Running from the Law: The One We Left Behind

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The One We Left Behind

So with all these pictures of the pups on the beach, I feel like there's one little lady that's being left out.
My precious kitty, Jigs.
Jigs did not go to the beach with us.
First, she is the worst car passenger in the history of ever.
Second, she hates wearing sunscreen and refuses to drink cheap beer.
Third, she thinks the beach is one giant litter box.
It's so embarrassing.
So she stayed home and protected the house.
If anyone showed up, she would have loved and kneaded them to death.
But don't feel sorry for her.  Jigs likes having the house to herself.
She can sleep for 23.5 hours of the day.
She has full access to all the windowsills, beds, couches, pillows, shelving and laundry piles.
She gets a break from Sage constantly licking her and trying to put her head in her mouth.
She gets daily visitors that spend lots of time snuggling with her and giving her treats.
I think she gained 5 pounds on this last vacation.
Next time we leave I might let a few mice loose in the house to keep her busy and in shape.
Or hang ribbons from the ceiling fans.
Or get her a pet...
Maybe a hamster or a lizard?
Or a flying squirrel?!
How cool would that be?
We could name him Rocky.
Although, that might interfere with the 23.5 hours of sleep she requires.
Guess we'll just have to settle for a well-rested fat cat.

That's the way we like her best anyway.


  1. And I'm still the worst person ever for making Kirsten give her up......DAMN ALLERGIES!

  2. Awww. I adore cats! I wish I could stay home and protect the house and sleep that long sometimes too!

  3. What a gorgeous cat! I'm glad to know our cats are just as lazy as another one while we're away : )

  4. If she hates cheap beer, I wouldn't want to go to the beach with her anyway! She's cute though. ;) LOL

  5. I want a tired cat who won't chase me and attack me all the time. Trade?

  6. she's beautiful! such a good little house guard, i'm sure.

  7. i love all your animal photos! they make me smile!

  8. Aren't cats so funny? Rookie HATES being left behind. Dogs always want love, attention, affection. And, cats are like, "Lata playa! Leave me alone!" ha. She is so pretty!

  9. don't forget that she would lick the intruder's toes "to death"

  10. Such a pretty cat! And hee - I loved the part about her not liking cheap beer. She's more a Champagne and caviar type?

  11. That's a gorgeous cat! I'm surprised she sat still for you to take those pictures.

  12. She's ADORABLE!! And I like that she doesn't like sunscreen or cheap beer. I'm with you Jigs! : )