Running from the Law: The Dog Days of Summer - Lindsay

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer - Lindsay

Hi there! Itz Zoey here from my momma's blog Itz Linz.  Sara asked me to write a post since she's busy with two rugrats - Mac and Mim. Actually, she asked Momma to write a post, but since my momma is busy with baby William, I'm taking over today. Itz my first time blogging and she's had the thing for two and a half years now.  Rude!

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about how my life has changed ever since my momma and daddy brought home a tiny, crying, pooping little being whom they call Baby William.  Let's back up.  Momma got me in college when I was just a two pound furball.  I was her world as she took me everywhere. I especially loved going to college classes (why I'm so smart) and curling up in my momma's lap.  I even had my own wardrobe as my momma LOVED dressing me up.
A few years later, Momma met Daddy and we moved in.  Daddy loved me just as much as Momma did.  He talked to me nonstop.  He uses a little voice which he calls "Zoey voice" and says things like, "You're so beautiful. I love you so much."  Sometimes Momma thinks he's talking to her, and itz so funny because he's really talking to me.  I can get my daddy to do anything.  All I have to do is whine at him, wag my tale, give him my puppy eyes, a lick on the hand, and he gets up from whatever he's doing. 

My momma and daddy called me their furbaby.  My wardrobe continued to grow and I had several pieces that matched my momma and daddy!  We took lots of family pictures, especially in our college gear.  Mizzou for Momma:
And Miami for Daddy:
Anyway, a few years after my momma and daddy got married, my momma's belly started getting bigger.  I thought she was just getting fat, but lots of people called her "pregnant." They started changing our house, too. We got lots of new furniture and the walls painted.  I thought they were just redecorating.  They kept bringing home new little outfits, only they weren't for me.  They actually got rid of TONS of my clothes, and they did get me one new shirt that read, "I am going to be a big sister!"  Whatever that means.  Well, after about nine months, one day they left for a couple days and my daddy's parents picked me up to take me to their house.  When they dropped me back off at home, my whole world had changed.

They brought home this little... thing.  It made a lot of noise.  Sometimes it smelled good and sometimes it smelled bad.  Momma shooed me away before I could get any really good smells.  Momma got up in the middle of the night with him very frequently.  I stayed in bed with Daddy.  The baby thing stayed really close to my momma ALL.THE.TIME.  I don't know how she didn't get sick of him.  Sometimes I'd sit next to them.  I like that.  My daddy still gave me lots of attention, but now he was using his little Zoey voice on the little critter!

We've had so many people visit our house!  But they always go straight to the thing, and then sometimes say, "Oh hi, Zoey, we didn't forget about you!"  Gee, thanks.  We've tried to find some type of balance these last three and a half months.  I started getting my walks again.  Momma takes me and the baby on walks in the morning if the weather is nice.  I like that.
Sometimes Daddy lets me get real close to the baby and even share a pillow.  I like that, too.
But most of all, I still like when itz just me and my momma and my daddy.  My friends Mally and Sage tell me it gets better when the baby thing gets older because then he'll give me food.  Right now the baby wants nothing to do to me, and I kind of like it that way.  Sometimes he tries to communicate with me by making these crying noises.  I run over to him, but have not a clue what he wants.  Maybe eventually we'll become friends.  But for now, I'll continue to be the princess I know I am.

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  1. Best post ever Zoey! I think Ellie and Addie feel the same way!