Running from the Law: Tours on Tuesday

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tours on Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Today I'm honored and thrilled to be the featured Instagram guest poster for Emily over at Dear Owen & Co. for her Tours on Tuesday series.  Please feel free to follow along as I post some of my favorite photos of my kids' spaces.  You can see a few more details of Mim's nursery, a few shots of Mac's room and a sneak peek of our basement playroom (yet to be blogged about).  

Dear Owen & Co. on Instagram 

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  1. I'm sure you saw my comments on every.single.thing that you posted but I wanted to tell you here how much I love your style and Mac and Mim's rooms! That library wall in Mac's room is my absolute favorite and I did something slightly like it in Mason's room. It was my inspiration. Mim's room is GORGEOUS though and I LOVE her dresser! Also, I noticed that you commented here, but I had never seen your basement before and let me tell you, Mac and Mim are some lucky, lucky kiddos!!! LOVE!