Running from the Law: Happy First Date-iversary

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy First Date-iversary

8 years ago today, I had the very last first date of my life.  
It was magic.  
Every year has just gotten better and better.  
I'm so excited for what this next year is going to bring.
I love you Ryan.
Thank you for being you.


  1. This must be a good day for first dates. My husband and I had our first date 6 years ago.

  2. Aw, too sweet! And that picture is adorable :)

  3. Squeee, eight years, love it! And so much awesomeness to come!

  4. How lovely! Hooray for last first dates!

  5. Our stories are SO similar! My last first date was almost 8 years ago... October 17th. So fun for you and Ryan! Y'all are beyond precious and MFEO for sure! :)

  6. I love commemorating the last first date! That's a great thing to celebrate.