Running from the Law: Tarpon Fishing

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tarpon Fishing

The whole reason we took this vacation was for the tarpon fishing.  This was our 4th (and best) year yet!  If you're not familar with the story of how this tradtion began (and for a little background info on tarpon fishing), you MUST read HERE and HERE.

Since we had Mally with us, I ended up only going out on the boat with the boys one of the two days.  Ryan had a successful day one, but I definitely picked the better day, weather and fishing-wise.  I was prepared for some action and had a really good feeling about the day.  I bought a new telephoto zoom lens just for getting great pictures of the tarpon jumping.  I was ready!

We got out on the water before dawn and watched the sunrise. 
It was gorgeous.
Ryan was at the helm and ready for some action.
We saw another boat in the distance. 
This must be just what we looked like.
All of a sudden...tarpon spotted.
Ryan hooked him.
And the tarpon was not happy!
This fish jumped like crazy!
It was awesome!
The fish eventally snapped the line before we could get her to the boat.
But it was a good sign.
Time to get serious.
Ryan got to use the reel that I got him as a wedding gift.
I think it was good luck.

Round 2.

Tarpon spotted.
Tarpon ON!
Another jumper!
This time Ryan's rod came apart and the top 2/3rds slid down the line into the water and we had to chase it down and reattach it.
Meanwhile, the tarpon was still jumping like crazy!
And I was LOVING it!
This is where I fell in love with my camera's high-speed continuous shooting mode.
And that new lens.
We eventually got her to the boat.
She was probably about 90+ pounds!

And then came Round 3.
The last tarpon of the day.
The tarpon that would make my husband the happiest man in the world.
Tarpon on.
Ryan battles her, wearing her down.
This fish didn't jump as much, but she put up a hell of a fight once we got her to the boat.
She's at least 85+ pounds.

Ryan has always wanted a picture of himself holding a tarpon.
It's illegal (not to mention traumatizing) to pull the fish out of the water and into your boat.
But you can get in the water with the fish!

As luck would have it we were in shallow water and close to a beach.
Ryan steered the boat to the shore.
The tarpon was hanging on for the ride.
Basically just swimming along next to the boat.
And recharging.
Once we were to the shore, Ryan had to battle her again. 
Finally, she was close.
And really heavy!
Come on, Ryan!
Sweet sweet victory.
This is the picture he's been waiting 6+ years for!
And then we quickly put her back in the water.
I've never seen my husband so happy.
And I've never been more proud.
Congratulations hubby!


  1. Holy cow, those pictures are awesome! I've never gone tarpon fishing, but heard how difficult it is to reel one of those big guys in. Congrats on the success!

  2. ZOMG!! That some serious Animal Planet/TLC's Deadliest Catch shizz right there. COOL! Go Ryan!!

  3. Great Pictures, Good story line but stressed fish; a common practice that I would like to stop and change our tactics in the way we respect this magnificent fish, as well, all trophy fish we catch and release. I am not picking on you because we all have done it in our excitement of the last moment with our fish. On another note, would love you to get involved with our group, write some, if you wish and share your angling experiences with the world. Gary A. Anderson, contributing Editor

  4. What amazing pictures!! That looks like long as you don't have to touch the fish or the bait. :-)

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous day and your camera takes amazing photos. =) I will figure out where you are one day missy, but for now, I'm off to the Keys!

  6. omg- when i was first going through my blogroll, i thought this was titled "Tampon Fishing".

    my bad...

  7. That is a huge fish! Those pictures you got were fantastic, and your investment in the camera is already paying off very well.

  8. Thanks for the comment! I hopped on over to your blog and will have to show the boyfriend your AMAZING pictures!! :) He would die and go to heaven to take a picture like your husband go to do!