Running from the Law: The Roman Forum & the Colosseum

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Roman Forum & the Colosseum

On Day 2 in Rome, we headed out to the Forum and Colosseum for a little history lesson.  Lesson being: know your history or you won't have a clue as to what you're looking at.  We did not hire a tour guide for either of these amazing sites and I'm kinda regretting it now.  I did all the necessary background reading on what we were going to see in Rome well before our trip, but I was not prepared for the random mess of the Forum.  For some reason, I thought it would be a little more self-explanatory.  I thought there'd be signs or something.  No.  Just a giant rectangular plaza containing ruins, columns, and rubble. 

Since we didn't have a guide (and I was too annoyed by the vultures at the subway station to hire one), we opted for the audio tour.  We stood in line (forever) to get our audio devices, only to find the audio tour was boring and monotonous and hard to follow.  I was completely lost and frustrated, but Ryan did a pretty good job making sure we were looking at the right thing (or at least in the right direction) as to what that they were talking about, but after #3 on the tour, I was annoyed.  We really did try though, we spent a few hours walking around, gawking at the awesomeness of the place and trying to imagine what life was like back then. Ryan listened to the audio tour and gave me recaps as I climbed around and took photos.  We made a pretty good team, but I missed a lot of the commentary and background info on the place.

So, I'm not even going to try to pretend like I know anything about what's in these photos.  Mainly this post is going to be a photo dump (I warned you, I'm the worst tour guide ever).  There are remains of buildings and columns and churches and homes.  And even without knowing exactly what all this stuff is, I think it's pretty obvious from the photos that it's unbelievably beautiful and really mind-blowing that this piece of history is still here and still part of our lives today.

After a few hours in the Forum, we made our way over to the Colosseum.  And if we thought the Forum was cool, the Colosseum was AMAZING.  I cannot believe this is still here.  You really do feel transported back in time when you see this.  Honestly, words can't really describe how blown away we both felt staring at this stadium.  It's unreal and I suggest you all go there and see it for yourself as soon as possible. 

Had I known the Colosseum was going to be this incredible I would have hired a tour guide.  We had so many questions and wanted to know so much about the place.  Next time I'll know better.

Of course, after seeing the Colosseum, we've had to watch Gladiator at least a dozen times since we got home.  Not that I'm complaining about watching Russel Crowe or anything.  Just saying.  :)

Next up: the rest of Rome


  1. Rome shmome....let's see NYC! Of course I kid...these photos are GORGEOUS! And I've never been so I'm living vicariously through you, your photos and your commentary. Looks like it was an amazing trip!!

  2. Wow. That looks completely amazing in person. And you're right, how insane that it's still standing! Super cool.

  3. It's amazing that ruins can look that beautiful! Your pictures, as always, are fabulous!!

  4. Wow, I so want to go there! Even if you had hired a tour guide, they go through SO much history and knowledge about the things you're seeing that you would only remember some of it. But you got some amazing shots! What a trip!

  5. I actually studied in Rome my junior year of college and we had a class that met, at the Forum, three hours a week to explain and study exactly what is contained there. And that was hardly enough time! Trust me, it's totally overwhelming and too much to handle. Don't beat yourself up - you appreciated it for what it is - amazing! So glad you enjoyed your trip. I'm loving the pictures and my walk down memory lane!

  6. So beautiful! I really want to go here.

  7. Love these photos! I know what you mean about audio guides, they can be hit or miss (and usually are miss!)

  8. The Colosseum's gorgeous. I've never been but my husband has. One of my favorite pictures is of him & his parents with the arena behind them. I can only imagine how incredible it is to be there.

  9. Wow, the colosseum is just gorgeous!

  10. A. Wasn't this like ten years ago?
    B. Look at your boobs! Hahahahaha.
    C. Russel Crowe--he's in Les Mis. With HUGH FUCKING JACKMAN.
    D. I love you.
    E. When can we take baby Hugh to Italy? Cause I'm all over that.

  11. Wow - that is just amazing! Especially the Colosseum! Wow!