Running from the Law: National Pet Week Comments

Monday, May 9, 2011

National Pet Week Comments

Thank you all so much for all your comments on my National Pet Week post!

I received 56 comments on the post and 7 on Facebook,
so I'll be donating $63 to the Humane Society of Missouri

And my Dad & Kelly were generous enough to match, so we'll be giving double that!  

Thank you Dad and Kelly, you guys are the best!

And thank YOU for your support!

Sage says thanks too.


  1. Omg, she is a mutant dog. Sage, go back to being a teensy tiny baby!

  2. Again I totally applaud you for doing this! BRAVO! From what we hear there are a lot of high kill shelters in the Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee area (our dogs were brought up from high kill shelters in IN and KY), so your donation will do SO much good! Thanks again to you and your folks!

  3. I am soo happy this was a success! You are wonderful for doing this ;)