Running from the Law: Mac - 4 Years Old

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mac - 4 Years Old

Dear Mr. Macaroni,

Today you turn 4-years old and I don't even know how that's possible. The hands of time have swooped in and ever so subtlety, without me even realizing it, molded my tiny, squishy baby boy into a long and lean, brown-eyed, skinned-kneed handsome little man. At least ten times I day I look at you in total disbelief that (1) you're such a big kid; and (2) you're mine. How did I ever get so lucky?
I know I've cut back on how much detail I go into about you on the blog these days, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to put down into words exactly how amazing you are at this moment in time and just how crazy life in general is right now. 3.5 years to 4 has to be the most incredible, frustrating, hilarious, exhausting, silly, curious and dramatic age in the history of life. For me, every day with you is an adventure in parenting, an exercise in patience and a lesson in self-control. For you, every day is both the best and worst day of your life (sometimes within a span of mere minutes), another opportunity to drive your parents crazy and a personal challenge to eat more junk food than ever before. These days...what can I say? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?
So much has changed over the past year and it's been such an adventure watching you learn, grow and explore. You've gotten taller over the last year, but you haven't really gained any weight - if that's even possible. You and Mim nearly weigh the same (33 pounds)! Your hair's still blonde and your eyes are still the most gorgeous dark brown I've ever seen (just like your dad's). You're smarter than I ever could have imagined and everyone that meets you remarks about just how bright you are and how much trouble we're in for. We know. You never forget anything ever ever ever and constantly amaze us by the connections you make and things you figure out just from listening and observing us. At the rate you're going, I swear you'll be smarter than both your parents within a year or two.
You've become so incredibly self-sufficient lately that I'm convinced any day you're going to to completely stop asking for my help. Assuming you're in the right mood, you dress yourself in the morning, you get your own snacks, fill your own water glass, go to the bathroom on your own and wash your hands, choose your own TV shows and buckle yourself in/out of your car seat (which we recently turned forward-facing). You can zip up your own coat, hang shirts on a hanger, put on your own gloves and unlock all the baby gates. Tying shoes and baiting your own hook are next on the list.
You're also becoming a very good helper around the house and with your little sister. You love helping your dad and I with grown-up "projects" like washing the dishes, vacuuming, mowing the grass, sweeping the garage and taking out the trash. But that's nothing new. More recently you've become really into being a big brother. You love showing Mim how to do things and doing things for her (even if she doesn't want you to). You boss her around and occasionally even want her around to play with if your dad and I are busy. You both love making each other laugh and seem to think you get bonus points if your dad and I get frustrated -which includes alternating with the most obnoxious high-pitched screams, simultaneously splashing all the water out of the tub, creating mud pies in the back yard or chasing each other around the circle in the kitchen screaming. You've learned that we have a harder time getting onto Mim about things, so if there's something you want or want to get away with, you encourage her to do. Devious. 
Next week, you finish your second year of nursery school. This year you went three times a week, for three hours a day. You’ll tell anyone that asks that you don’t like school or want to go, but I know you really liked it. Your teachers are wonderful and they think you are the bee’s knees. They tell me all the time what a good kid you are, what a leader you are and how polite you are. Sometimes I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same kid! Your best friend at school is a little girl named Mary Catherine. You talk about her all the time and call her your very best friend. MC’s mom said she was really nervous about starting school and being away from home for the first time, but you made the transition so easy for them and MC loves going to school to play with you. Your friendship is just the sweetest thing and your teachers tell me that you guys look out for each other and take care of each other. Makes me so proud. 
You've also been taking swim lessons for over a year now and recently moved up to the next "big boy" level. Again, you won’t admit that you like swim lessons, but you’re a fish in the water and beam with pride when you get praised for doing a good job. You go completely underwater, float on your back, dive down and pick up items off the bottom of the pool and swim through hoops. You love the pool and can't get enough, although you insist on wearing goggles. We signed you up for an intense 10-day swim camp this summer, which I'm a nervous wreck about. It's a full-day, drop-off at the door, eat lunch there, change clothes yourself kind of camp. I'm sure you'll do great once you get the hang of it and I think it'll really force you to be a bit more independent and grown-up, which simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me really proud. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fully swimming all by yourself by the end of the summer.
You’ve always been a daddy’s boy, but even moreso now that your dad has been traveling so much recently. You tolerate me when he’s gone (and are usually pretty well-behaved), but you miss him terribly and don’t want to leave his side for days when he gets back from each trip. He more than makes up his time away with special outings and adventures. The two of you are peas in a pod these days . He's taught you how to fly fish, which you're incredibly good at (and not just for a four year old - you're better than a lot of adults). You've also had the chance to go hunting a few times, to a couple baseball games, bowling and to the movies with your daddy. Camping and horseback-riding are on the list for this summer. 
Your little personality is so fierce and vibrant these days. You can be very sensitive and shy around strangers, but you warm up quickly and have no problems hanging out with and communicating to adults. You ask a million questions and really seem to contemplate my answers and then ask more/harder questions. You want to know how everything works and why everything is the way it is and how things got that way. It's both exhausting and fascinating. You never stop talking. You also never stop moving. I've never met a kid with more boundless energy. You wake up every morning and leap into our bed at full speed, ready to tackle both us and the day. You go hard, nonstop, full-throttle until we force you to settle down. You still take a quiet time every day, but only nap about once a week, which is unfortunate for us because the more tired you are, the more energy you have and the less you's unreal. I miss your nap.
I'm not going to lie, three was a very hard year. It was amazing, but tough. I have a feeling that four is going to rock. I can already tell over the last two months there's been a shift in you - you're slightly less dramatic when you don't get your way, you're just a tiny bit more patient with us and every now and then you'll sit still for more than a minute or two to do something like play a game or put together a puzzle and I get a small glimpse of your intense concentration and excitement about learning. You're not quite ready for sitting still too long, so for now we're just going to keep you outside, running wild. Run wild my child. ;)

Your mama

Favorite songs:
- Thunderstruck by AC/DC
- Mud on the Tires by Brad Paisley
- L.A. Woman by The Doors

Favorite foods:
- candy
- cookies
- ice cream
Favorite clothing:
- sunglasses
- lightening bolt shirt
- anything camo


  1. Aww! I can’t believe he’s four. Time is a thief. Mac is such a sweet little boy and I love his adventurous spirit. I love his variety of favorite songs!! And all the junk food, too. He cracks me up with his love for junk (as he always says!). So cute!!

  2. He is so handsome (gonna be a heartbreaker that one) and full of personality. I love how you've been able to capture his personality and unique facial expressions with your photography. He sounds like a very grown up four year old. My five year old is still not as self sufficient.

  3. WHAT? I cannot believe he's FOUR!! HOW is this happening? I love that he's a candy eating, camo wearing, eye rolling boy, too! I know that Cam and he would be best buds!! And Mac could even teach Cam how to fish. He seems so much older than four, yet still a baby in some ways! You have such a special little boy (and girl) on your hands, and they're so lucky to have you as their mom! You have clearly done an amazing job shaping him into the boy he is!! Happiest of Birthdays to you, Mac, and YOU, momma!! xoxoxo

  4. Love these pictures!! Happy Birthday, Mac!

  5. Happy birthday Mac! How is he 4 already! I'm not ready for that birthday this year! And oh the mix of emotions as they grow up and become more self sufficient! I love that he's always on the go... Run wild indeed!

  6. What a sweet, sweet boy!! Happy birthday, Mac!

    We are in so much trouble with those smart boys!! Gah!

  7. Wow! I'm seriously not sure how Mac is already 4. I swear I just read your post about him turning 3. He's such a fun little boy! I'd say having your hands full is not a bad thing. It just means that you heart has so much to love.

  8. He is just SO adorable and getting big so fast. How does time fly that fast!!? Such a good kid and big brother!!! Happy birthday Mac!

  9. Now he just needs to learn how to clean and you're all set. Especially after today ;)

  10. Happy Birthday, Mac!!! And way to go, mama. It's just as much a celebration for you, too. You're such a great mom!

  11. Happy, happy birthday Mac!!! I can't believe he's four already... but I also can't believe Mason will be four in a few short months! eek! Time slow down.

  12. Golly, time flies!!! I love the little adventurer that he's become...and his favorite songs absolutely crack me up! Happy #4, Mac!!!!

  13. Aww happy birthday!! He has the same favorite foods as me haha =) It's so crazy how in four short years they go from being a little newborn baby to a full-grown KID time just needs to stop!

  14. First of all, your boy has GREAT taste in music! I love it!

    He is such a lil man, so much personality in just pictures, I could not imagine being around him, he's gotta be a blast. :)

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mac!

  15. Mac just exudes coolness! Love how he plays coy about school and swim lessons. And he rocks sunglasses & camo better than anyone!

  16. He's a keeper, that's for sure. Seriously, how are these kids already turning FOUR?! Love all these sweet pics of him. Happy #4!!

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  19. Happy birthday Mac!! I think you're the most fearless newly-4-year-old I know!! Love that picture of him and Mim on the slide. So sweet.