Running from the Law: Mommy's Holiday Wishlist

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mommy's Holiday Wishlist

1. Stitch Fix Gift Certificates - Receiving Stitch Fix boxes has definitely been one of the highlights of my year. I love this service that picks out items for you, based on your style preferences. I love being surprised by what my stylist chooses for me and am always thrilled by how well things fit and how much I wear and love the items. Stitch Fix gift certificates are the perfect gift for any SF lover or anyone wanting to try out the service. (hint hint: scroll all the way down for a big surprise!)

2. Cuisinart smoothie maker - The kids and I have really been into smoothies lately and have had so much fun trying out new recipes. My go-to is a banana, almond butter, oatmeal creation with some vanilla greek yogurt. Amazing. However, I hate dragging out my huge blender daily (not to mention cleaning it). A smoothie maker with travel cups would be awesome.

3. Tory Burch tassel key fob - I currently have a gold tassel key fob that I love, but it's slowly being pulled apart by the kids. I am crushing hard on this bright colorful rainbow tassel key fob from Tory Burch. Seriously, she can do no wrong in my book.

4. Swell water bottle - I realize I'm totally late to the game on the Swell bottles, but I'm obsessed with this pretty gold bottle.

5. Kendra Scott earrings - I have a few pairs of KS earrings and they're all just so pretty! I love the ones with bright colors, but I especially adore these white and gold ones. They are the perfect neutral that will go with everything!

6. Powerbeats wireless headphones - These wireless Bluetooth headphones are on the top of my list so I can finally ditch the cord to my cell phone while I run. It would be so nice not to have to untangle earbuds every single time I went for a run or get myself all caught up in the cord while I listened to my audiobooks in the evening while doing household chores. 

7. iPhone 7plus - While I've never been a sucker for having the latest and greatest technology, I'm drooling over the new camera on the iPhone 7 plus and pining over having more memory to take more (and better) photos of the kids while we're out and about.  

8. Canon 35mm f/1.4 L lens - Speaking of photos, this lens is next on my lineup of must haves. I've been desperately wanting a wide angle lens so I can take better photos indoors during those cold dark winter months when we're not outside as much. I love my 50mm f/1.4, but I need something that allows me to get a bit closer to the kids and not be shooting straight up their noses.

9. Melissa Button Frye boots - I need these boots in my life, STAT. I've been wanting them forever and ever amen. Please Santa. 

10. Bay leaf wreath - Slightly weird, but I'm obsessed with these gorgeous bay leaf wreaths. I love the smell of bay leaves and fresh herbs and want to hang one of these babies from every single door and window in my house. 

11. Ray-Bans Rimless Aviators - These sunglasses are my all-time favorites. For some reason, the rimless frames are the only ones that look good on my face and don't look like they're drooping down to my chin. I want them in every color/shade they come in. I already have the original, but these brown/gold ones are next on my list.  

12. Tieks - Again, something that I already own, but can't get enough of. If you're wondering if they're worth the price...yes, they absolutely are. I have the mustard yellow color and now want them in hot pink, leopard, black matte, gold and tan. Give me all the Tieks. 

What's on the top of your wishlist this year?


  1. Yes to that camera lens! The quality of my photos definitely decreases during the winter months and I hate feeling like I have to get so far away with my 50/1.2 to take a good photo!!! I hope Santa surprises you with one or two things on your list!!

  2. I so want a 35mm too! But if you just want something for indoors and on the cheaper end of the spectrum get a 24mm. It's nothing fancy, but nice to have on hand.

  3. I have been wondering about Tieks because of the price, but I desperately need flats! Good to know they're worth the investment :) A 35mm lens has been on my wish list forever! Love the swell bottles too! They had some at Costco recently :)

  4. I really want a fancy DSLR but we'll see if that happens. A spa day would also be lovely. :)

  5. Can I just copy your list? :) It's a good one!! And I wouldn't mind $1000 to Stitch Fix either.

  6. Ok, I'll take one of everything on your wishlist! ;-)

  7. Love your list! I've always wanted a pair of Tieks but haven't pulled the trigger. I've heard great things though.

  8. The gold Swell is amazing. Need.
    I'm dying for the iPhone7. The camera on that is ridiculous!
    And, I wish we could enter the giveaway. I'd be scheduling fixes left and right!

  9. Ok I just want everything on your list! I need to learn more about this lens, I love the 50 but feel like I'm on top of the kids, but I probably need a new camera body first!! And a 7+ is #1 on my list!!

  10. That smoothie maker looks awesome! I was wanting a larger blender but that's a better idea--since we really only makes smoothies! ;)

  11. I have the 35mm for my camera but not a 50mm! I am curious what you use the 50 for?

  12. That 35mm is also on my list. I have the 17-35mm, which is great, but it's just not as crisp as a prime. I've been shooting almost exclusively with it this week because it's easy, but I love my primes so much more.