Running from the Law: Mac Says - Holiday Edition

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mac Says - Holiday Edition

Me: What do you want for Christmas this year?
Mac: Medical tools so I can take care of my animals. And a new garbage truck. And flashlights. And fast cars. And playdoh. And a real four-wheeler.
Me: Wow, that's a lot of stuff.
Mac: Yeah, I've been real nice.
Me: Oh really?  When?
Mac: When I'm sleeping.

Me: What do you think Mim wants for Christmas?
Mac: A baby doll. And a new garbage truck for me.
Me: Mim wants presents for you?
Mac: Yeah, she really loves me.
Me: Do you think you're on Santa's nice list this year?
Mac: I think I'm on the nice list AND the naughty list.

Me: Wow, Mac! Look, Santa sent an elf to watch over you and Mim to make sure you're being nice.
Mac: Uh oh.
Me: What are we going to name the elf?
Mac: How about Daddy?
Me: No, we already have a daddy.
Mac: How about Mommy?
Me: No, we have a mommy too.
Mac: How about Velociraptor!!
Me: Uhhh...ok...
(anytime Mim cries or gets told no)
Mac: You're on the naughty list, Mim!!

(while driving around looking at Christmas lights)
Mac: Wow! Look at all these lights! Daddy says you never turn out the lights and waste electricity, mama.

(the second time we saw Santa)
Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Mac: Medical tools.
Santa: Oh, great idea. Are you going to be a doctor when you grow up?
Mac: I already told you that.
Mac: Is it going to snow on Christmas?
Me: No, probably not. It's been too warm for snow.
Mac: Oh, that's a bummer. Maybe we should turn the air conditioner on outside.

Mac: Run, run, as fast as you can't catch me and eat me or have milk and cookies this time, no way, because I'm a gingerbread man!

Mac: Let's sing Jingle Bells!
Me: Ok! Dashing through the snow...
Mac: THAT'S NOT IT!!! Get it together.
Mac: My advent calendar says I get to eat candy today!
Me: No it doesn't. It says we're making footprint reindeer.
Mac: Oh. Okay.

Me: Did you know that Santa's reindeer fly?
Mac: Uh huh! I've never seen a reindeer fly!
Me: Me either.
Mac: We should get that on video.

Me: You better be nice, the elf is watching and will tell Santa if you're mean.
Mac: I'm going to be very very very very very very very Buddy (the guinea pig). But not to Mim.
Ryan: Mac, what do you think Buddy (the guinea pig) wants for Christmas?
Mac: I think he wants a teeny tiny four-wheeler and a little bitty bulldozer. And candy.

Me: Mac, we have to remember to leave milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Mac: What's he going to do with them?
Me: Eat them, he's going to be hungry after visiting all those houses.
Mac: We should make him French Toast! That gives me extra energy. And I'll eat the cookies for him.
This kid is something else.


  1. I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud at all of these. That boy sure is something. Love him!

  2. He is so precious and hilarious! Love that you capture these down to look back at :)

  3. He is too funny and you can tell he's smart! But my favorite is the one about you not turning out the lights! I bet Noah will start repeating that some day soon too ;)

  4. When I'm sleeping!!!! HAHAHAHA that's hilarious. That's good. That's a comeback Kyle would say.

    He's so cute! All of his little responses. I can't wait till Sophie talks more for those. She mainly says one word responses.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. What a HOOT!!!! "I already told you that"....I can't even!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, this brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing his cuteness!

  7. He is hilarious! I love the one about electricity :)

  8. Oh, that kid. He is just the best!

  9. This is amazing! I love that he told you to get it together when you started Jingle Bells with Dashing through the snow...hahaha!

  10. OMG!!! I LOVE him! Can we please have a playdate? I don't know how you could ever not be laughing when you're around him (well I guess maybe when he's terrorizing his sister?) but whenever he talks... so cute and funny! I seriously CANNOT wait for this. Mason already does some funny things and even when he answers yeah or no it's funny sometimes but I can't wait for the REAL talking to come!

  11. Mac is seriously the funniest kid! I laughed through so much of the post and had to read it to my hubby. I love him!!

  12. He is such a hoot! "Get it together" haha. Kid quotes are my absolute favorite :D

  13. These were so great!! The highlight of my evening to be sure!! Really nice... when I was sleeping... LOL

  14. i know a certain little boy who is going to FLIP on christmas when he gets his medical supplies!! and i mean mim is going to be so excited when she gets that garbage truck for her big brother too ;)

  15. Mac is freaking hilarious! "Get it together!" Oh my gosh - I was dying.
    Can't wait to hear how pumped Mac will be when he gets his real doctor tools!

  16. Oh my GOSH!!! He is hilarious!! Cam always says, "I already told you that." Like, duh, mom. Love this!! Get it together!! Ha! Merry Christmas, friend!!

  17. He is too funny!! All three year olds are hilarious, but I'm pretty sure Mac is going to be a lawyer with all of his wise little comebacks! ;)

  18. "When I'm sleeping." Haha! Me too, buddy. Me too.

  19. That first one made me laugh out loud! haha I seriously cannot wait to hear the ridiculousness that P spouts out of her mouth. How great would it be to make a calendar and each month have one of these silly convos on it?

  20. These are all too funny! Mac is amazing! You need to catch him talking about the holidays on video!

  21. I love these Mac says posts. He is a funny kid. He's also a smart one. He really is something else.

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