Running from the Law: Randomness

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


1. My Super Sweet Sixteen (times 2) Birthday is next week.  I cannot believe I am this old.  In anticipation of the big day, I've been watching old episodes of My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV and think I'm going to plan the Sweet 16 party I never had when I really turned 16 (back in the middle ages).  I'm considering renting out a yacht and sailing all my closest friends around the world, while expecting them to wait on me hand and foot and carry me around on a giant couch fanning me with giant feathers.  I think I'll hire Lady Gaga to do the entertainment, with Britney as the opening act.  Emeril will be catering.  Martha's doing the decorations.  I'm hoping to hop on a flight to Paris this weekend to shop for my Super Sweet 16 dress - the more cleavage it shows, the better.  And I am SO not above demanding a platinum diamond tiara to wear the entire time and crying hysterically if my daddy doesn't get me the Porsche SUV that I want.  Seriously.  Best party ever.  You're all invited.  I'm registered at Tiffany's and Neiman Marcus.

2. Guess who's coming to visit me this weekend?  This girl.  I'm serious...feel free to die of jealousy now.

3. I finally broke down and made The Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna. Ever.  It has now ruined me for all other lasagna in the world.  I'm a believer.  I'm also going to gain a million pounds because I can't stop eating it.  I can't wait to go home and eat it again for dinner.  Help me.

4. I just spent a week in Breckenridge and didn't take one single picture.  Not one.  Never even opened my camera bag or pulled out my phone.  This trip will just have to live in my little mind forever - all snow-covered, romantic and quiet.  It was a wonderful trip.  Ryan did take this one of me on his iPhone while we were waiting for the shuttle on our first day.  I look scared, don't I?

5. After a week of skiing blacks and double black diamond runs in Breckenridge, my husband thinks he should try out for the Olympic ski team.  Seriously, he's considering it.  This boy does not lack confidence. 

6. After a week of skiing greens and some blue runs in Breckenridge, I think I'm lucky to still be alive with no broken bones.  I got seriously schooled by a group of 5 year olds on the slopes.  They are fearless!  Learning to ski at 30+ is hard.  I blame my parents for not putting me in skis when I was old enough to walk.  We lived on a big hill, I would have figured it out!  I could have made it down to the bus so much faster!

7. Ryan's cousin Joe proposed to his girlfriend Laira over the holidays so we've got another wedding this summer!  YAY!  I lurve weddings so much.  Laira might be the more beautiful bride that has ever existed.  And I think the wedding might be on a beach in North Carolina!  Kill me now.  So excited!  I'm ready to book my flight NOW.

8. My family and I played three games of Trivial Pursuit over the holidays and Ryan and I won 2 out of 3 games.  Nothing to add, I just wanted to rub it in, in case any of them are reading this.  Booya!  CHAMPIONS!

9. I finally finished the third book in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and I want more.  I want there to be at least 10 more Lizbeth Salander books.  And I just finished the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  Whoa, that is messed up.  And so awesome.  I loved it.  Can't wait to read the next two.  Definitely movie potential there.  If you haven't read either of these series, you are missing out.  Start them immediately.  And kiss the rest of January goodbye since you won't be able to tear yourself away from them.

10. Does anyone else really look forward to sorting socks?  Anyone?  Anyone?  It's my favorite part of doing laundry.  I will save all the socks from a month's worth of laundry and then match all the socks in one sitting.  I spread them all out and arrange them by color, by size, by brand, by function.  And then I go to town - it's like a real-life matching game and I always win at the end.  Does this make me crazy?  Yeah, you're right, it totally does.


  1. Ha ha, I remember my first time skiing, I was schooled by a bunch of 5yr olds myself. I kept blaming Mom and Dad, saying geez, I mean I grew up in NY why have I never skied before?

    Glad you liked those books, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series is on my list for this year!

  2. I'll bring you a tiara. I'm sure I have one lying around.

    Who's excited to hop on a plane to see you? THIS GIRL!!!

    How did you not take pictures in Breck? Woman, I might disown you.


  3. Also got schooled by 5 year olds...they don't have as far to fall as we do, and also don't remember that it hurts when you fall down.

    Loved the Dragon Tattoo series. Will have to check out the Hunger Games.

  4. Happy Birthday! have an awesome week!

  5. Happy Birthday! I don't snow ski (although I love to water ski). I broke my elbow walking on ice. Obviously I should not ski. I'm so jealous of your visitor!! y'all are going to have so much fun. Also, I just watched all three Swedish GWDT movies and they are awesome. And you are reading subtitles so it's a little like reading three books.

  6. I love sorting socks! Happy Super Sweet Sixteeeeeen (just like in the song on the MTV show).

  7. You can have all of my sock-matching duties. I'm so anal about it, but I hate it!

    I'm coming to your sweet 16 (x2)! Sounds radilicious!

    So jealous of your Breckenridge skiing! I can't wait to hit the slopes (and I can't believe I haven't yet)!

    Those two series are in my to-read stack.

    Happy New Year! Good to have you back blogging regularly. I need to get on that!

  8. Gah! I really need to get the Hunger Games!
    And now I want lasagna. Damn.

  9. Love random posts!

    I want to read all those books also - am on the library waiting list for them now. And, I'm very sorry to say that I never match any socks... I actually almost never wear a matching pair. I like to put on two different ones, just to mix it up. ;)

  10. Love this post!!!

    And I cried when the 3rd Dragon book was over, too. I wanted more! I am so excited (which means that I will inevitably be disappointed) when the movie is made.

    And now it is 930 am and I want a huge slab of lasanga. Now.

  11. Oh my gosh, there is so much here for me to comment on...I'm so, so glad y'all had so much fun skiing! You're right, it is for sure harder to learn to ski as you get older. I skied all the time as a child but haven't been in probably 10 years! I'm sure I've lost it...but kids, they're fearless! They have no idea how freaking HURT they can get! ha. But it sounds like you had a wonderful time. And HAPPY early birthday. Here's to our 30's! I'm about to enter mine very very soon, so I'll join you. :) XOXO

  12. Oh my sweet, sweet little friend, HAPPY NEW YEAR SARA!!!! How are you, I have missed you so much! I know you had a little bloggy break and I had what feels like a blogging sabbatical but alas, here we are, back in business! :) YAY! Wishing you all the best for an exciting New Year ahead!

    I could eat my body weight x 1000 in Pioneer Woman's lasagna (almost everything she makes if we're being honest here, especially her Penne a la Betsy OMG)! Oh - and I HATE sorting the socks! HATE I tell you! I boycott every time, I don't know what it the time you pick it up off the floor (since of course the hubs does this) sort it, wash & dry, fold, I just can't be bothered with the socks! LOL! :)

    Hugs to you girly - enjoy your fun weekend with SP!! xxoxoxo

  13. Somehow, there's something kind of nice about not having pictures from a trip or an event - it lives in your mind and you don't have to worry about how you look, because it's only for you to see.