Running from the Law: Mac Says...

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mac Says...

Me: You have a birthday coming up. How old will you be?
Mac: TWO!
Me: How old is mama?
Mac: Three!
Me: That's right.  How old is daddy?
Mac: Hmmmm.
Me: Sixty.
Mac: SIXTY!!
Me: Don't tell him I told you that.
Me: What do you want for your birthday?
Mac: Presents!
Me: What kind of presents?
Mac: Big ones!
Me: Do you want cake?
Mac: Uh huh! Pink cupcakes.
Me: Ok, pink cupcakes.
Mac: BIG pink cupcakes.  And vitamins.

Me: What did you do today?
Mac: See animals.
Me: That's right, you went to the zoo.  What animals did you see?
Mac: Giraffe.  Elephants.
Me: Anything else?
Mac: I pooped outside!
Me: Can you count to five?
Mac: Yep.
Me: Ok, can you show me?
Mac: Five.
Me: Start with one.
Mac: One, two, free, four, five, six, nine, ten!
Me: What happened to seven and eight.
Mac: Hmmmm...

When I give him hugs I say, "I love you so much."
Now, when he gives me hugs he says, "So much, mama."
When Mac "accidentally" kicks my belly during a diaper change, he says, "Sorry baby sister." 

Me: Mac, what do you want for dinner?
Mac: Noodles!
Me: Anything else?
Mac: Cheese.  Pancakes.  Cookies.  Worms!

Me: Do you want a baby sister?
Mac: Noooo!
Me: What do you think we should name your sister?
Mac: Boo boo.
Me: You already have a dog named Boo boo, won't that be confusing?
Mac: Hmmmm.
Me: How about a different name?
Mac: Doo doo!!!
Me: Who do you want to come to your birthday party?
Mac: Papa.
Me: Anyone else?
Mac: Nope.

Mac (from his room): Mamaaaaa help.
Me: Baby, it's 3 in the morning.  Why are you awake? Are you feeling ok?
Mac: Yup.
Me: Are you thirsty?
Mac: No.
Me: What do you need?
Mac: Sleep in mama's bed.
Me: You need to sleep in your bed. Mama is very tired.
Mac: Sorry, mama.  Happy birthday party day!
Me: Ok, you can sleep with us.
Me: Did you have fun at your birthday party?
Mac: Super fun, mama.  Super fun.


  1. Awe Happy Birthday little Mac!! Such a sweet boy!

  2. Hysterical!! I would love to see him and Chickie in action together lol. He's such a cutie!!!

  3. This is the best, so sweet and honest :)

  4. so, so precious! I especially love his nickname for baby girl! oh how i wish I could record all of my conversations with Elyse...they are seriously priceless!

  5. Ahh! This is the CUTEST! My favorites are when you decided it was ok for him to sleep in your bed after he said happy birthday party day and when he says "so much mama" after you say you love him. SO SWEET!

  6. LOVE this! So sweet! Happy Birthday mac!! Yay for being TWO!!

  7. These posts are my favorite. "So much".... Ugh! Melted my heart! Too cute!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm cracking up! He is such a cutie!

  9. I really like Doo Doo. Haha! Such a character you have :)

  10. "So much." That's the sweetest! What a good talker! I'm impressed!

  11. Oh to be inside the mind of a 2-year-old :) Loved these conversations -Happy Birthday to Mac!

  12. I think Doo Doo is a great name!! haha!! Love these convos!! The 'so much' made me tear up a little! You are blessed!!

  13. This is seriously the sweetest post! Love it!

  14. Love these so much! :) Vitamins and cupcakes...what a combination for a birthday party.

  15. How adorable! Love how you captured these conversations!

  16. oh how cute. it melts my heart. LOVE IT!

  17. This is absolutely precious!!!! His responses were too adorable!

  18. Awww and seven eight nine by the way. Get it? Ok cheesy lol! He's so sweet! I love your conversations with him, post more!!

  19. Holy cow, how cute.
    When kids count and three comes out "free", I die. Love it!

  20. Oh my. He is the cutest and the sweetest. Boo-boo and doo-doo... at least they rhyme. ;)

  21. Hahahaha, he is the cutest. Pink cupcakes and vitamins it is!

    Happy Birthday Mac!!!!

  22. Sooooo adorable!! Love the little sister name - what a little smarty you have! And my little guy is in our bed every night! Can't wait to hear about his party!

  23. Oooo! He is so darling! What a sweet boy! He speaks very well and I can tell he is such a nice boy :)

  24. 'so much, mama' - oh my goodness. He is the sweetest, and SO smart!

  25. much cuteness. My youngest is two and it is such a fun talking stage!!

  26. LORDY he is cute. You know I love toddler says posts, this one cracked me slap up!

  27. Now, when he gives me hugs he says, "So much, mama." - melt

    This whole post, melt!

  28. cute!! Love this post so much :)