Running from the Law: Baby Mim - 21 Months

Monday, May 9, 2016

Baby Mim - 21 Months

Dear Mim,
Where do I even begin with trying to put down into words just how amazing you are. Just when I think you are at the absolute perfect age, things just keep getting better and better. The last couple months have brought you a newfound independence and a determined attitude - that easy-going baby is slowly being replaced by a funny, sweet and autonomous little lady. You're assertive and feisty when you need to be, but snuggly and loving as can be, which I think is the best of both worlds. I'm still not sure how we ever got so lucky with you, but we couldn't love you any more.
I can't believe how well you can communicate with us and how much you're saying. You know every animal and animal noise. You are working on your colors (you love blue) and facial expression recognition. You can legit count to 14, which blows my mind! My mouth literally fell open in complete shock the first time I heard you do that - I was expecting maybe 1, 2, 3...but you just kept going! I guess all that hide and seek with Mac paid off. You love to sing Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You still jam out to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off daily. You always always say thank you when I give you something or help you out and sometimes you even remind me to say thank you when you do something for me! Your manners are impeccable! You love giving hugs and have to hug every dog you see, every kid you know and any stone garden animals. You give the best hugs ever.
Physically, you seem to have grown up nearly overnight. Now that you're running and climbing and chasing Mac around the neighborhood, you've lost a lot of that baby chunk and have shot up tall. You're incredibly strong (you can certainly give your brother a run for his money) and it's nearly impossible to take something away from you once it's in the clutches of your little hands. You also shriek like a banshee and thrash, you win, child. Your coordination is getting much better and (knock on wood) you haven't had a serious forehead bruise in nearly three weeks! You rarely walk anywhere these days - you're always full speed ahead and running to get wherever you want to go. Your hair is finally filling in and it's getting really blonde and curly after our recent vacation. 
Speaking of vacation, you are a beach baby if I've ever seen one. You took to the beach like you were born to be there, absolutely fearless and completely in love with all aspects of it. You splashed in the waves, you chased the birds, played in the sand, dug for crabs, caught fish with dad and enjoyed a nice cold beverage (lemonade) while lounging in your beach chair with the rest of us. I was shocked by how much you immediately loved the beach and didn't want to leave. The only things that would convince you to leave were swimming in the pool or a golf cart ride to get ice cream. Pool time was also a big hit and we can tell that swimming lessons have been paying off. You refuse to wear a Puddle Jumper because it doesn't allow you to go underwater, which you love doing. You're a total fish! 
You're also a pretty good little gymnast these days. You've been going to gymnastics class for months now, but all of a sudden it seems to have clicked and you get it! You love the tumbling (my favorite) and can do a somersault all by yourself. You now wait in line for your turn on the equipment instead of just running around like a wild woman. You love the jumping on the trampoline and hanging from the bars. And after everything, you raise your hands and say "ta da," which totally kills me. I couldn't love it more. 
You are getting so independent these days and I can already tell that the "terrible twos" are coming soon. While I don't think you'll be anywhere close to as "terrible" as your brother was, I do think you're going to be getting more and more assertive, demanding and opinionated. You insist on picking out your own clothes and you must have things the very second you want them. Anytime I try to help you do something (like put on your shoes or brush your teeth or open chapstick) I'm met with "I DO IT!! MIMMY DO IT!!" I love this age so much, but it certainly comes with a price (which is my sanity). 
Now that you're a bit more independent and vocal, you and Mac have actually been getting along a lot better. So long as you're not taking his things or monopolizing daddy, he likes having you around and wants to play with you. Sometimes you're interested and sometimes you're not. You have no problem playing by yourself and you've realized that playing with him sometimes means that you get pushed around and things taken away from you, so you don't even bother despite his pleas. You are a total little copycat and parrot, so anything he does or says gets repeated, much to my displeasure sometimes. 
You're still a great eater and we're constantly impressed by the amount of food you'll eat and the things you'll try. You love any food you can dip and you've recently discovered honey mustard, so you insist on having that on everything. Anytime I ask you what you want to eat you exclaim, "CHICKEN!" Followed by, "SAUSAGE! EGGS!" Vegan you are not. You would eat all day long, if we'd let you and ask for snacks no less than 75 times a day. You love sweets and can put away ice cream faster than anyone in the family. You insist on having cereal multiple times and day, but only eat the marshmallows. You can use utensils, but choose to eat yogurt by the handful. After every drink you take, you slam your cup down, smack your lips and say, "Ahhh!" 
Oh Mimmy, I just love you so very much. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being mine.
Your mama

- Oh duh (all done)
- Poppy (pacifier)
- Buddy (all guinea pigs)
- Sagey NO!! 
- Wub Ew (love you)
- Agos! (adios amigos)
- Wedy! (ready...every time you pick up a baseball bat)
- I do it!!
- More too! Done too! Mimmy too! Go too! (anytime you want to do what Mac's doing)
Book: Little Blue Truck
Food: chicken with honey mustard
Color: blue
Number: two
Show: Daniel Tiger (Ti Ti) and Curious George
Movie: Wreck It Ralph, Frozen, Minions, Little Mermaid
Animal: owl, dogs, cats, bunnies
Activities: swimming, slides, playing ball
Treat: anything
Toy: baby doll
Fruit: blueberries
Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (and Shake it Off by Taylor Swift)


  1. I can't believe she is sneaking up on her second birthday!! Doesn't seem possible. And I can't believe she is swimming underwater!! Slow it down, Mim! ;)

  2. I just love her sweet face. Baby girls make my heart ache.

  3. She is just the sweetest! 3 weeks without a head bruise?? Maybe Stella will get there soon! Gah! She runs into everything! It's amazing to me how quickly the second child picks up on things; too smart!

  4. Her curls are the absolute best! And ruffle butts on toddlers? I DIE. I miss those things with Maddy. She's a sweetheart, Sara.

  5. I just love these updates so much! My son is the exact same age as Mim so I can relate to so much that you wrote about. I love all the animal sounds and "blue" is definitely the color he likes most (or maybe just says most). I agree that this age is a blast but I fear that terrible twos are around the corner as well!

  6. I cant get over how similar Mim is to Brielana; blue is her favorite color, all dogs are "Stella", running around and flashing that independence. It could be ages and stages but I like to think they'd be baby besties ;)

  7. Wow I can't get over how much she talks at this age! I'm so used to Noah who was a late talker so this always impresses me! And I love how she can stand her ground with her big brother. I have a big brother and know well you need a thick skin!

  8. YAY Mim! Gosh, I can't believe we are sneaking up on her SECOND birthday! And gosh, Mac's fourth. The time is flying too fast! I love how independent she is getting. I love to see her on your snaps. She looks like she keeps up with Mac way too well... which I'm sure is much to his (and your) dismay!
    Happy 21 months sweet girl!

  9. I freaking love her. Those curls slay me.
    Mim's love of the water is the best. Some day I hope you make it to Cali with her so we can all go play at the beach. I'd love to jump waves, chase birds, and make castles with her.
    And the screaming like a banshee - we can totally relate. That's starting up in our house too. Must be a girl thing.
    Happy 21 Months to Mim!

  10. Oh my Mim! How is she 21 months? Goodness! I love that she's so feisty and independent. Gotta be with a big bro to keep up with. :)

  11. That blonde curly hair & big brown eyes - she is so dang cute...& that's why she's as sassy as she is. Tee hee!

  12. Oh sweet Mim! So precious and growing so fast. I am impressed by her communication skills. What a darling little girl!

  13. Wasn't Mim just turning 15 months??? I swear time goes faster than it should!

    It's so wonderful to see how different she is from Mac, but how much she has learned from him as well! Sophie can count to like three (from us being like Sophie, do not that, I'm counting to three, one, two, three)

    We're signing Sophie up for gymnastics soon!

    liz @ j for joiner

  14. She is just a cutie! 21 months is such a fun age, and holy cow I can't believe she's so close to being 2!

  15. Aww this age seems so far away but I know it's closer than I think! They grow so fast.

  16. What a cute little princess!!! :)

    Edye | Http://

  17. Stop growing Mim! I love how much she resembles Mac, but is still totally her own little person. And gymnastics?! You definitely need to snap some of that!