Running from the Law: Baby Mim - 15 Months

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baby Mim - 15 Months

Dear Mim,

Three months have slipped by since my last update and time has flown by in a whirlwind of activities and adventures. The final warm days of summer gave way to a crispness in the air and just like that, the holidays are upon us and we're breaking out our hats and gloves. Time marches on and every day brings you new talents, words and tricks. It seems like you turned one a lifetime ago and you certainly don't act much like a baby these days. You are an absolute delight and still the sweetest little lady around, but the last few months have also brought some new developments in your attitude and independence. There are moments I look at you and see the little girl and lady you will become, so caring and compassionate, but so strong-willed and determined. It's such a joy being your mother and I absolutely couldn't imagine life without you in our little family.  
Since your first birthday you have made the transition from baby to toddler like a champ. You are fully mobile and have very little trouble with getting exactly where you want to go. Your walk is steady, your run is improving and the forehead bruises are fewer and far between. You started gymnastics class, so you're working on jumping and tumbling and balance. You also take swim lessons and are quite the little fish in the water. You have no fear and a fierce determination. You love steps, particularly low steps like the curb, and will spend a ridiculous amount of time stepping up and down over and over again. You like for us to hold your hands when going up the stairs, so you can walk upright like your brother, instead of crawling like a baby. Your climbing skills are also impressive and I constantly turn around to find you sitting in a tall chair or standing on the couch or a table. 
With your newfound mobility comes a strong sense of independence. While your brother always liked being close to us and keeping an eye on us, you could care less what we're doing and have a mind of your own. Threatening to walk away and leave you doesn't deter you in the least and you'll easily turn your back and carry on doing what you want, requiring us to chase you down. You already play much more independently and can occupy yourself for quite a long time on your own. Particularly, in the basement you love going down the slide, playing the keyboard, opening and closing all the cabinets in the play kitchen and buckling/unbuckling the clasps on your baby stroller. You insist on doing things by yourself and will throw quite the little fit when we try to interfere. 
Your vocabulary has exploded recently. I think you must have about 20 words right now (list below) and quite a few signs that you still use. Your favorite word is definitely "hi" and you will repeat it over and over and over, which is really adorable. Sometimes you'll swing yourself around and get right in my face so I'm looking at you and say "hi" and smile at me. Melt my heart. You also really love saying baby and puppy (which sound very similar) and get so excited when we see babies and puppies in the books we read. You love imitating sounds, pitches and inflections, and you're working on quite a few new sounds, like hog calling (sooey!) and yodeling. You don't say yes or no yet, but you nod and shake your head intensely when asked questions. You understand way more than you can say and it amazes me that you seem to "get" so much of what I'm saying. 
Your personality is still so absolutely sweet it hurts. You are a lover and give the most amazing hugs. You hug everyone and every dog you see. You insist on getting a dozen kisses from your dad and I before we leave in the mornings and you love nothing more than to be passed back and forth between your favorite people giving hugs. You've gone through a rough couple weeks where you've been super whiny and clingy in the evenings, but you seem to be coming out of that now. You've insisted on being held by mommy anytime I'm around, which I'm happy to do, I just wish I could get more done one-handed. 
At your 15 month checkup you were in the 98th percentile for height, 50th for weight - just like you have been since you were born.  You are the most amazing eater I've ever met (other than your dad) and you blow me away with how much food you eat on a daily basis. We haven't really found anything that you won't eat, which has been amazing. I'm hoping this trend continues. As for teeth, I've lost count at this point. I think you're working on a few new ones in the back, but they don't seem to be bothering you and your lack thereof certainly hasn't stopped you from enjoying things like steak, pasta or French toast. Your hair is finally starting to come in...blonde of course, which just baffles your dad! The hair on the top of your head is pretty thin and straight, but you have the most amazing curls in the back! I love them so much and don't ever want to cut your hair for fear of losing them. We're not exactly sure where the curls come from, but we love them! 
You love music and dancing. You bounce up and down and flair your arms with wild abandon! I think you and your brother both inherited your awkward dance moves from me, but that doesn't stop either of you from breaking it down anytime music comes on. You still love to listen to your dad play the guitar - the song he wrote for you is beautiful and every now and then I hear him playing it for you in the morning, which is such a lovely way to start the day. You love to laugh and Mac is the greatest source of entertainment for all of us these days. You want to do whatever he's doing and be as close to him as possible most of the time. If he's laughing, so are you. If he's banging something, so are you. If he splashes in the tub, so are you! As much as he acts like it bothers him, he loves it. Occasionally you'll start to follow around one of the little neighborhood girls and he gets SO jealous! He's been known to take your hand and lead you away to play with him because "she's my little sister!" 
Basically, you're just amazing. You are such a joy to be around and I can't help but fall more in love with you every day. Thank you for being my baby.

Your mama
- hi
- baby
- Dada
- Mama
- puppy
- bye bye
- ball
- owl
- hot
- eat
- snack
- cat
- banana
- Papa
- Mac
- water
- up
- spoon
- bunny
- paci
- eye
- nose
- night night
- bubbles
- Sagey

- first night in a hotel
- first s'mores
- first time trick-or-treating
- first wedding

Favorite things:
- Goodnight Train
- mashed potatoes
- Wheels on the Bus
- Jellycat pink bunny
- twirling
- giving hugs
- steps
- pacifier
- Ryan's metal cup
- being tickled
- being upside down
- poking people in the eye and saying "EYE"
- eating mulch
- making monkey noises
- growling
- dancing
- buckles


  1. We have a 14 month old and I feel like I am getting pretty good at one-handed tasks :) Mim is so cute!

  2. How has it been 3 months already? Seriously time slow down! Or girls sound so similar. Amazing how personalities are so different. Love sweet Mim. She's one precious girl.

  3. OMG, she is just the sweetest thing, Sara! I LOVE seeing her little personality in your snaps. :)

  4. My gosh I just love her. The CUTEST.

  5. oh she's so precious! I can't believe how fast our babies are growing up! And those curls...stop it!

  6. She's so, so sweet!!!! And, oh, the independent stage!!! Cam is past that and is LAZY and Louise hasn't hit it yet. I guess I should enjoy it, while I can. :) She seems like such a love...that picture of her getting sprayed by Mac is perfect!! And the one of her waving...just precious. What a sweetheart, Sara!! I have loved watching her grow over these last 15 months!!

  7. Oh my goodness she sounds so tall!! 98 percentile? Sophie's highest has been 82nd percentile. She's so adorable. Sophie just learned bye bye, she's been waving and doing the motions but struggled with saying bye bye

    liz @ sundays with sophie

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  9. Ahhh. What a cutie pie!!! It's impressive that she can say so many words already! Love all the pics. :)

    Alice @ Love My Evie & Emi Blog

  10. She is just a darling. All these pictures are adorable is especially like the one where she's looking back & waving. Such a cutie. :)

  11. She is simply darling, Sara. I love how her personality shines through in these pics!

  12. Gah, she is just perfect! Please have more babies... The world needs more Mims!

  13. I just died at the picture of Mac hosing down Mim! She has quite the vocabulary! Our babies arent really babies anymore, sob.

  14. I thought the postpartum hormones were done and gone, but I seriously just cried reading this post. How is that sweet little thing of yours 15 months?!
    Happy 15 Months, Mim! You're pretty amazing.

  15. It's amazing how kids are so different, P is one month behind mim ans only says three words! I need to work on her vocab. Also she is one picky eater - ugh I fear she gets this one from me :(

  16. Seriously how freaking cute is she?!!! And your photos are amazing!! First time here so not sure if you're a photographer or something but if not, you should be!!! haha That is SOOO nice she is a good eater!! I've nannied for some of the pickiest littles and it makes things difficult when they are so picky :) 20 words is so awesome!! I love the voices of little kids, so sweet and innocent :) Looks like you're doing great as her mama!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  17. I love these letters your write to your little ones! It's so cute that she is so independent and killing it in swim class. Good job, Mim!

  18. SO many cute pics!! :) She doesn't take a bad one it seems. love the sleeping one at the end...makes her look more like a baby!

  19. She is so cute and reminds me so much of Avery!

  20. Ah Sara she is so precious!! The pic of Mac with the water hose & Mim turned away trying to get away from it has to be my favorite one!! LOL! And you have such a nack for writing so beautifully! I always love reading your blog (when time allows!) because of the way you write!!

  21. She is just so cute! And while I only know her through the blog, she reminds me a lot of one of Noah's friend's younger sister! They are similar in age and look and seem to have a similar personality! I love reading all about Mim and her adorableness (which apparently isn't a word) :)

  22. She is truly adorable. And my son does the same "poke in the eye" business- I'm like, yes, I can tell you know what "eye" means!

  23. OH MY GOODNESS. She is SUCH a doll! I just love her sweet little hi on snapchat. I can't help but get a giant smile on my face. I love to see her interacting with Mac and just love to see her coming in to her own. She is getting so big and even cuter than before, if that's even possible. Happy 15 months sweet girl!

  24. What a sweet, fun girl!! I forget how this age seems so 'grown up' all of a sudden..

  25. She does look so grown up! def not a baby anymore mama! I too love those sweet curls and no don't cut them ever! I love the picture of her getting sprayed with the hose! Oh and the leaves too!