Running from the Law: Sleeping In

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleeping In

One of my favorite things about the weekend is sleeping in.
I'm a big fan of sleep.
Guess who else is a fan of sleeping in?
Jigs has an uncanny ability to sleep in that I really admire.
Sometimes she doesn't get out of bed for days and days.
She'll be curled up in one spot when I go to sleep at night.
And be in the exact same spot when I wake up.
And be in the exact same spot when I get home from work.
And be in the exact same spot when I go to bed the next night.
Seriously, she has the best life.
When she's not sleeping, she demands craves attention.
She will force herself on you until you break down and surrender to the petting.
When all else fails, she goes upside down.
I absolutely cannot handle the cuteness of an upside down cat.
Especially one with a nose freckle.
She knows exactly what she's doing to me with the upsidedownness.
Cannot handle it!
I surrender!
And back to sleep.

And then there's this one.
She doesn't want to get out of bed either.
She thinks if she hides in the blankets I won't make her get up.
Please don't make me get up.
It's so nice under here.
So warm.
So cozy.
Come back to bed, mom. 
Let's cuddle.
And I surrender.

How do I ever get anything done?


  1. beautiful photos! They are both so photogenic and gorgeous! I wouldn't get out of bed if he was cuddling with me either!

  2. you give your pets some sort of calming pill? Mine would NEVER pose like this for photos. We always have to kick them out of the family Christmas card photo shoot. Great pics!

  3. OMG, upside down Jigs!!! I die. And Mally under s sheet? I double die. Too freakin' cute. Man, it's a wonder I didn't try to smuggle Mally back home with me.

  4. They. Are. Adorable.

    I die. Seriously, can I have them all?

  5. Gorgeous photos and precious subjects!

  6. Oh my gosh they are so cute! Cats are professional sleepers. Oh, what a life! I love that our dogs almost always sleep in on the weekends too!

  7. I want your cat!!! Or maybe I just need a cat of my own :)

    BTW - What kind of camera do you use? The photos are awesome!

  8. Awww Mally - so glad to see she's doing great. And did I miss something? When did you guys get a cat??

  9. P.S. - you're oh, so very brave to let them roll around in your white blanket like that - I'd be running for the lint rollers! LOL

  10. These pictures are amazing! It makes me want to crawl into bed with my dogs.

  11. Ahhh these pictures are amazing!!!

    I don't even like cats, but yours is sure cute!

  12. The pup is adorable. I guess your cat is too - but I'm not a cat person. :)

  13. So stinkin' cute! I love fur babies!

  14. Gah your kitty is so so so so so so adorable! I love the nose freckle. My male kitty has a nose freckle too and it's the cutest!

  15. such good pictures!! my pets are the exact same way. it is so hard to get out of bed when you have a kitty cuddled up next to you purring away!

  16. How on earth do you get Mally to pose so cute like that?! And when are you going to come over and take pictures of Lia? ;)

  17. awesome pics! thanks for sharing!
    looks like y'all had an amazing time!

  18. You know how some people get baby crazy? I am cat crazy. These photos make me LONG for a fuzzy purr-ball that I can cuddle.

  19. Oh my goodness - seriously awesome photos!!!!