Running from the Law: Olly Kids Vitamin Boosts

Friday, May 27, 2016

Olly Kids Vitamin Boosts

As a mom, I like to think my kids are anything but ordinary. In my head, they're the smartest, sweetest, fastest, funniest, most creative, coordinated and well-behaved children out there. In reality, they're definitely smart, incredibly funny, but possibly lacking in discipline and listening skills. I like to think this is because they're super independent and think for themselves, as opposed to the possibility that maybe I'm a bit of pushover with them at times. Discipline certainly isn't my strong suit and generally, I'm ok with that. My kids are good kids - they're wild and strong-willed and have big personalities. They assert their independence in their own ways and we try to be respectful and let them, so long as they're not being jerks or harming themselves or anyone else. 

One way that my toddler has started showing his independence in the food department. My once adventurous eater (thank you baby led weaning), has become a spirited, opinionated and picky eater. What he claimed to absolutely love one day is the most disgusting food I've ever served the next. Sometimes he'll go an entire week and live off yogurt, apples and scrambled eggs. One night he'll eat an entire 8 ounce filet mignon and then tell me steak is gross because it's too crunchy the next. He either loves hot dogs and has three in one meal or fake gags every time he is forced to take a bite. I've gotten to the point with him where I'm just hoping that his body will tell him what it needs and he'll eat accordingly, while I pray that it all balances out in the end. I've realized you really can't force feed a strong-willed child, nor do I want to even try. Mealtimes are stressful enough without turning it into a battle over how much everyone's eating. 
What gives me peace of mind about what my kids are eating (or not eating) is the fact they they get vitamins every night. And maybe this makes my kids weird, but they LOVE their vitamins. They beg for them the second they sit down for their dinner. Recently we had the opportunity to try the new line of Olly Kids new vitamin boosts, which is a line of vitamins for little ones, each specially designed with a specific goal: Super Brainy, Happy Tummy, Growing Bones and Mighty Immunity. Plus, they also have a great multi-vitamin (one with a probiotic and one with Omega-3s). I love that I can choose Mac's nightly vitamin based on what I think he needs that day, whether it's extra omegas, something to calm an upset tummy, help him grow big and strong or fight off some oncoming sniffles. A lot of times I'll let Mac pick which one he gets, which helps him feel empowered about his health and making good choices. 
Olly also offers a line of women's multi-vitamins and wellness boosts, which include blends like Restful Sleep, Endless Energy, Undeniable Beauty and Vibrant Skin. Ummm...I'll take all of the above please! 
To celebrate the new kids’ boost launch, Olly vitamins is giving away a huge prize package! Head over their page (HERE) to enter to win the following amazing prizes:
  • one-year supply of your choice of two Olly Kids Wellness Boosts 
  • $250 gift card to Tea Collection 
  • $500 gift card to Target 
  • $100 gift card to Starbucks 
  • one-year supply of Method cleaning products
Are your kids good eaters?
Do they like vitamins?

*This post is sponsored by Olly Vitamins, but our weirdness, pickiness and obsession with vitamins is all our own. 


  1. They look yummy! Elin has not found a gummi item she didn't like!

  2. I'm so glad it isn't just our house where picky eaters live. Goodness! Cam loved gummy vitamins, so these would be a hit. Ha ha! Strong willed children are gonna go far in life. (That's what I keep telling myself.) :)

  3. Sounds just like Noah... So picky depending on the day! My doctor said to look at his eating for the whole week, not just the meal or even day. Made me feel a little better. And Noah loves his vitamins too. These look so cool!!!

  4. My girls love their vitamins! I almost feel like they think its candy or something, go for it ladies! Do you know if Olly gummies have iron? We had to switch from gummies because ours was lacking :(

  5. Woowie! This sounds like a perfect way for kids to get their vitamins! <3