Running from the Law: The Dog Days of Summer - Ashley

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer - Ashley

Ashley from Words About Waverly

First, the biggest congratulations to Sara on the birth of her sweet baby girl!!  I know that she is going to rock it as a mom of two & that Mac is going to be the best big brother.  I have loved following along with her sweet family, now her pregnancy, & I really am looking forward to reading about their future as a family of four!

I feel honored to be a part of this series, I love the idea behind it & like Sara, am a strong believer that kids benefit from growing up with pets.  I come from a family with four kids & we always had pets growing up, my parents still have a house full of dogs now!  With that being said, I was totally nervous about how our dog (an 7-year old yellow lab named Bogger) would react to a new baby throughout my pregnancy.  I'm not sure if I can go ahead & blame it on the hormones, but it was one of the (many) fears I had about bringing home our new baby girl.

Fast forward a couple years, Waverly Maye is now two-years old & it's safe to say that Bogger is her BFF. :) "Gogger" was one of Waverly's first words & she repeats it non-stop pretty much everyday.  Each morning, one of the first names she asks for is "gogger", she loves to climb into bed with us & snuggle with him. She always gives him kisses, lets him wear her jewelry, & thinks that it is hilarious when he runs around the house.
And most of all, she loves to feed him, which is how she won his heart. :)  My husband & I couldn't help but laugh the other day when we saw pictures of Bogger from a few years ago, he really is about 15 pounds heavier now!  It's crazy how much she is willing to share with him, both what she wants to eat & what she doesn't.  They really make the cutest team, & we love them both so! 
Thanks again to Sara for having us, we are so very excited to be a part of this!  We can't wait to start reading the rest of the posts, there really is nothing cuter than babies & kids, right?!  AND of course, to see pictures of Sara's sweet little baby girl. :)



  1. So cute! I love that last picture of Waverly looking at her Bogger. He seems like such a good dog!! Big Congrats to Sara!!!!!

  2. Love those pictures of Waverly and "Gogger". I love how amazing dogs are with babies and you can truly tell how happy Waverly is to be around him!

  3. Adorable pictures! Nothing better than babies and dogs :)