Running from the Law: Ice Skating with Gus & Cece

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Skating with Gus & Cece

A few weeks ago, my friend Claire decided to take her kids - Gus (2) and Cece (1) - ice skating for the first time at Forest Park.  I got the honor of tagging along and being an extra set of helping hands, and of course, documenting the entire event in photos.  This was something I did not want to miss.  You have no idea how excited I was about this -  I could barely sleep the night before (yes, I realize I need a life).

Claire and kids picked me up that morning and we headed to the park.  It was a cold day, so the kids were bundled in 75 layers of clothing, nearly to the point of not being able to move.  Claire had the heater in the car cranked so high I thought we might all die of heat exhaustion by the time we got to the rink.  The warmth seemed to have the effect of putting the kids into a coma - they were awake, but neither of them seemed to have a clue what was going on.

Everything started out well, we got to the rink and rented our skates.  The kids were not nearly as excited as Claire and I were. 
Have you ever seen baby ice skates?  They are stinking adorable.
After we got our skates on, Gus seemed to figure out that we expected him to put on skates too and get out on the ice.  He absolutely refused.  He immediately declared that he no longer liked hockey and that was that.  He was NOT going.
He took a little convincing, but Claire promised that he didn't have to skate if he didn't want to and he seemed satisfied with that answer.  Instead, he watched his little sister get her skates on and ready to go.
(still in a coma)
When we got outside onto the ice, Cece was very unsure about the whole thing.  She's so expressive, it was pretty easy to read her thoughts:

"I'm not so sure I like this whole ice skating thing, but I'll give it a shot for you, Mama."
"Ummm, nope.  I don't like it.  I've made up my mind."
"I REALLY don't like it, Mom.  Get me out of here now."
Aaaaaannd...we're done. 
That was the end of ice skating. 
The skates came off and the kids sat on the sidelines and cried while Claire and I took turns skating around the rink trying to convince them that ice skating was SUPER fun. 
They didn't buy it.
Well, we tried.  Maybe they'll like skiing better?  :)


  1. OK, cutest pictures ever. Cece looks like the girl counterpart to Marshmallow Boy we saw yesterday. Also, Marshmallow Boy? Seriously the cutest thing EVER. Besides Mally, obviously.

  2. Hah, that's awesome. Just when you want them to have fun and get some good pictures, they decide to not have anything to do with it! Well, you guys had fun at least, right? :) And got some cute pics.

  3. Next year they will cooperate. We should bribe them with cookies before and not after :)

    Um, CeCe does look like a marshmallow. Exactly.

    Let's go back asap without my kids.

  4. So funny. I'm glad that at least you and Claire got some skate time in. A for Effort.

  5. That is too cute - great pictures Sara! The kids are precious. Glad you guys had fun, even if there wasn't much skating!

  6. Holy cow- I am absolutely amazed at the fact that your friend was able to ice skate WHILE holding a child. I can't even manage to stay upright unencumbered! AMAZED! Not, however, amazed that the babes suddenly decided it was the worst thing on earth. Kids always seem to do that. LOL

  7. Skating is scary! I remember my first time on the rink I spent 90% of it clutching the side railing. I later actually became a quasi skater (I could do a single jump?) so I am glad my parents forced me into it. What a great mom to expose her kiddos to the rink that early. Great photos!

  8. I LOVE these photos. They are both so cute. And Cece's hat kills me.