Running from the Law: Honeymoon Day 1 - Arriving in Belize

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Honeymoon Day 1 - Arriving in Belize

Ok, so it's about time I got around to posting some honeymoon pictures.  Hopefully this will satisfy those certain friends and family members that won't stop hounding me about seeing pictures (you know who you are!).  However, there are approximately 968 pictures from our two camers (not even counting the video and pictures from Justin's camcorder that we borrowed), so this is going to take some time.  Patience people!  I'm going to split this up into a few different posts, organized (as I see fit) for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you enjoy!

Bright and early (3:30 AM!!) on Wednesday, we arrived at the St. Louis airport, packed and ready to go!

We had a short layover in Miami, where we each had a bloody mary as we waited for our flight.

We had exit row seats the whole trip!  Lots of leg room...

But not a lot of head room.

We deplaned in Belize City...

And then checked in for our next flight to San Pedro.

The airport was...interesting.

I was SO excited to see an old friend, Coke Light.  Oh, how I love and missed you, Coke Light.

We boarded our next flight, a 10 minute hop over to the island (Ambergris Caye).

They let me fly the plane.  It was awesome.

Ryan had to sit in back.

We saw manatees in the water below us.

Upon arrival, we grabbed our bags and a beer.

Our taxi driver was a licensed sex instructor, so I knew we were in good hands.

We grabbed our bags and headed out to the dock.  Our resort was 3 miles North of town.  There are no roads on the island outside of San Pedro city limits, so your options are bike, golf cart or boat.

We got another beer for the water taxi ride.

After about 10 minutes, we arrived at the beautiful Coco Beach Resort.

We had a casita on the second floor.

You entered D4 in the back, up a spiral staircase.

Entering the bedroom.

The bathroom.

The living room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

There was a complimentary bottle of wine for us.

The patio.

The view from the patio.

Awesome, right?  We threw down our stuff, changed clothes in 16 seconds flat and raced down to the pool bar.

We enjoyed our rum punch and ordered lunch.

This was December 23, 2009.


  1. My goodness! This place is pure paradise!

  2. oh wow!! that looks fabulous! and i love coke light too :) so much better than diet coke for some reason!

  3. Ummm, it looks to die for!!! If that's not a great way to spend "Christmas Eve-Eve" then I don't know what is!

  4. The bumper sticker on that taxi is hysterical! Your room looks like paradise and so relaxing. I have a friend at work that went to Belize and loved it. Great photos!

  5. Wow, love the pictures! Rum punch, yummy!

  6. It looks amazing!!!! I so want to go now I wouldn't even mind that scary little plane!

  7. The place you stayed looks amazing! I'm going to have to flag this post if I ever visit Belize... I want to stay there! Any reviews? Good, bad, would recommend, etc.?

    Your day of traveling looked incredibly long though. How long did it take you from St. Louis to your Belize resort?

  8. AMAZING!!!! Also LOVE Coke Light... seriously everytime I go to Mexico I chug Coke like it's going out of style, I crave it frequently! LOL

  9. Ahhh the place you stayed at looks amazing! What beautiful accommodations!