Running from the Law: Sparkling Ginger Appletini - Holiday Drinks Blog Hop

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sparkling Ginger Appletini - Holiday Drinks Blog Hop

Hi friends! Welcome to the 5th and final week of the Savvy Sassy Holiday Blog Hop! This week's theme is Holiday Drinks & Cocktails and you can bet your bottom-dollar that I didn't screw this one up like I did last week with the holiday crafts. I take my cocktails seriously. 

Week 4 Hostesses:
Lindsey of The Nashville Mom
Natasha of Hello, Happiness 
Carrie Beth & Jen of Magnolia Mamas

All of the hostesses listed above will be sharing a holiday drink/cocktail on their blog and we'd love it if you joined us! If you have a drink/cocktail that you'd like to share, just follow the instructions below to link-up with us! 
I was so excited to come up with a fun holiday cocktail to share with you. I wanted to make something simple and festive that had a hint of holiday flavor without being over the top. I had a couple rules though: (1) it must have vodka (my poison of choice); (2) it must have easily accessible ingredients (nothing fancy, expensive or that I have to make (i.e. simple syrup...NO)); (3) it must be light, refreshing and slightly sweet (definitely not thick or heavy); (4) it must be really easy to make (fewer than 5 ingredients).

I scoured Pinterest looking for something that fit my criteria and came up empty, so I decided to play around and come up with my own recipe! Three hours later I had it (and boy was I feeling good!!). May I introduce to you, the Sparkling Ginger Appletini. That name is totally made up (and tastes nothing like an appletini), so feel free to call this something else if you hate the name. 
There are really only three ingredients in this drink, all of which are super easy to find at any grocery store. Vanilla vodka, ginger beer and apple cider. Garnishes are a cinnamon stick (which gives the drink a tiny hint of spice) and an orange slice. I've also listed a ton of variations of the drink below if you don't like/have any of these or want to change things up a bit. After having 35 of these the other day, I can say that there's really no wrong way to drink them. 
Step 1: Add vodka. 
Step 2: Add ginger beer.
Step 3: Add a splash of apple cider.
Step 4: Garnish with cinnamon stick and orange slice, if you're feeling fancy.
(see, I told you that was easy!)

1. If you don't like/have vanilla vodka, regular vodka would also work. 
2. Feel free to use diet ginger beer for fewer calories.
3. If you don't have ginger beer, ginger ale will also work (ginger beer will have a stronger spicier ginger flavor).
4. You can make the drink more or less sweet by adding more or less apple cider.
5. Swap out apple juice for apple cider, for a lighter crisper flavor. 

How to Participate:
  • Link up your favorite holiday drink/cocktail by putting the URL and name of your blog post into the InLinkz widget below.
  • Visit 3-5 other blogs in the Holiday Blog Hop and leave a comment on other posts.
  • Share this Holiday Blog Hop with your friends and readers on social media using the #SavvySassyHoliday hashtag.


  1. This is so creative and actually filled with things I like (I'd swap ginger ale in for a lighter ginger flavor, as you suggest). What a beautiful post, and the testing must have been fun! Cheers!

  2. I'm obsessed with ginger beer right now; so, give me all the ginger cocktails!!!

  3. Yum!!! Ginger beer has been a staple in our house ever since I discovered Moscow Mules and I made a similar cider recipe this fall for Halloween, so this sounds like the perfect combination of both! Will plan on linking up this week--husband and I have a great drink recipe we've enjoyed during the holidays for two years now!

  4. UMM YES. This sounds super super good! I may even be able to convince Seth to have some so I don't have to drink them all myself. Heck, who am I kidding. I don't mind drinking them all myself :)

  5. This sounds great and something I can actually do! I avoid anything at all complicated, which is why I usually just drink wine!

  6. I need to try this! Holiday cocktails are 1000x more exciting and pretty!

  7. I can't believe this is this easy to make! I am always so intimidated by mixed drinks because they seem like so much work. I think I might even have all the ingredients to make this!

  8. My hubby may like this, he enjoys a good ginger beer from time to time. :)

  9. This is so my type of drink!! I'm all about sweet and refreshing. YUM!!

  10. Yum!!! Can't wait until baby comes out to be able to try this! Cheers friend! ;)

  11. Ginger Beer - I may have a Dark & Stormy Printed Lilly dress JUST for drinking dark & stormys. I'll have to make this ASAP!

  12. Love the cinnamon stick garnish!! This sounds like my kind of beverage!