin' adorable! I especially like the one about the Rams having a bad defense. I really would like to know where kids come up with half the stuff they say, it's hilarious! Ha!

    Mandie ~

  19. So darn cute!!! I just love this age and all the funny and cute things they say!!