Running from the Law: Five Minutes in the Life of a Pupcake

Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Minutes in the Life of a Pupcake

One thing you should know about Sage is that she has 2 speeds: 100 mph and 0 mph.  She is either going full throttle or completely out dead asleep.  It's pretty funny to see her just fall asleep in mid-chew, bone in mouth, like she just couldn't make it one more second.  She only needs about a 5 minute power nap to recharge the batteries and she's back up, full speed ahead.  The other day I took her outside for about 5 minutes and snapped around 600 pictures to show you just how fast (and possibly A.D.D.) this pup is.

Seconds after being let outside, it's run, run, run.  Wild-woman style.

Woo hoo!  Outside!
I love me some outside!
So much to do.
Oh, let's check out the fountain.
Look Ma!
Queen of the mountain, right here!
Or, maybe not so much. 
How do I get down?
Is there a Reverse on this thing?
The fountain looks ok...time to check out the hole by the tree.
Yep, it's still there.
No mom, I'm not digging.  Promise.
Wait...what was that?
Did you see that too?
I'm pretty sure that tail moved.
I will get you, tail.  You just wait.
Oh!  A stick!  Fun!
Sticks are delicious.
But stick-chewing is exhausting. 
Time for a 4 second recharge...just look at all the pretty flowers over here.
Screw the flowers, did I hear the word treat?
Hey Mom! 
Look how pretty I sit, please give me a cookie.
Wait...what was that noise?
Did I hear the neighbor kids?
Mally did.
Let's check it out.
Yep, there they are. 
Ok, enough of that.
Hey Mom! 
Do you have a cookie for me?
But don't you know how cute I am.
What if I give you this look?
Can I have a cookie now?
Or this one?
How about now?
Come on mom, I'm SO cute!
Can I please have a cookie now?
You think you're getting a cookie just for looking adorable?
I've been adorable for years!  Good luck, kid.

Whatever, Mally. 
Oh, would you look at that! A big stick!
I love sticks!
Almost as good as a cookie.
Nom nom nom.
Nom nom nom.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Are you going to give me a cookie?
Ok, back to the stick then.
Did I mention that stick-chewing is exhausting?
I'm thirsty...back to the fountain.
This water is groooosss.
Maybe I should check out that hole again.
Yep, still there.
Is there something down there?
Hello in there!
Ooops.  Sorry Mom. 
I wasn't digging, I promise.
Please don't be mad at me.
Look how cute I's impossible to be mad at me.
Can I have a cookie?
Can we go inside yet?  I'm beat. 

And the cookies are inside.

These "Five Minutes in the Life of a Pupcake" brought to you by Peanut-Butter-Flavored Dog Treats - capable of getting your hungry puppy to do just about anything.


  1. Oh my how cute is she!!! Love the photo of her by the water with her tongue out!

  2. I can not get over how cute she is!! Great pictures!

  3. So cute! I tried to get some good pictures of a friend's puppy and mine turned out horrible. I don't know how you can get great pics of Sage!

  4. How is it that she is SO BIG already?! And positively adorable.

  5. She is absolutely adorable!!! And so photogenic!

  6. Aww, LOVE these! I cannot get enough of your adorable pups!

  7. Love the water pics! Adorable dogs!

  8. Love this post!!! And look at thos ears!!!

    It won't be long until she is in the fountain!! lol!!

  9. really looks like Mally was laughing! You have two very cute little girls!

  10. OMG Sara you crack me up! LMAO at Mallie "laughing"!!