Running from the Law: Happiness Is...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happiness Is...

Happiness is...

-- Lemon cream pie

-- Being the "Tickle Monster"

-- Clean bedsheets

-- Pay day

-- Sleeping babies

-- Fresh flowers

-- Newborn baby clothes (particularly little pink ones)

-- A long nap in a cool dark room

-- Watching your child do something by himself for the first time

-- Seeing your photo in Good Housekeeping

-- Being told you don't even look pregnant from the back

-- The smell of freshly cut grass

-- Slimy open-mouth toddler kisses

-- Your boss congratulating you on a job well done

-- A tantrum free day

-- Crossing something off your to do list

-- Feeling baby hiccups from the inside

-- Your husband letting you sleep in

--  Texts from best friends

-- Flattering photos

-- An upcoming beach vacation

-- Cadbury cream eggs

-- Birthday parties

-- The perfect messy bun

-- An empty dishwasher

-- Weekends

-- Home

-- Being called "mama"


  1. Being called "mama" is the best! Do you mind if I use this idea next week? I love it!

  2. Congratulations on being mentioned in Good House Keeping! That's awesome.

  3. A great list indeed! Congrats on the Good Housekeeping feature - that's awesome!

  4. I couldn't agree more with all of these and I am SO EXCITED about the last one <3

  5. I say "yes!" to the entire list...and Good Housekeeping?! How neat!! ...and tantrum free days?? Do those exist?? :)

  6. Love your list!! When reading it I couldn't stop smiling!! I love happiness! :)

  7. LOVE all of them, especially being called "mama"!!!! Have a great day!

  8. Loved this and all of your reasons are happiness. Congrats on the Good Housekeeping!

  9. Congrats on being featured on Good Housekeeping, so rad!

  10. Love these!!! Super neat that your map wall made Good Housekeeping! :) It's definitely the coolest one on there.

  11. Spot on! Happiness really is boundless!

  12. Clean sheets - nailed it!
    The hiccups - miss them terribly.
    "Mama" - best sound in the ENTIRE world!

  13. congrats on the feature! love your list :)

  14. I second all of the above!!! :) And good Housekeeping? Go girl!!!

  15. oh yes yes! Perfection. I normally hate lemon, as soon as summer is around the corner I want lemon everything!

  16. Clean bedsheets is my ultimate happiness. I thinks why I also love hotels! Perfectly made beds everyday!!

  17. Yes to everything on this list!! Toddler kisses are the best, as are naps :) Congrats on your feature in Good Housekeeping!

  18. So sweet - I love this list! The whole thing - but ESP pink clothes and fresh cut grass.
    - Ally

  19. Love this! I agree with all of it, especially being called mama....and clean sheets :)

  20. Great list! To add: Waking up to a smiling baby and morning cuddles.