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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Blogger Birthday Gift Exchange

A few weeks ago, the always-fabulous Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason asked if Mac and I wanted to participate in a Birthday Gift Exchange with a few other bloggers that all have little ones turning two over the last/next month.  Never one to back down from a chance to give/gift toys to a kiddo, we gladly signed up!  We were absolutely thrilled to be paired up with one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Natasha from Schue Love and her adorable son Ethan.  I knew I wanted to get Ethan something tried and true that Mac loved and I wanted him involved in the process, so I printed out pictures of five of his favorite toys (one, two, three, four, five) and asked him which one he wanted to give to Ethan.  We talked a little about Ethan and his birthday and sang him the happy birthday song.  I wish I would have got it on video - that would have been smart.  Anyway, Mac knew immediately what he wanted to give Ethan - you'll have to head over to Natasha's blog to see what he chose and whether it was a hit with him. 

Mac was lucky enough to be the recipient of an awesome birthday gift from the incredibly stylish duo of Jess and Sadie from Sadie Sky Boutique blog.  Knowing Mac's love of all things truck, tractor and garbage truck, I have to say that they absolutely nailed his gift!  
He was so excited to open it!  I made him wait until after dinner one night and he spent the preceeding two hours pointing to the gift and saying, "Mac's present!  Happy birthday!  Two!"
As he was opening it, he kept making the most hilarious "ohhhh" face.  Of course, he was not thrilled that I had the camera out, so he wouldn't even look in my direction, but it was adorable.
The first part was a Melissa and Doug car carrier.  BIG HIT.  He loved this!
He calls it a "Carporter" (car transporter) and thinks it's the greatest thing ever.
The second part of the gift was a book about garbage trucks called "I Stink"!
Mac thinks this book is hilarious and we've read it every single night since he opened it.  
He loves the page where the truck burps.
Carporters and garbage trucks!
Talk about one happy boy!  
Thank you so much, Sadie and Jess!  You guys did such a great job picking out "boy toys" for Mac.  We loved the card and the gifts!  And I forgot to take a picture, but they even included a pretty pink hair bow for Mim from Jess's Etsy shop!  That was so incredibly thoughtful and sweet of you guys!  I just love this blogging community!
Happy second birthday to all the kiddos participating!  If you need birthday gift ideas, go check out the other blogs to see what everyone got!

Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason
Ashley from Words About Waverly
Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique
Laureen from Chateau Deveau
Natasha from Schue Love

Thanks Jess and Sadie for the awesome birthday gifts!
And thanks to Elizabeth for organizing such a cute gift exchange and including us! 

What's your favorite gift for a two year old?

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  1. What a wonderful blogging community idea!! I just love being part of such a great community!! My little boy is turning 2 in Sept. so I am going to be looking for ideas!! :)

  2. That book sounds hilarious, we will have to check it out! And how sweet that Mim already has something from Sadie Sky!

  3. Love the "oohh" face! So cute! Awesome gifts! That wooden car set is so cute!

  4. Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his gifts! I love these types of exchanges - so fun!

  5. Aww, that's such a fun exchange! Looks like Mac had fun with his presents. :)

  6. This is just a fabulous idea, you guys need to keep it up every summer! I loved looking through all the gifts. Such a cute Mac opening his present! And so sweet to include something for Mim!

  7. How fun!! His gift-opening face is the best!! :) Great pictures, as always.

  8. That is an amazing idea! I love it! & looks like he got an amazing gift right up his alley! :)

  9. Love these fun gift ideas!!! I'm usually at a loss for boy gifts!

  10. How fun! He looks like he loves it :)

  11. What a great idea! I love Mac's reaction and that truck is adorable!

  12. What a cute idea - like penpals taken to the next level! The car carrier was always one of my boys favorite toys! Mac is adorable and just the sweetest!!

  13. Love this exchange, and his sweet faces!!

  14. Such a fun exchange!
    That "car porter" looks pretty amazing. As does the garbage truck book. We're obsessed with both items around these parts. Guess I'm on the hunt to find both now. :)

  15. What a fun gift!! Mason got something similar and absolutely LOVED his gift. I love Mac's face when he opened his present! That book looks like something right up Mason's alley so I think I may have to check it out for his birthday! Thanks for participating in the exchange! We will have to do it again next summer!

  16. We're so happy that he loved his "carporter" and book! I was a little nervous shopping for a boy because it's a bit out of our element...we're all about stuffed animals and accessories over here, which is why we had to include the headband as well ;-) The pictures of his little face are too cute!

  17. Oh how fun! I love Mac's facial expressions in opening the presents! When my niece turned 2 last year she was a hoot opening presents! :)

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