Running from the Law: Hot Diggity Dogs

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Diggity Dogs

So, is anyone else getting tired of looking at pictures of my dogs on the beach from 5 months ago? 

No? Great!! 

 Here's more.

Hey Mally!
I see you over there.
I'm coming to get you!
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!
What 'cha doing?
Wanna play?
Is that a no?
Come on.  Are you sure?
Are you really sure?
Fine.  I don't need you.
I'll just go off and play with sharks.
Whoa.  That really is a shark.
Sniff sniff.
Died of natural causes.  
Let's bury him!
I'll dig the hole.
I love me some digging.
Whew, manual labor is hard work!
5 minute break.
Why yes, I am adorable when I'm sandy.
Break time over.
Back to digging.
Hello China!
Alright, I'm bored.  What else can we do?
Hey mom, want to play?
What about you dad?
So you're fishing, huh?
I want to fish too!
Wait for me, dad!
Hey mom, look what we caught!
A puffer fish.
And a sea trout.
Well, that was fun.  What else can we do?
Chew on feathers?
Or collect seashells?
What I really want to do is play.
Mally, please play with me...
Please please please!
Don't you want to play yet?
What about now?
Or now?
Maybe now?
How about now?
Or now?
Perhaps now.
No.  Ok.  Point taken.
I guess I'll just lay here and relax.  
Watch the dolphins swim by.
Maybe we could play tomorrow...


  1. OMG the pics of Mally "politely" turning Sage down are hilarious! What great pics!

  2. I love the dialog that you give Mally and Sage. Pure genious!!

  3. Great pictures... I think I love your dog!! Oh and I am also jealous of the fact that you have dolphins at your beach... but freaked out by the shark...

  4. I will never get tired of looking at these pictures! They are AMAZING!

  5. Ahhhh so cute!! I'll never get tired of looking at your pups!

  6. is there anything in the world that gives as much joy as watching your pups play their little hearts out?

  7. OK, seriously I have to ask where you are becaue I think I know, but in secrecy I'll have to email you! :-) Those dogs are simply adorable! I never get tired of looking at them!

  8. So adorable, and gorgeous photos as usual!!

  9. I love having my little guy dig at the beach. It's the only time he's "allowed" but I love it! I always try to take pictures too, so cute! Sweet Sage seems to have the best time!

  10. Love your puppy pics and story to go with it :-)