Running from the Law: A Letter to Mally

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Letter to Mally

Thank you to the Shabby Princess and her pups for this letter.  It made my day.  :)

Dear Mally,

Wez hopes you is OK on Thursday aftewr da surgewwie dat youz having. Wez sowwie. Our mompup is vewwie worries abouts you and yours mompup, Auntie Sara. We is saying our puppy prayews for you. And your mompup. Iz scary, buts, you iz gonna to be good as new!

And den and DEN youz can come play with us. Or we come to you. Whatever is easiest. We loves the sheltie. They iz almost as crazy as the beagle. Which, as you can seez, we have.

If youz want you can come and relax wit us. As you can seez, we is vewwie good at the R&R.

Puppy hugz to you our favowite Mally pants.

Butch and Ella Mae
Thank you SP.  Love you.