Running from the Law: Eckert's Millstadt Fun Farm

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Eckert's Millstadt Fun Farm

Last weekend  we had absolutely perfect weather here in St. Louis and it was the final weekend of the Fun Farm at Eckert's in Millstadt, so we packed the kids up and headed out to enjoy the day. We arrived early (or at least early for us) and nearly had the entire place to ourselves for the first hour, which gave the kids time to run completely wild as they explored the area and we came up with a plan for all the things they wanted to do. This is our first time visiting the Millstadt location and we were blown away by all the fun stuff there was for little kids to do and how big the area was. They had a couple small carnival-type rides (airplanes and spinning buckets), pig races, a playground, tractors, farm animals, train rides, mini golf, swings, pony rides, sandboxes, a jump pillow and a massive pumpkin rocket launcher. Other than the pony rides, everything was included in the price of admission and the kids could ride/jump/play over and over and over again, which they loved. They also have firepits you can reserve in the evenings for bonfires and s'mores making. They offer haunted hayrides and ghost stories. I wish we could have stayed all night and done everything! Maybe next year...

Both kids (and even both parents) had so much fun. I liked riding out to the fields to pick your own pumpkins. Ryan liked the giant turkey legs! Mac was really excited about the carnival rides and the pumpkin cannon (although it was loud and scared him a bit). Mim loved the pony rides and feeding the goats. But the biggest hit by far for the kids was the jump pillow! I've never seen one of these things, but once the kids discovered it, there was no stopping them. They both jumped and jumped and jumped until I was worried they were going to pass out. It was warm and sunny, so they were both hot sweaty messes, but just kept going. We had to force them off to go eat and then right back on they went. Thankfully, no one threw up their lunch from jumping so hard (although I was really worried about it). After at least another hour of jumping we finally had to drag them off, kicking and screaming and head home. They both took fantastic naps that afternoon. Needless to say, I think we need one of these things for the backyard! 

Anyway, I know today is a heart-heavy day for a lot of people, so I thought it would be nice to bombard you with a million photos of cute kids and farm fun. Because if bouncing kids and baby goats can't make you smile, the terrorists have won. 

Anyone know if Santa's sleigh is big enough
to bring us one of these giant jump pillows? 


  1. Great pics! This is a heavy hearted today - so I am grateful for your goats and kids. <3

  2. 1. That peplum top was made for you! 2. The jumping photos are my favorite, so so fun. 3. Every single post I read about this farm nearly has me convinced to make a trip out to see you just for the purpose of visiting it. If it is also a christmas tree farm I will simply lose it!

  3. You've shared about this farm many times before and each time I am convinced it's the coolest place ever! I want to join you next time. :)

  4. You guys really have the most fun. I love it. :)

    & look at Mac on that horse all by himself! What a lil man.

  5. I love goats! And you got some awesome jumping pics!

  6. Holy cow. This place is every kids dream!
    We've have yet to find any of those jump pillows, but every time I see someone post about them I'm insanely jealous. I know they're nap-making machines!

  7. Oh this place looks like so much fun! Our favorite pumpkin patch has one of those giant jumping pillows and Mason wants one! I wonder how much something like that would cost? Great pictures of your precious family!