Running from the Law: Baby Mim - Nineteen Months

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baby Mim - Nineteen Months

Nineteen months is hilarious.
It's dancing to Taylor Swift.
It's colors, counting, please and thank you.
It's an obsession with owls.
Nineteen months is holding hands.
It's no nope NO!!!
It's jumping on the bed (and falling off).
It's post-nap snuggles. 
It's Old MacDonald on repeat through every single animal on any farm in the history of ever.
Nineteen months is opinions on clothes and shoes.
It's singing to Frozen.
It's hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.
It's brushing teeth fifteen times a day.
It's arms-extended running toward you all-encompassing bear hugs.
Nineteen months is asking for cereal (but only eating the marshmallows).
It's head shoulders knees and toes.
It's eyes ears mouth nose.
It's moo baa oink meow ruff quack ribbit neigh.
It's so ticklish.
Nineteen months is twirling until dizzy and falling down laughing.
It's hold me.
It's wub you.
It's I do it!
It's tripping over everything and so many bruises.
Nineteen months is chase.
It's hide and seek.
It's splashing in the bathtub.
It's MINE.
It's eating and eating and eating and eating.
Nineteen months is up and down stairs.
It's throwing a ball.
It's climbing on the furniture.
It's jumping on the trampoline.
It's don't touch that...don't eat that...get that out of your mouth!
Nineteen months is amazing.
It's sweet.
It's lovely.
It's Mim.


  1. So sweet!!! Look at that crinkly-nose grin! I need more Mim in my life.

  2. My son will be 19 months this month and I laughed at everything you wrote. Hi hi hi hi hi! And yes an absolute obsession with owls. What a great age! Thanks for sharing. These are my very favorite posts.

  3. That cheesy grin! I love it. And Sadie is almost 4 and still trips over herself ALL THE TIME. Sigh.

  4. Adorable. Love all her little silly faces and smile. :)

  5. On Mim!! Love that sweet girl. She's a bundle of sweet and sassy and it makes me smile.

  6. Oh she is just the cutest and her hair is so fantastic too :).

  7. First, these pictures are amazing. They capture her perfectly. Second, is she the most perfect little thing ever?! I want one of her!

  8. Ah Mim is seriously so cute. And her teeth must be SO clean! haha! :)

  9. I love how you did this recap saying "its..." and then whatever. It describes her perfectly, simply, and to a T. I love seeing her sweet face and hearing her little voice on your snap chat. She is the CUTEST ever.

  10. Even though Brielana is only a few weeks older, these Mim updates always take me back! Toddlers change so much day to day, it leaves me breathless. And tired. But oh so happy.

  11. Sophie does the same thing with the phone cases, she sits and babbles on it all day long. I think it's because I spend too much time on the phone (gotta get somethings done eventually).

    She is so precious :)

    Every month gets better and better. Sophie now opens the fridge.....and digs inside it for snacks. Not too sure on how I feel about that one.

    liz @ j for joiner

  12. Awww, she's so dang sweet. I know that I say it every time but I just cannot get over those curls. I love them. :)

  13. It's incredible to see how differently children achieve milestones. P is one month behind M but goodness her vocab is tiny! She can understand things but won't repeat them - not even no! I was told I don't need to worry until 2 but then why did my ped have to say that at all? Cause duh now I am worrying!

  14. I'm with Mim on just eating the marshmallows. :)
    That little lady of yours is the most adorable 19 month old I know!

  15. Oh this post! It gets me right in the feels. I love how you wrote it. Mim is so sweet!

  16. Oh this post! It gets me right in the feels. I love how you wrote it. Mim is so sweet!

  17. Ah, her hair is getting so long and pretty!! Can you make her stop growing now!?!

  18. I can't get over how sweet her curls are!! She has SO much hair!!! Cracking up at her love of the phone - pretty sure that's me when I was her age. ;)

  19. Mim is such a cutie!! She has gorgeous hair :)

    Edye //

  20. Happy 19 months sweet Mim! You are such a precious little one.

  21. What a sweet post to capture all the special moments! Xo, Stephanie

  22. Sweet girl and such a sweet post!! Mim is such a smarting with her counting! Love seeing your snaps!