Running from the Law: Randomness

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have so much to say, and no time to put together a well-thought out post, so here are some random thoughts and happenings in bullet-point format. 

  • I spent last weekend in Dallas, Texas visiting THIS GIRL.  I cannot even begin to describe how much fun we had.  Our plans included a Renaissance Faire, concert, happy hour, bull riding, shopping, arboretum, gelato, JFK assassination location, the best burger I've ever had, doggie photo shoot, palm reading, Dallas neighborhood tours, glorious people watching and lots and lots of TACOS.  I can tell you right now it was one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time.  I needed that!  Thank you so much Ally for having me.  I can't wait to share all the pictures of our weekend with you all.  (Seriously, you will die when I show you the Ren Faire photos - here's the only one I have right now.  Yes, that's a giant turkey leg...and it was damn good.)
  • Tiny baby Sage is not so tiny or baby any more.  She's huge!  Giant.  Massive.  She has paws the size of Texas.  She's already close to Mally's size and will be bigger than her very soon.  I can't believe how fast they grow up!  Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her a puppy forever?  Please! 

  • Remember my photo entry in last week's I Heart Faces "Motherhood" challenge? 
I won 7th place!! 

Out of hundreds and hundreds of entries!  I can't believe it!  I'm so thrilled
and honored and excited and proud.  I love love love that photo, but it was
icing on the cake that someone else thought it was gorgeous too (her words). 
Check out all the winners HERE.

  • Last week Ryan and I went and saw the Deadliest Catch Captain's Tour with Captain Sig Hansen and the Hillstrand Brothers.  I think you all know that we're obsessed with Deadliest Catch.  We think it's the best show on TV, however, we were a little apprehensive about what the "tour" would be like.  Would it just be people asking stupid questions?  Would it just be clips from the show that we've seen already?  Would it even be worth going?  YES.  It's SO worth it.  I don't think I've laughed so hard in years.  It was unbelievably hilarious.  I can't get over how funny these guys are and how they just don't give a shit about anything.  The cussing, the stories, the inappropriate jokes, the blatent drinking, the was awesome!  Our faces hurt at the end of the night from laughing so hard!  I want to party with these guys sometime.  Adding that to my list of life's goals.

  • My brother Chris and his girlfriend Lindsey just bought a house!  They move in this weekend.  I couldn't be more excited for them!  Like the awesome big sister I am, I'm completely skipping out of helping them pack/move/unpack.  SORRY guys!  I'm seriously the worst sister ever.  I promise to make it up to them in a great housewarming gift - anyone have any good gift ideas?

  • Instead of moving/packing, Ryan and I have a huge weekend planned.  We are attending the wedding of some good friends on Saturday, the twins' baptism Sunday morning, followed by lunch out, and a BON JOVI concert Sunday night.  Oh yeah, you heard that right...BON JOVI!!  Whew!  I'm going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 

  • I finally broke down and bought an iPad last night.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I couldn't put it down.  How did I ever live without one?  I feel like my "cool factor" just went up exponentially.  My life is forever changed.  My poor husband.  Anyone else have one?  What are your favorite apps? 

Ok, that's it for now. 

Hope you're having a great week. 

 Is it Friday yet?


  1. You are a busy lady these days! I'm glad you had fun in Texas - can't wait to see those pictures. I haven't been to Ren Fest in years, but from what I remember, it's a hoot.

    And now you got me wanting an iPad bad. Someday, when I get some more liquid funds!

  2. Am pretending that you aren't going to the Bon Jovi concert, la, la, la, I can't hear you, la, la, la. Listen, if you don't rush the stage, we might not be able to be friends much longer (j/k) (but, seriously, do it)

    Thank you so much for coming, I had a freaking blast with you in Dallas!

    Umm, hello, when can we face time on our iPads?!?! Please tell me you have the royal wedding app?!

    I'm so bummed I won't get to see the Captains in Dallas. Boo, sad face. I'm just going to always remember you saying "Edgar, Edgar, Edgar!" like Sig. Oh, and you can't party with them without me.

  3. I so wish I could see the Captains!! I love Deadliest Catch. I have been an advid watcher since the beginning.

  4. Oohhh, I just got an iPad too. I hope ppl have some good suggestions! :-)

  5. Did you know the StL RenFaire is on right now? Through the weekend of June 4-5 at least. :) It'd be a bit different, since ours is one of the only ones based on Renaissance France (instead of the traditional choice of England).

  6. Love that photo! Congrats!
    I have been dying to get an iPad...they seem like so much fun!

  7. Husband and I are huge Deadliest Catch fans too - but I'm totally Team Keith! Still would have LOVED to see the tour; I have a mini-crush on Sig.

  8. Congrats on the photo win!!

  9. Wow, you've been busy!! I'm so jealous that you got to go to the Captain's Tour. It sounds like quite the evening!

    I've been coveting an ipad since it came out. Maybe I should break down and buy one. :-)

  10. I don't have an ipad and I'm jealous only because wait, there's a royal wedding app?! Also, jealous of you seeing the deadliest catch tour! GAHHH

  11. Such fun things going on! Can't wait to see pictures of your time in Dallas - it sounds awesome!

    Congratulations on your photograph! It really is beautiful.

    Have soooo much fun at Bon Jovi. I got to see them/him (let's get serious, everyone is there for Jon) when I was about 13 and my sister got to go on stage for one of the songs. SO JEALOUS.

    I have the iPad too but I'm just now getting the hang of it. My favorite app so far is Flipboard. It's a great way to look at Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. and you can add all sorts of content. I'm pretty sure it's free too! I've used blogpress once to post a blog. Seemed okay, not great. I use Friendly for Facebook and love Words With Friends. Let's play! Oh, download all the ebook programs (Kindle, ibooks and Nook) then download Leatherbound. You can search Leatherbound to see who has the best price on the ebook you want, then you can buy it there.

  12. Congrats on your 7th place finish!! It's a beautiful photo!

  13. Wow! You're a busy girl! Your Dallas weekend sounds like a blast! Glad you had fun! That photo is amazing! Way to go on winning 7th place!

  14. Oooooh, you got an iPad, jealous!!! Everytime I see someone working on one, I feel like taking the plunge. Let me know how you like it!

  15. You picked the BEST weekend to come to Dallas because it was beautiful all weekend! Where did you go to get your burger? So far my favorite burder place down here is Twisted Root.