Running from the Law: And Away We Go!

Monday, June 14, 2010

And Away We Go!

I love the excitement of getting ready to go on vacation. Coming up with your packing list, making sure everything you want to pack is washed and ready, printing out itineraries and directions, confirming all your reservations, buying sunscreen and beach gear and just counting down the days! So exciting! What's not exciting? ...the actual packing part.

I despise packing. I suffer from what my husband calls "Severe Packing Anxiety." It's horrible. I very nearly have panic attacks every time I have to pack for a trip, whether it's one day or two weeks. The shorter the trip, the harder to pack for. Why is that? When it's time to pack, my mind runs about 600 mph. What if I forget something? What if I don't pack that one thing that so desperately want/need when I get there. What if I have "the perfect outfit" and I don't bring it because I didn't know what "the perfect outfit" is before I left? What if I need warmer/cooler clothes? What if I'm in the mood to wear purple and I didn't pack anything purple? If 3 pairs of pants are good, should I bring 9? How many shoes should I bring? Well, then I need a handbag to match every pair of shoes. What if we go somewhere fancy to eat and I didn't bring a nice dress? What if I need ski gear? Where the hell are my ski pants anyway? And then I end up in a heap of clothing on the floor bawling and convulsing.

Or something like that. It literally takes me hours and hours (and at least 3 glasses of wine) to finish packing. Ryan actually cannot be within 100 feet from me and sometimes he even has to leave the house until I'm finished. Plus, I always think of 30 more things to pack and end up with another whole suitcase of stuff by the time I'm "finished packing" to the time we actually leave. It's a disaster. And you'd think all this panicking and OCD-ness would lead me to be a really great packer, but it's the opposite. During packing, my mind cannot distinguish what clothes need to be packed from the clothes in my closet that I haven't worn since 1998...guess which clothes I pack? Why do I always pack shit to wear on vacation that I'd never wear here?! And why did I bring my ski pants to the beach again? was about time for our annual tarpon fishing trip. This year we planned a week-long vacay on the beach for the three of us (Jigs didn't want to go). We'd be driving, so there was no restriction on how much stuff I could pack! So this time I was determined to pack well. And quickly. And without crying.

It didn't happen. But I did eventually end up packed (yet hated nearly everything I brought once I got there) and it was time to load up the car and get going.
The car was ready.

Mally had the entire back of the car to herself.
See those bars?
This is doggy-jail.
It keeps her in the back.
Otherwise she jumps from seat to seat: front-middle-back-middle-front-middle-back-middle-front-middle-back-middle.
And barks.
And herds cars.
It's great.
Ryan drove and I was our navigator.
We had our directions printed.
They kinda sucked.
How many different numbers can one highway have, Google?! Just pick one!
One state down.
Two states down.
Hi Memphis!!
Three states down.
And after about 8 hours, it was time to stop.
We drove as far as we could the first day/night and stopped for the night in Montgomery, AL.
Oh! Montgomery!*

*Excerpt from Jimmy Buffett's Stars Fell on Alabama. I only said "Oh! Montgomery!" about 1523 times. Ryan was not all.

This was Mally's first time staying in a hotel.

And we quickly found out that Mally is not a very good hotel dog.

Every noise (we were right next to the ice machine, of course) would set off a raging barking fit. She "slept" next to the bed, watching the door and barked every single time someone walked by (or moved or breathed). Needless to say, Ryan and I did not sleep at all. We knew she was just nervous and trying to protect us, but we didn't figure that the rest of the hotel would appreciate her gesture, so we ducked out bright and early before we could get kicked out. :-) Sorry La Quinta folks!
On alert.
We still had a lot of driving to do, so we hit the road.

Then hours and hours and hours later, we finally arrived!
We rented a 2 bedroom condo on the beach for the week.
The place was really cute. Bright and sunny and clean.
Plenty of space to spread out.
Mally had her own bedroom.
We quickly unloaded the car.
And immediately headed to the beach for oysters and a boat drink.
This is our favorite* restaurant on the island. It's kinda dirty and totally overpriced, but they have great mango-ritas, fresh oysters and amazing softshell crab sandwiches. Bring it!

*Not to mention that it's the only restaurant on the island. :)

The whole county is dog-friendly, so Mally got to go out to eat with us everywhere we went.
She loved it.
Especially when people would "accidentally" drop french fries.
Lucky dog.
Our first 2 dozen oysters were gone within seconds. Mmmmm.
The oysters alone were worth that car ride.
And then there was this...
The best softshell crab sandwich on the planet.

After lunch, we headed to the beach. Stay tuned for pictures of Mally's first time in the ocean!


  1. That softshell crab sandwich looks sooo yummy!
    Keep documenting your trip! It sounds like it is going to be so much fun! I am glad that Mally is having a good time! We take our yorkie everywhere on vacation and Teddy hears EVERY SOUND made! He starts the yelping like "CAN YOU PEOPLE NOT HEAR THAT!?" Bless their hearts! Have a great time!

  2. I'm about to pack for a beach getaway too! Where did you go?

  3. Ack!! Yay!! Doggie jail, hilarious! Our sheltie Hanna was a great car traveler, she'd just sit down and chill--it was the other one that was a pain in the butt! Hanna was a terrible hotel dog too--barking at everything. We got smart and put a rolled up towel against the door so it blocked the light and kinda sorta muffled the sounds.

    Can't wait to see pictures of Mally in the ocean!!!

  4. I must say, your dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Can't wait to see her in the ocean. :)

    Hope you're enjoying (enjoyed?) your vacation!

  5. I HATE packing!! More so because I've done so much work traveling recently that the idea of it makes me shudder. But also like you I freak out that I might not pack something I want to wear!!! Dave doesn't understand it at all haha. He's content wearing whatever he packs!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following yours now and it's super cute! Your dog is so stinkin' adorable! It looks like you guys are enjoying a lovely vacation!

  7. I LOVE all of your pictures of Mally! It looks like she had the most fun. :) I'm so glad y'all had a good time. I agree with you about packing...UGH! I always take WAY to much but never have everything I need. Oops!

  8. The Condo looks sooo amazing!! I am the same way about packing too haha! But, looks like you had a fabulous time!

  9. I always love your posts, the pictures are so entertaining:)

    I'm not a fan of oysters, but that sandwich looks YUMMY!!

  10. Hahahaha!!! You sound just like me, I either bring all the wrong clothes or I bring 100 extra outfits I don't need- so I always have packing anxiety, when I'm flying it's even worse!

  11. Your condo is so cute and I love that you brought Mally along! What a great trip, can't wait to read more.

  12. I also have extreme packing anxiety. I write lists weeks in advance but cannot actually pack until late the night before, and I have never closed a suitcase more than 5 minutes before departure. The first 20 minutes of my ride to the airport are spent going over what I packed, what I may have missed, and action plans for if I forgot anything crucial. I always overpack and often come home with lots of unworn clothing. BUT, I love when we drive instead of fly, because the freedom takes a lot of anxiety off. Not sure how this behavior is going to work when we have kids - hopefully the anxiety will subside! Anyway, I can completely relate!

  13. I've never heard of extreme packing anxiety, LOL! I've never thought of it, but I tend to under pack, I guess it was all of those years of business travel that kicked the habit of packing too much. Plus I always figured that I can always buy more suitable clothes wherever the destination.

    Two dozen oysters!!! I can't wait to get to San Francisco so I can do the same. Those soft shell crabs must have been amazing!

  14. ohhhhhhh, i've been there with the dog on vacation barking-at-every-single-speck-of-dust. now, whenever we *think* about taking another holiday, we remember how much work it is and how little sleep it involves.

  15. HAHA I love your post, can you answer the question yet like why you took your ski pants to the beach? Too funny. It sounds like you should update your wardrobe and look until wearing some things you know you will wear. For instance I bought some GUESS skirts to wear to the beach which will take up room in my suitcase so I dont pack things I know I won't wear.