Running from the Law: Brooke's Baby Shower

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brooke's Baby Shower

This past weekend I attended my friend Brooke's baby shower.  She's pregnant with TWINS!   And even better, she's not finding out the gender of the babies!  What a fun surprise!  Michelle, Carrie and Paige did such a great job as hostesses.  It was such a gorgeous shower, I just had to share the pictures with you.

The shower was held at The Women's Exchange on Clayton Road in Ladue. 
It's an adorable little shop with a seating area for lunch. 

Cookie-decorator extraordinaire Michelle made adorable baby carriage cookies that served as seating cards.  Carrie made these awesome menus.
The decorations in the place were absolutely adorable. 
And the flowers were gorgeous!
Of course, what kind of shower would it be without a little bubbly?
Paige had her friend Sonie make these onesies for the babies with pictures of mom and dad on them.  Sonie makes the cutest baby stuff - her site is HERE.  If you need a baby gift, definitely check her stuff out!
Here's mom-to-be Brooke with the hostesses.
And with me.  Seriously, doesn't she look fantastic?
I made sure to get as many pictures of the guests as possible, without harassing them and bossing them around.  Hopefully I didn't annoy anyone by constantly shoving my camera in their face!  :) 
Below is Brooke with her mom and younger sister, Sarah.  This family has some amazing genes.  Carol seriously could be mistaken as a sister of the girls.  And Sarah had a baby 2 weeks ago and looks this fabulous.  Don't you just hate them?  :) 
Lunch was fantastic.  I'd never eaten at The Women's Exchange before, but I think I'm going to have to go back.  The veggie sandwich was amazing!  And then, there was dessert.  I die.
And then it was time for gifts!!
Check out all this loot!
The gifts were fantastic.  It was so fun watching Brooke open two of everything and seeing everyone's overwhelmed expressions!  I think it finally hit us all that two babies are on their way!  TWO babies!!
She got some really amazing stuff, including this video monitoring system. 
I totally want one of these to spy on my pets while I'm gone!
And all kinds of gorgeous outfits in white. 
These are going to be some beautiful angelic babies.
Lots of books, too!
And check out this My Little Lamb seat. 
It has ears!!

Fabulous shower! 
Thanks to Carrie, Michelle and Paige for a lovely afternoon. 
And best wishes to mom-to-be Brookie! 
I can't wait to meet these babies!


  1. A. I can't believe she has TWO BABIES in there. She looks teeny. Please note that I will blow up like a balloon with ONE BABY. Because that's the way my life works.

    B. The flowers are gorg!

    C. I adore your dress. You should let me borrow it. I already told you that on facebook, but, I'm telling you again. I am nothing if not a pest.

    D. I love you!

  2. Great photos!! Looks like it was a lovely shower.

  3. Looks like she got some great stuff, the decor is perfect. The place card cookies are so cute!

  4. what a fun shower (and I love your dress!!)

  5. Baby showers are so fun! She does not look like she has twins in that belly!!

  6. Gorgeous photos and shower! And wow - twins! I'm jealous and totally not at the same time.

  7. I can't believe she has two babies in far along is she? She looks great!

  8. What a beautiful shower! Also, I have to know - where did the pretty brunette get her gorgeous purple dress? I love it! (I really hope you're good enough friends with this girl to call her and find out because I need that dress!)

  9. Wow the decor is so creative!! That's awesome. Also - you 2 look like you could be sisters.

  10. she looks GREAT. i couldn't even tell she was pregnant. i hope i'm that lucky*.

    *one day in the far off future, and not any time soon :)

  11. Sara, Michelle sent me this link! Thanks for taking all of these photos! All of the comments are so sweet! They all absolutely made my day!!!


  12. Too sweet! Love the set-up, too! And, that purple dress (is it sad that I know it's Kate Spade?).

    Those little onesies are cute!