Running from the Law: A December to Remember

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A December to Remember

So, I know you've all seen those Lexus commercials where people surprise each other with a brand new Lexus with a big red bow on top and thought..."Who does that?"  

Well, apparently we do.  

Introducing Baby Mac's new ride.

Merry Christmas to my wonderful husband!  

I'm pretty sure this wins me the "Wife of the Month" trophy, no?

Ryan, you better remember this in a few weeks...I have a birthday coming up.

And just for full disclosure: no, it was not a surprise.  This was a purchase we've been planning for months.  The topic was fully discussed (to death) before any purchase was made.  How boring and responsible of us.  
Also, they did not let us keep the big red bummer.

Any of you surprising someone with a fun gift this year?  


  1. Wow! Great Christmas gift!! Let's hope a) it is a 4 door (babies are hard to get into 2 seaters!) and b) you get a great birthday present in return!

  2. Wow! Sweet ride! We've been discussing car purchases for baby too, but I think we're going to wait until after tax season when we hopefully have a little extra cash.

  3. Awesome - congratulations on the big purchase! Merry Christmas and thanks for your wonderful blog.

  4. That cartoon is too funny! I had the same thought. KB better not buy me a car without me knowing it!

  5. My dream is that I get one of those cars with a big ole bow someday. What a fun photo op!

  6. J is totally leaving me for you. Tacos and new car? Yeah, I don't stand a chance.

  7. But, it's OK because ya know, I have Hugh as a backup. He's obviously waiting for me back in NYC. DUH.

  8. Hahaha! I def. think that of people in those commercials. It was a lengthy discussion on one friend's FB status too. Really funny. Congrats on the new ride! :)

  9. When I first saw that commercial of Lexus, I also hoped that someone would give me a Lexus car as a gift, and with a big red bow on it. My wife knew how much I love Lexus, so last Christmas she surprised me with a brand new Lexus. Guess what, she also made a big red bow just like the one in the commercial. I was really surprised. I’m happy that the car still looks new until now. ->Basil Glenn

  10. That is a very sweet thing to do. A Lexus is indeed a very nice present. Who doesn’t want a luxury car as a gift? Apart from you, I knew someone who did this too. I’d say that commercial was a success. They made many people actually do it. Congratulations on your awesome car!

    Prince Moss